Bike Size Chart: How to choose the Right Bicycle

Bike Size Chart: How to choose the Right Bicycle

A very basic thing when buying a bicycle is your understanding of sizes and measurements. An employee at a bicycle shop or a bike rental place can help you to know how to choose the right bicycle, or read the following article if you are shopping for new bikes online.

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What size bike do you need?

What size bike can you buy it: Mountain Road Bike Size Chart?

Use the chart and bicycle size

There are 3 main methods to help you to choose the right size bike for your height. Firstly, you can look at the following chart between your height and bike size. If your height is from 4?11? ? 5?3?, you can buy a cycling of 13?15 inches. Here is the full kid to adult size chart for you:

  • Height 4?11? ? 5?3?: buy a bicycle of 13?15 inches
  • Height 5?3? ? 5?7?: buy a bicycle of 15?17 inches
  • Height 5?7? ? 5?11?: buy a bicycle of 17?19 inches
  • Height 6?0? ? 6?2?: buy a bicycle of 21?23 inches
  • Height 6?2? ? 6?4?: buy a bicycle of 21?23 inches
  • Height 6?4? or taller: buy a bicycle of 23+ inches

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Road & Mountain Bike Size Chart

Calculate the size

The second method is to calculate the size of the best bike type that you want to have. You have to decide to buy a mountain bike, a city bike or a road bike or the best electric bike.

After that, you stand on your bare feet at a distance of 15?20 cm (6?8 inches) and you measure the height from the floor to your crotch. This basic measurement number is called the leg inseam.

You will find the right size with your calculator. If you choose a city bike, the frame size is equal to your leg inseam in centimeter multiplied by 0,685. If you choose a mountain bike and a road bike, your leg inseam will be multiplied by 0,66 and 0,7.

Let?s see the example!

When your leg inseam is 80cm, you buy city bike 55cm, mountain bike 53cm and road bike 56cm.

Notably, most bicycle size chart notes the height when you stand on your bare feet. Your leg inseam needs to add 1 or 2 inches to be comfortable sitting on a bike saddle. Some sources claim that best road bikes need to add 1 or 2 inches while mountain bikes need 2?4 inches.

Find the right size on the bicycle size chart

The third method for you to use is the mountain & road size charts of three bike types. In these charts, you also need to measure your leg inseam and your height, then you look at the tables and see the suggested frame size for you.

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What size best bicycle should you get if you?re 5?7??

The right cycling frame size for your height of 5?7? can be found on the mountain & road bicycle size chart. You have to decide what kind of bike you will buy before choosing a size. You can see how to choose the size by bicycle type.

For city bike, you can have a 16-inch frame size. If you buy a mountain bike or a road bike, it will be 16-inch frame size or 54?55cm frame size. All three bike types are in size M.

To help you better understand the three types of bicycles, you can take a look at the definitions of these bikes.

A city bike is designed for short, moderate-pace journeys through relatively flat urban areas. It is a form of utility bike commonly seen all over the world, you can use them every day with casual clothes in many weather conditions.

A mountain bike is designed to ride the terrain. It has similarities with other bikes but incorporates features designed to enhance durability and performance in rugged places.

A road bike is built to move with speed on paved roads. This bike is more durable and less speedy than a race bike. It?s also called a ?sports bike? to distinguish it from a race bike.

What age are 20-inch bikes for?

The 20-inch bikes are for the children. There is also a toddler size chart for your kids. You can choose the right wheel diameter or bike size to buy depending on your child?s age and leg inseam.

Children from 7?10 years old and leg inseam from 55?63cm can use 20-inch bikes to practice cycling and riding around with parental supervision.

To help you get more knowledge about children?s bicycles and can give good advice to your friends and relatives, you should know the following information.

For children from 4?6 years old with leg inseam from 40?50 cm, parents can buy 14-inch bike for them. For older children from 5?8 years old and 6?9 years old, 16-inch and 18-inch bike are suitable for them to use.

How do you determine bikes frame size?

It is very simple to determine bikes frame size. Don?t worry, you are here with us, Just Not Sports can help you to do that.

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Bike frame size for MTB and Road Bike[/caption]

What is the seat tube?

First of all, the bikes are measured according to their frame size. Bicycle frame size is determined by the length of the seat tube which is the vertical part of the frame supporting the seat and seat assembly.

Bicycle Repair Guide For New Bikers: How to Change A Bike Tube?

As you know, choosing a bike with the right fit makes the ride more comfortable and you have better control on the road.

Locate the top of the seat tube

Secondly, you need to locate the top of the seat tube. This is the point where you sit and it engages in the bicycle frame. The seat post is actually connected to the bike.

Find the bottom bracket and frame size

Now let?s come to the next step to find the bottom bracket. It is a cylindrical component at the bottom of the seat tube and where the pedal is linked to the bike.

You continue to measure the length of the seat tube from the top to the center of the bottom bracket. That?s the frame size of the bike.

Three more things to answer the question ?what size bike do I need??

Although the bicycle frame size is a useful guide, it is not the only measurement to get the right bike for you. Please keep in mind to find three more things while sitting on the bike.

When a pedal is at the lowest point, your feet should be flat on the pedal with your legs fully extended.

When the pedal is at the highest level, your knees do not come up to the horizontal. You need to check that you can touch the ground with your toes when the bike is upright or not.

Final thoughts

If you cannot adjust the seat to a position that meets these three criteria, the bike is not in the right frame size for you.

Are you ready to go shopping? Now you know how to choose the right bicycle, let?s come with your family to a sports shop for new bicycles.


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