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? Undeniably, there are pedophile rings connected to several powerful politicians, elite businessmen and influential celebrities. The stuff even goes on in Boy Scouts and with so-called UN Peacekeepers! I am so outraged right now!

How did this slip under my radar for so long?

It?s a mixture of verifiable fact, conjecture (?connecting the dots?) and probably some fiction ? but people would be hard pressed to prove it?s not true.

There are definitely powerful people trafficking, raping and murdering children and murdering any whistle-blowers. That much is certain.

You would think this would be a fringe occurrence, but it seems to be rampant ? at least far more common than is easy to believe.

This cannot continue!

If we feel like there?s nothing we can do? there is. We can pray ? and we can at least share this stuff at a minimum. I believe a little research and spreading some awareness of this should be a high priority for all of us. Don?t you?

?? Several shocking links below?


Tim Ballard CEO of Operation Underground Railroad comments on WayFair:

A little more on Wayfair?and Amazon

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OUT OF SHADOWS DOCUMENTARY ? Two Hollywood stuntmen, and journalist Liz Crokin, blow the whistle on some super sketchy Satanism and pedophilia in Hollywood and some clear connections to the democrats

Hillary Clinton?s Chief of Staff from 2001?2009 connected to the Podesta email talking about the three kids in the pool for entertainment?

Kevin Shipp, the former CIA agent in the OUT OF SHADOWS documentary, blows the whistle on the CIA and the Clintons. You might want to watch the video of his lecture on this page where he says,

?Back when the CFR [Council on Foreign Relations which began in 1921] created the CIA. They were tied directly into, guess who? The mainstream media. The owners of the Washington Post, the Grahams, were ranking members of the Council on Foreign Relations. CIA was feeding information directly into the Washington Post. Philip and Katherine Graham were publishing stories that the CIA had told them to study. Now, in the long wonderful history of the Washington Post? who owns the Washington Post now? Jeff Bezos of Amazon. What did he just do? He entered into a six million dollar contract with, guess who? The CIA.?

Kevin Shipp

Kevin Shipp is a retired CIA spook and whistleblower. He has exposed the Supranational and US deep state and charged?

Sidney Powell Evidence Weiner?s laptop

PEDOGATE by Mouthy Buddha ? some vigilante online detective work connecting the dots of some secret googling codes, hashtags and symbols that pedophiles use online

Mouthy Buddha

PEDOGATE 2020 | In-Depth Exploration (NEW INFO)


The first one was taken down by YouTube, but the trailer for Part II is already up after he had such a huge response to the first one.

Probably Alexandra on Lucifer?s Playground

The Truth Factory on The Finders

The Truth Factory: A Deep Dive into Pedogate

Edge of Wonder Pizzagate Series Trailer

UK?s Hidden Shadows

Anna Paulina on Human Trafficking

Large Number of Sealed Indictments: Sean, SGT Report

I?ve never been a fan of Alex Jones and Info Wars. It?s always come across to me as sensationalism mixed with paranoia and maybe a sprinkle or two of truth now and then. But when I read articles on Rolling Stone magazine or Wikipedia saying PIZZAGATE has been ?debunked?, or calling it a ?hoax?, then they don?t present any of the common sense evidence anyone with half a brain can see through, when IT HAS NOT AT ALL BEEN DEBUNKED, you start to wonder how far the tentacles of these powerful, well-connected pedophilia rings reach.

I know it?s convenient to blame it on a right-wing/left-wing propaganda-war. It?s not that ? the right just chanced upon the undeniable fact that there?s many left-wing child rapers. It?s real.

There?s so much evidence. It exists not only in American politics, mainstream media and Hollywood but throughout the exact same type of network in The United Kingdom as well.

Never thought I?d be saying this, but like Spike Lee loves to say in his movies, ?WAAAAAAAKE UUUUUP!!?

An earlier PIZZAGATE video with additional info not found in the videos above ? it is beyond dumbfounding how nothing has ever really been done about this

SGT Report Interview w Liz Crokin

Human Trafficking Survivor Opens Up to Dr Phil


Sarah Westall w Liz Crokin: Is Trump Q Anon? & Masses Need to Know About Pedogate

Former CIA Agent Robert Steele who?s proactively fighting trafficking and has some revolutionary ideas for intelligence reform. ?We estimate that up to 8 million children a year go missing, and many of them are ingested into the pedophilia system.?

Escaping NXIVM: Behind the investigation of the alleged sex cult

Pedo Swim?

A Tour of Some Very Disturbing ?Art? Pieces connected to pedophile elites

Conspiracy of Silence ? Boys Town, Nebraska connected to sex ring with powerful politicians, including the Reagan and Bush administrations. When people speak up they either die in an ?accident? or go to prison for perjury.

Boy Scouts sexually abuse young boys

UN Peacekeepers Turned Perpetrators in Haiti

Franklin Cover Up 5 min Explainer

Franklin Cover Up Full

Bieber?s ?hashtag?YUMMY innuendos (I saw the word ?Yummy? in Podesta emails and in pedo comments on instagrams with images or videos of little girls or babies).

