‘Remote Viewing’ isn’t an Umbrella Term for Psychic Phenomenon

‘Remote Viewing’ isn’t an Umbrella Term for Psychic Phenomenon

You sound ridiculous when you use it that way.

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If ?remote viewing? isn?t an umbrella term for psychic viewing what is it, then?

The term ?remote viewing? refers to the United States Military, CIA, SRI developed, structured and taught system of using psychic ability to retrieve non-local information. Remote Viewing is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant, unseen (non-local) target, using extrasensory perception (ESP) or ?seeing? with the mind.

A remote viewer is given a ?target? (a string of random numbers assigned to the target by the tasker) and the remote viewer gives back information about the ?target? which can be an object, event, person or location that is hidden from physical view and is in anytime, anywhere in the universe. This is called a ?blind? target because the remote viewer is given no information about the target.

The remote viewer is only given a string of random numbers to write at the top of the paper to tell the different targets apart. The number also helps the remote viewer connect with the target on something called the signal line. Each target is assigned a different number by the tasker, that way the remote viewer is always blind to the target.

Remote viewers are always blind to the target. This is why we can?t use remote viewing to find your cat and your car keys. I can use my ?psychic? ability to find your cat and your car keys. Your cat stole your car and went to Vegas. The end. You?re welcome.

Okay, I?m kidding, I didn?t really use my psychic ability there. I used humor.

What are the different kinds of remote viewing?

The main RV written structures/practices are called Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV), Associative Remote Viewing (ARV), and Extended Remote Viewing (ERV). This is where you learn a STRICT (mostly) written structure used to accurately retrieve non-local information (with the exception of ERV which uses a different relaxation format).

Remote viewing was developed by the United States Military and the CIA for non-local spying and was a top-secret program for decades. The practice of remote viewing was developed in the U.S.A. during the cold war with the former U.S.S.R as a counter-response to the U.S.S.R.?s secret spy program.

Yep, the Americans and the U.S.S.R.-ers were psychically spying on each other. For decades. It?s mindboggling weird, I know. Even weirder is that it worked. The Americans couldn?t figure out how the ?Russians? were getting their locked-away, top-secret information until it was revealed that the U.S.S.R. was using state-sponsored psychics to be spies. And this is why the Americans developed their own psychic spying program that lasted for years.

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Your crystal ball gets no use in remote viewing, it just sits on the shelf looking pretty. And they are pretty aren?t they? I have several. So, sorry kid, I can?t read your mind. Stop being so paranoid.

Okay, full disclosure, I can pick up on some of what you are thinking, and I?d rather not. Your thoughts are a jumbled mess consisting usually of judgments, darting thoughts, and unregulated emotion. I usually pick up on your thoughts in fragments- images, sound and feelings, which are translated (bombarded) into information to my brain through my five senses.

I really don?t care about your thoughts and would appreciate it if you would learn to meditate and create a calm space in your mind. You would be much more enjoyable to be around. Just in case you are not getting it, I don?t mean ?you? specifically. I mean people in general. End rant.

If you are interested in learning more about how to train your mind I wrote a short article about the topic here.

I want to point out for the newbs, the term ?remote viewing? isn?t used in the remote viewing community as an ?umbrella term? for all psychic phenomena. The use of the term ?remote viewing? in this fashion is shunned in the remote viewing community and must be avoided at all costs so that the writer does not seem ridiculous.

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Why I started Remote Viewing Community Magazine

Like many in the RV community, I have read every remote viewing book and watched every remote viewing video on YouTube. I have taken RV courses and spent countless hours honing my RV skills. I have also spent countless hours over the last eight years in the RV Facebook groups and in other RV groups such as Applied Precog, and Ten Thousand Roads, reading and learning from my peers. There, I was seeking answers, writing questions, answering questions and learning what this skill of ?remote viewing? is all about.

I also wanted to know about the people in the remote viewing community,

  • Are they nuts?
  • Are they cool?
  • Are they just a bunch of people with heightened intuitive abilities who are seekers of the study of consciousness like me?
  • If I get involved will I be whisked away by men in black and wind up as a prisoner in some secret psychic research government program somewhere? (My dad tried to warn me this would happen. I?m still waiting. Eyeroll.)
  • Can they find my car keys and my dog? In any order?

