ROW vs COLUMN: Differences between Column vs Row (with Useful Examples)

Row vs Column! One of the best ways to arrange information is by using a table that immediately makes your data accessible, readable, and very easy to understand. Every table has a certain number of rows and columns and, since these two terms are often used together, many people find it difficult to tell the difference between them. Of course, one is horizontal, the other is vertical, but which is which, exactly?


Row vs Column Difference

ROWS are the horizontal arrangements of data, things, objects, or anything else, and they run from left to right. In contrast, COLUMNS are the vertical arrangements of data that run from top to bottom.

Rows and columns are most commonly used when referring to tables on a spreadsheet, such as Microsoft Excel. However, rows can also be found in a theater or a cinema, where this word also means chairs that are arranged in a horizontal line in front of the stage or the screen. When you see ?row 3? written on your ticket, you immediately know that your seat is located in the third ?horizontal line of seats? if you count from the stage.

As for columns , in daily life, you can find them in a newspaper. There, articles are written close to each other, from the top of the page to the bottom, thus divided into columns . Supporting pillars that you can find in the Parthenon in Athens, are also vertical, so it doesn?t come as a surprise that they?re called columns as well.

If you look at a spreadsheet that contains rows and columns, you can notice that rows are represented with numbers, with 1 being the first row, and so on. Columns , on the other hand, are represented with letters, with A referring to the first column, B to the second, and so on.

One more key difference has to do with rows and columns used in the database. There, rows usually contain information, such as gender , name , or age. At the same time, the information about something or someone mentioned in the rows can be found in columns .

Row vs Column Examples

The children were asked to stand in a row .

We sat in a row at the back of the room.

We had a humongous row just because she left.

They built a row of hotels right along the sea-front.

I?d like seats on the front row of the stalls.

Add up the numbers in each column .

The top and bottom line of each column on the page should align.

We will now move the first column to the end of the table.

The price in column 4 is simply 20 percent on the corresponding average cost from year 2 onwards.

The ARprefixes are deleted from each number in the column .

Difference between Column vs Row | Picture

Row vs Column: What?s the Difference between Column vs Row?

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