Saturn In 12th House Will Change Your Life

Saturn In 12th House Will Change Your Life

Twelfth house in astrology gives detachment from people that the planets occupying the house represent such as parents, siblings, neighbors, friends, and relatives. This detachment can be in the form of separation or death. 12th house also relates to bed comforts so your sexual ability, desires, fulfillment and sleeping tendencies fall under this house too. 12th house also represents detachment from the native place, in the form of long-distance travel to faraway places, foreign residency, travel abroad, trade with foreign cultures and people, import, export, international tourism, and business.

This house relates to the 12th sign in the zodiac circle, Pisces that also relates to intuition, isolation, and imagination. It is also known as the Vyaya Bhava in Vedic Astrology and gives an insight into wasteful expenditure and spending habits. Saturn is the natural significator of the 12th house. In Mundane Astrology, the 12th house represents law enforcement, punishment, health care institutions, charitable organizations, crime, secret forces, espionage, and so on.

Saturn in 12th house

Saturn in the 12th house of horoscope makes the native immoral, depraved, merciless, reclusive, extravagant, vicious, victorious, a pleasure-seeker and popular leader.

This Saturn associated with a benefic bestows Rajayoga, giving material happiness, health, wealth, sexual pleasures, and landed properties.

If afflicted by malefic, this Saturn indicates an affluent, unhappy, sad, fearful, mentally tormented, self-destructive, miserable person, who may suffer a tragic end or commit suicide.

Saturn is a natural malefic planet.

It becomes functional malefic also if it?s Mooltrikona sign Aquarius (Kumbha) falls in any of the evil houses 6, 8 or 12. Irrespective of sign in 12th House and other factors influencing that house and Saturn, by virtue of Saturn?s placement in evil house 12 makes it weak. The weakness is reduced or increased as per the sign-in that house, and other influences on that house and Planet Saturn. Saturn or any other planet under such a situation gives weak results which may be losses, trouble in a foreign land, imprisonment, hospitalization, exile, separation from spouse, etc.

12th house means foreign settlement expenditure and a lot of things Saturn from 12th house will aspect house of debts and enemies and even if it?s benefic it Malefic or friend?s house or enemies house it will help the Native. But natives should keep health in check

It will aspect 9th house if a benefic planet or conjunction is made it can help else it can cause some delay.

If 12th house is a friends house it will still so help the Native but if it is Debilitated or in the enemy house it will weaken the 12th house which is good

It will aspect the second house of family wealth not if the house is friendly for the planet it is good for the Native. Sure there would be fear troubles but Saturn blesses you according to your karma.

So it?s not a bad placement at all.

If it?s lord of 6 or 8th house then it creates Vipreet raj yoga too but Vipreet raj yoga is not good for the Native it gives you lot of stress but due to the above points mentioned its overall a blessing

And 12th house is foreign Gains foreign connection it is not as evil as it is made to be we are in modern world foreign Gains, hospital work or isolated work is not always bad so be positive.

Saturn in any house can teach a lesson whether is well placed in your chart or badly placed in your chart it just works on karma.

How to nullify the bad effects of Saturn in the 12th house of the horoscope.

You can follow the remedies listed below.

Remedies for Saturn in 12th house

  1. Pouring water over Shiv Linga regularly & especially on Monday and Saturday
  2. Daily Shiv Upasana chanting of Om Namah Shivay
  3. Apply Chandan on your forehead like tikka daily
  4. Taking bath with putting a pinch of guggul in it
  5. Throwing coal pieces in running water
  6. Donating 1.25 kg red masoor dal to a sweeper on Saturday

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