Runtime Error 424 “Object Required” Error Fix Tutorial for Windows 7/8/10

Runtime Error 424 “Object Required” Error Fix Tutorial for Windows 7/8/10

The error is caused by Excel not having access to a data ?object? referenced in the code. This may be a variable, class or library reference?

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The ?Runtime Error 424 (Object Required)? error is caused by Excel being unable to access to an ?object? referenced in your VBA code:

Image for postRuntime Error 424 Is Caused By Errors In Referenced Objects

?Objects? are anything from a variable, file, worksheet, class or module.

The error is caused by a function being called on a reference you?ve either misspelled, or have not declared.

The solution is to ensure you have all the appropriate references declared within your code. The simplest ways to fix the problem is as follows:

  • Locate the offending line of code (if not highlighted, use debug mode)
  • Identify whether you?ve referenced any objects which aren?t declared
  • Look for any of the functions which may be causing an error and identify they are called correctly (with the correct syntax)
  • Remove as much code as possible in order to get the application working again, and then add back the lines one-by-one (this isolates the error and allows yo to fix any of the issues it may have)


?? Explanation

You need to understand that all computer programs are long lines of code.

These lines contain instructions which the computer will process,performing functions that will interact with a variety of different objects within the system.

Whenever you use the likes of VBA, you need to appreciate that in order for the computer to process the various functions you?re calling in your script, anything referenced by the script has to be loaded prior to it being read.

The problem you have is that you?re trying to call an object, which has either not been referenced properly, or is not loaded into the system. The result is your application will fail, and you?ll be presented with a multitude of potential errors.

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? Overview

?VBA? (Visual Basic for Applications) is used to create event-based functionality (using the ?Visual Basic? language) inside the likes of Excel, Word, Powerpoint and other software.

Introduced in 1993, VBA forms a core part of Microsoft?s ?Office? suite ? enabling people to add programmatic functionality to their documents, spreadsheets and presentations?

Image for postVisual Basic for Applications was introduced into Excel in 1993

Whilst effective, because it is (at its core) a programming environment, it?s easy to succumb to problems if you?re not experienced.

This lies at the core of what causes the Runtime 424 (Object Required) error ? people referencing ?objects? which don?t exist or are not loaded by Excel.

?? ?Cause

?Runtime? errors are a common problem for many desktop applications; purveyors of Windows (pre-10) will be very familiar with them?

Image for postImage for postImage for postRuntime errors have been a problem for a long time

Whilst these errors show for many reasons, they have the same cause ? something in a software?s source code prevented it from running?

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To appreciate why this is a problem, you must understand that all computer programs are essentially a ?list? of commands which are held in memory by the computer?

Image for postGood reference from Sciter?

These commands are stored in 3 ?layers?:

  1. GUI layer (shows the user a series of inputs)
  2. Application layer (stores the ?business logic? for the application)
  3. Database layer (storing all of the functions, methods, variables and data required to keep the application running).

The way an application works is to load all of these commands into memory, and provides users with the ability to interact with them via a GUI.

Whereas there are many reasons why this process may fail, one of the most common (and why ?Runtime? errors exist) is that the functions inside these commands may reference a script or object that doesn?t exist?

Image for postRuntime Errors Exist in all types of software

This causes the application to ?fail?, and Windows (or whichever OS you?re running) will have to show an error, describing what went wrong.

In terms of your VBA environment, the problem is due to a reference you made to a Worksheet, object, variable or file, which Excel has not loaded.

This is relatively simple to resolve, but requires understanding.

? Solution

The core solution to ?Runtime Error 424? is to locate any references you have in your VBA code which are not present within Excel?

Image for postThe best way to resolve Runtime Error 424 is to use VBA?s ?debug? mode

The simplest way to do this is to comb through each line of code andremove any issues which may be in there.

There is an easy way to do this, and it works very well to fix the majority of Runtime 424 errors in VBA:

  1. The first ? and most effective ? solution is to manually comb through the code. This involves removing blocks of code in order to try and get it running, adding the system. This helps you identify the offending line, allowing for more specific inspection.
  2. The second ? and more methodical ? method is to use the ?Code Stepping? feature of VBA. This can be done using F8 within the VBA development environment?

1?? Code Combing

The first step is to comb through your application?s code.

Doing this is simple. You need to remove any of the code which may be causing a problem, and gradually add it back again.

2?? Debug

The second method is to let VBA ?walk? through your code, removing any element which may be causing issues.

To do this, we can utilize the ?code stepping? feature, which allows us to visualize how each line of code is running:

Image for postGood Resource

In order to do this, you need to ensure you?re in the VBA editor.

This is done by clicking on the ?Visual Basic? button inside Excel:

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To get to this, you need to click on File ? Options ? Customize Ribbon, and ensure that ?Developer? is checked.

This will create the ?Developer? tab at the top of the screen, and allow you to click onto the likes of ?Visual Basic? and other buttons as a result.

Once you click on this button, you?ll be presented with a

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