And I had other questions,

  • Is remote viewing a huge MKultra mind control program like the conspiracy theorists (who know nothing) imply to get views on YouTube?
  • Most importantly, does remote viewing work?
  • What did the U.S. government program really discover?
  • Are they hiding this skill from the public?
  • Why is the public so scared of remote viewers?
  • Why am I so interested in developing my remote viewing skills?
  • How can I apply my developing skills to my daily life?
  • What are the side effects, if any? How to stay grounded while exploring the study of consciousness?
  • I have a million questions about remote viewing, and for some of which, I now have answers.

The biggest answer is yes, remote viewing works, and it works well. This is a skill that can be taught and has been scientifically proven over and over. Most practicing remote viewers are fastidious about keeping accurate databases and records of their hit/miss records. This isn?t an airy-fairy game of delusion. As Daz Smith likes to put it, this is a martial art for the mind.

There are other remote viewing structures that have been developed with Controlled Remote Viewing as their base. CRV was the original form developed by the United States Military and SRI. Hopefully, soon, other people in the RV community will share their knowledge about the other remote viewing forms in an article in Remote Viewing Community Magazine. You can find more information on sharing your knowledge with us here.

The remote viewing community has been a wealth of information for me and has acted as a place to connect with other seekers in the exploration of consciousness. Interestingly, most of the main people in the community are highly respected scientists and lawyers, former military, and other highly educated and intelligent people who have written countless books and have been featured on various T.V. and radio shows and podcasts. Most are musicians and artists, and all have a great sense of humor. These are not the hippy-dippy weirdos most people would expect.

You have to have a great sense of humor to deal with the ignorant ?giggle factor? that comes up when you mention remote viewing to the public. Most people are still in the dark ages regarding the study of consciousness. Things are changing, but many people still fear the unknown. I think most people are afraid to see things as they really are, and I find that really boring.

I?m doing my tiny part to help wake up the public to what is possible by starting this platform for other remote viewers to share their experiences. And Joe Rogan, it?s time for you to have the remote viewing masters on your show. Some of them are getting a bit long-in-the-tooth, so there is no time to wait! (That long-in-the-tooth comment is a direct quote by Paul Smith. I thought it was pretty funny.)

To recap, when referencing psychic phenomena, call it psi or simply, psychic phenomenon. Please, only use the term ?remote viewing? when referencing the actual martial art practice of remote viewing. This martial art typically uses the weapons of 8.5 x 11 inches, ultra-bright white sheet paper, and black ink, smooth-writing ballpoint pens. Remote viewing is a scientifically proven and extensively studied method for capturing and making sense of psychically retrieved information. This isn?t grannie?s tea leaves.

Humans are inherently naturally psychic. Is the ability to see, taste, hear and feel, woo-woo? No. And it is also not woo-woo to have natural psychic abilities. Everyone is naturally psychic, some more than others. But, to use one?s psychic abilities effectively one must have a healthy mind and be very grounded. I?m going to explore this very important topic in future articles which I?ll link here.

Convincing the people of the world that they don?t possess their natural psychic abilities has been based on the greatest lie, and that lie has been about control. Kids should be taught to trust their instincts, not mocked for having instincts. And just to be clear, instincts are psychic abilities. Call it what you want. It?s time the people of the world re-claim the totality of who we are.

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My fellow humans, there are so many beautiful things in the universe to explore. Do we really need to waste our time fighting over the manufactured propaganda known as news? Let?s try something different. Lets instead, study the exploration of consciousness! Yay! It?s way more fun.

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Katherine T. Hoppe is an Author, Speaker, Artist, Intuitive and Founder/CEO of Sacred Hologram INC., SuperSuccess4U.com and is the editor of White Rabbit Blogging Secrets, 1 Lucky Day, and Remote Viewing Community Magazine: Explore the woo. She studied journalism, art, and law at university, and is a part-time Hollywood actress. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or KatherineTHoppe.com.

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