5 Best Tips to Remodel Your Basement with Low Ceiling

5 Best Tips to Remodel Your Basement with Low Ceiling

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The biggest challenge in finishing a basement is working around obstructions. There are plumbing drains, water pipers, electric wires, heating ducts and gas lines that all are hung below the beam. Designing of basement around these things is biggest challenge. Remaking the basement to look good and feel right is great target to achieve. You have to be creative as remodeling is expensive.

If you are thinking to remodel you basement ceiling, suspended ceilings are most popular. It is consist of lightweight tiles or panels and a simple grid. Armstrong ceilings are the one which maximize height without sacrificing style in low ceiling areas by surface mount ceiling options. Armstrong ceiling grids have wood and metal options for decoration. Metallaire ceiling panels are made up of real metal. It offers a unique way to update your low ceiling.

To renovate your house, remodeling of basement is great way to get the most. Basements are overwhelmed by low ceilings often. There are some low ceilings of basements that cause the room to look uncomfortable and small. But there are tested varieties of low ceiling basement solutions, result is large and stylish areas. This article contains some tips that make your low ceiling basement luxurious.

Use Strategic Basement Lighting:

Use of natural light and strategic basement lightings as these are simple and realistic for low ceiling. Placement of spotlights or wall lights should be carefully planned and designed by professional expert at basement. It will automatically enlarge the room?s appearance. LED light strips are best for long ways use as it brighten up the basement.

Horizontal Decorating:

In basement renovation, use horizontal decorations and objects to avoid congested look of low ceilings. Rather than overhead light, use scones arrangement of main lights around the room in middle of the wall. Use wide landscape paintings, accent lighting in narrow and wallpaper with horizontal stripes to make ceiling seem less cramped.

Wood Paneling:

For the remodel basement with low ceiling, wooden panel. The good wooden floor provides classic look to the basement. There are wide range available of styles and finishes. Another advantage of using wood panel is the ability to attach panel to support beams directly, costing minimal height degradation. There are numerous design options for basement that create unique feel.

Drop Ceiling Tiles:

Drop ceilings provide cost-effective and attractive solution at the cost of height. Many renovations use drops ceiling to make home cozy. It is best options for basement as the wiring and pipes can easily located below the beams. Damages are common in basement, you can easily lift drop ceiling tiles out from the frame and pop new panel instead of changing entire ceiling.

Color and Furniture:

Select white ceilings as they give illusion that room is brighter and bigger. White or any lighter shades lifts a space to give more height and add more brightness to the room. In a low ceiling room, standard furniture looks overly big. Select smaller couches, cabinetry and chairs rather than big set of furniture. It will create more space between the furnishings and ceilings.


These small tips while remodeling basement are important. Small mistakes will make room over and small. Floor and wall renovation play vital role in remodel basement with low ceiling.


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