Massive Canadian Pedophile Ring

Hundreds arrested as Canadian police smash worldwide paedophile ring

A giant paedophile ring with a worldwide reach was broken apart during a three-year inquiry which led to the arrests of?

Anthony Bourdain accuses the TV show Friends of saying prayers to Satan less than a month before his alleged suicide. He was also tweeting about Hillary?s goons. And not long before that he had called out Quentin Tarantino for knowing about Harvey Weinstein. * Tweet May 6, 2018 ? died June 8

Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State

BOOK: Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State: Chapter 1: Introduction to Pedophilia ? The Mental Disorder and the Child Sex Abuse Crime

Notice the pentagram sticker on the fridge in this Friends skit:


Anthony Bourdain makes brutally honest comment about Quentin Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein

Anthony Bourdain has lashed out at director Quentin Tarantino over his knowledge of the allegations of sexual assault?

Fall of the Cabal. Are Dutch Royalty Nazis and what is their connection to Argentina? Is the British Royalty harming children? People hung from a doorknob means choked for speaking out? This entire series of 10 videos is incredibly interesting. Although IMO she seems to mix some fact with conjecture and assertions without documentation or proof ? the very thing she accuses mainstream media and Snopes of doing. Mel Gibson never said what she quotes him saying. Breitbart didn?t tweet what she shows a ?screenshot? of. The naked man (or teenager) climbing out of the top floor of Buckingham palace naked was a video edited hoax.

Corey Feldman calls out Charlie Sheen and others for raping boys and flees the country Although he oddly says he?s cool with the Clintons ? very suspect!

In 2016 Elijah Wood said ?Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood. It was all organized. There are a lot of vipers in this industry, people who only have their own interests in mind? There is darkness in the underbelly. What bums me about these situations is that the victims can?t speak as loudly as the people in power. That?s the tragedy of attempting to reveal what is happening to innocent people: they can be squashed, but their lives have been irreparably damaged? If you?re innocent, you have very little knowledge of the world and you want to succeed? People with parasitic interests will see you as their prey.?

Elijah Wood Says Hollywood Has a Pedophilia Problem

Before Elijah Wood starred as Frodo Baggins in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, he was a child actor – and now he’s?

When True Detective (all three seasons based on pedophilia) director Nic Pizzolato was asked where he got his inspiration for season one, he said ?google ?Satanism preschool Lousiana??

Wealthy heir of the powerful DuPont family walks free after raping 3 year old daughter ? then back at it again with his little son.

Du Pont heir accused of raping 2nd child in lawsuit

WILMINGTON, Del. – A du Pont family heir who raped his 3-year-old daughter nearly a decade ago but received no prison?

Sacha Cohen Stumbled Upon Possible Pedophile Ring

Camille Paglia for Legalizing Pedophilia praises early supporter of NAMBLA, pedophile Allen Ginsberg, as her intellectual guru. She said he had ?visionary sexuality? and called his ?celebration of boy-love was pure and sinless demonstrating the limitations of Judeo-Christian paradigms of sexuality???? This man wrote a poem in the 1950s called ?Howl?, famous for its obscenity trials

?The woman stuff is bad enough, but it?s politicized. So people started to take sides with it. The kid stuff is not political. The kid stuff is an extinction level event for the whole town [of Hollywood]?The Weinstein stuff is nothing compared to what?s coming? ? Milo Yiannopoulos

Former Georgia Senator Nancy Schaeffer confronts Child Protective Services for conducting ?legal kidnapping? and shortly after loses place in the Senate

Schaefer was found dead at her home in Turnerville, Georgia in Habersham County on 26 March 2010 with a single gunshot wound to her back along with her husband of 52 years, Bruce Schaefer who was found with a single gunshot wound to his chest.

Undoubtedly there is much more than all this.

Thank you for watching/reading. I trust you were blessed and found some helpful takeaways.

I?m a strong advocate for capitalism, because I believe in God, and I understand enough about how the real world works. In this world, a thriving society functions by having efficient means of exchanging value for value. Historically, the best way to account for such exchanges in value has been money or various forms of currency.

A good medium of exchange will maintain relatively stable purchasing power over wide regions and for long periods of time, as in centuries. One of the key questions as to whether a currency works well is RELIABILITY, whether it is backed by precious metals, a commodity, land, cryptocurrency or just a promise to pay it back. This means you can trust it. It means many people trust it.

Can it be inflated or manipulated on the market? Can a government tamper with it? If so, it?s reliability score is low.

The more reliable it is, the more tamper-proof it is, and the better medium-of-exchange it is.

That being said, if I?ve provided value for you and you?re inclined to send me a thanks in the form of a reliable record of value exchange which I can then save, invest or spend elsewhere there are a few options below. If it is fiat do not worry ? it will go into something much more durable for the long-term ? even on into eternity.

For me it?s blessing enough to know that I was able to bless you. Let me know if I have ? I always love to hear from other digital soldiers for Christ!

?But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light.? 1 Peter 2:9

God bless you and yours!

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