Remote Management for iPads and iPhones

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iPhones and iPads are one of the most ergonomically designed digital devices that are equally efficient for getting things done, be it for work or play. Powered with iOS that is known for its security and privacy along with enhanced, user-centric experience, iPhones and iPads are widely used for corporate work. iPads are also deployed for education in schools that want to extend an engaging and immersive learning experience to the students.

As more and more iPhones and iPads are used for business or education, ensuring they are not misused for more than their intended purpose is critical. This not only facilitates lesser distractions and improved productivity but also helps in reducing excess data costs and maintaining the security of critical corporate data. Remote management of iPads and iPhones is hence crucial for enterprises and businesses to leverage the desired business benefits from iOS devices.

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Provisioning iPhones and iPads for work straight out of the box is simplified with the help of Apple Business Manager. But to further enforce security policies on the corporate-owned iPhones and iPads, it is essential to manage them using iOS remote management software. Scalefusion iOS mobile device management software for iPhones and iPads offers the enterprise IT admins total control over the enterprise iOS devices.

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Scalefusion MDM supports Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program) which enables bulk enrollment in the Apple Business Manager and Apple VPP (Volume Purchase Program) to publish business apps on the devices. Furthermore, enterprise IT can upload private applications on the Scalefusion Enterprise Store- either by uploading a Plist link or an IPA file and distribute it privately on the managed devices.

When iPhones and iPads are deployed for a remote fieldforce, one of the key factors that impact employee productivity as well as company costs is device issues. If the device runs into an error, the employee has to fetch it to a servicing center in order to resolve the device issues. This not only increases the device downtime but also adds up to the costs in bringing the device to a physical location. Scalefusion extends remote cast feature with its iOS remote management software that enables IT admins to remotely mirror iPhone and iPad device screens on the dashboard. The IT admins can understand the device error, provide step-by-step instructions over VoIP call to troubleshoot the issue. Further, IT admins can also record the screen mirroring session or take screenshots and create support tickets to escalate the issue. Scalefusion Remote Cast for iOS helps in quickly resolving device issues without physically handling the devices.

Other key features of Scalefusion iPad and iPhone remote management software include:

  • Website whitelisting to prevent access to non-business websites
  • Browser management to ensure user privacy on shared devices
  • Single or multi-app kiosk mode to lock devices to only business apps
  • Unified communication Suite for encrypted team communication
  • Content management and presentation mode
  • Location tracking in real-time
  • Automated alerts on battery, data, storage usage
  • Scheduled compliance and security checks
  • Security features such as password enforcement
  • ?Marked as lost? feature to remotely lock stolen or lost devices

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