Quiz(zes): Where are you on the political spectrum?

Political Quizzes because it?s the most mathematical and scientific way to know where you are. These 31 different tests for you to compare and contrast you views with others will help you understand you ideology as well as all others.

List of Political Spectrum Tests

A list of online political spectrum and ideology tests similar to the well known Political Compass.


List Entries:

The Political Compass

A typology of political opinions plotted on 2 dimensions: economic and social.


1. Political Compass: After answering the questions, you would be presented with a graph which plots your position on the economic left/right and social authoritarian/libertarian axes.

Political Spectrum Quiz – Your Political Label

Discover where you fall on the political spectrum. See where you stand on the culture war, or how you place on our?


2. Political Spectrum Quiz: Similar to Political Compass, but also includes spectra for foreign policy and culture.

Vosem Chart Locator (United States version)

The Vosem Chart places beliefs on three axes and into eight discrete categories, representing eight different political?


3. Vosem Chart Locator (United States version): The Vosem chart has three axes (corporate economics, individual economics, and civil liberties) which form a cube with 8 ideological corners.

Political Quiz.net


4. Political Philosophy Quiz: An Americanised political spectrum test with the following spectra: conservative/progressive, capitalist purist/social capitalist, libertarian/authoritarian, pacifist/militarist

Political Survey

In this survey, you are asked to give your opinion of a set of statements characterising political views. Please rate?


5. Political Survey: Similar to Political Compass but with left/right and pragmatic/idealistic spectra.

Center for a Stateless Society ” Find Your Philosophy Quiz

A Left Market Anarchist Think Tank & Media Center


6. Find Your Philosophy Quiz: A lengthy political specrum test (106 questions) with the following spectra: economic leftist/economic rightist; civil libertarian/civil authoritarian; socio-cultural liberal/socio-cultural conservative; anti-militarist/pro-militarist; and anarchist/statist.

The F Scale: Final form

This online, interactive F Scale presents that instrument in its final form. Additional infomation, including an?


7. The F Scale: A fascism scale test.

Where are you on the political spectrum

Where are you on the political spectrum? Are you on the left, center or right. Or are you something not classifiable?


8. Where are you on the political spectrum: Results in a rating for each of the following categories: conservative, lefty, liberal, libertarian and wingnut, and an overall rating.

Conservative or Liberal

Are you a conservative or a liberal? I myself had doubts about myself decided to test it with a few big issues–just the?


9. Conservative or Liberal: A conservative/liberal spectrum test.

What is your political ideology?

What is your political ideology? Are you liberal, conservative, or libertarian? Or do you subscribe to an ideology most?


10. What is your political ideology?: The user is classified as having one of the following ideologies: fascist/radical right, conservative, libertarian, liberal, social democrat, or communist/radical left.

What is your political philosophy?

Political ideologies spring primarily from philosophy; basing opinions only on issues is superficial at best. What do?


11. What is your political philosophy?: The user is classified as having one of the following ideologies: communist, liberal, libertarian, neoconservative or fascist.

What political ideology do you have?

What kind of government or economy would you prefer. This quiz is by no means exhaustive, but it divides up where?


12. What political ideology do you have?: The user is classified as having one of the following ideologies: social democrat, libertarian, anarchist, authoritarian capitalist, communist or fascist.

Your political belief is…(world)

Still I feel I must warn you, for the questions, answers and their implications are not necessarily based on fact, but?


13. Your political belief is?(world): The user is classified as having one of the following ideologies: liberal, conservative, radical right, radical left, centralist or democrat.

Are You A Secular Progressive or a Traditionalist?

Are you a traditionalist warrior or are you a socialist progressive? Not sure? This short quiz will give you an idea to?


14. Are You A Secular Progressive or a Traditionalist?: A single spectrum test.

Political Spectrum Self-Test, a SelectSmart.com Politics selector. Ask about my top result.

This selector determines your best Political Spectrum Self-Test match.


15. Political Spectrum Self-Test: The user is provided with set of ranked rating for each of the following ideologies: anarchist, centrist, communist, conservative democrat, fascist, liberal democrat, libertarian, moderate authoritarian, moderate democrat, moderate libertarian, moderate republican, moral conservative, populist, Rockefeller republican, royalist, socialist, theocracian, traditional conservative republican

The World’s Smallest Political Quiz

16. World?s Smallest Political Quiz: Similar to Political Compass, but with fewer questions and a diamond shaped graph (a Nolan chart).

Best Political Quiz

Take the internet’s most unbiased and accurate political quiz. Determine which party you fit into on different?


17. Best Political Quiz: A self proclaimed best political quiz. Displays a pentagon shaped graph (economic, social, environment, international affairs and overall standing), social and economic ideological categories, and a Democrat/Republican classification.


18. The Politics Test: Very similar to Political Compass


19. The Best Political Ideology Test: Similar to Political Compass but provides a graph of each univariate distribution of everyone?s results and where you are placed in that distribution.

What is your political ideology, really?

For each issue chose the position that most reflects your personal views.


20. What is your political ideology, really?: Results in a score and an ideological classification.

California Construction Bond Industry | Bonding and Insurance Agents

The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) was established in 1929 and is part of the Department of Consumer Affairs.?


21. Politopia: Similar to Political Compass.

Political Ideology Test

This test is meant to exam, in depth, a persons political ideology and stances on major issues. This test is meant for?


22. Political Ideology Test: Left/right political spectrum test.

Political Philosophy Test

If you watch the news I’m sure you’ve been told that if you believe this you’re a liberal or if you believe that you’re?


23. Political Philosophy Test: Results in an ideological classification.



24. Nolan Chart: Similar to Political Compass, but with fewer questions and a diamond shaped graph (a Nolan chart).

The Enhanced Precision Political Quiz…IN 2D

A detailed and unbiased Nolan Chart based political quiz. Suitable for social studies and government classes.


25. The Enhanced Precision Political Quiz?in 2D: Like the Nolan Chart, but the questions are about recent US political issues, and the answer options are a set of opinions (not exhaustive) rather than agree/disagree options.

Political Typology Quiz

Are you a Steadfast Conservative? A Solid Liberal? Or somewhere in between? Take our quiz and find out which one of our?


26. Pew Research Political Typology: A political typology test by Pew Research that categorises the respondent as one of nine American political types.


27. The 3-Axis Political Test: A political spectrum test like Political Compass but with three axes: economic freedom, social freedom, and political freedom.



28. Political Test: A political spectrum test which gives a score for each of the following spectra: cosmopolitan/nationalistic, secular/fundamentalist, visionary/reactionary, anarchistic/authoritarian, communistic/capitalistic, pacifist/militaristic, ecological/anthropocentric

Us vs Th3m: Bored? We have games, quizzes, ? & LOLs ?

Alleviate your boredom with our web games, quizzes, LOLs & strong opinions. Distractions and debate to make you (???),?


29. How Leftie Are You?: A test with 10 questions (each with two answer options), that produces a leftie score as a percentage.

Libertarian Purity Test


30. Libertarian Purity Test: A libertarian purity test that produces a libertarian score.

5 Dimensional Policial Compass


31. 5 Dimensional Policial Compass: A political spectrum test with 30 yes/no/maybe questions, that produces percentage scores for collectivism, authoritarianism, internationalism, tribalism, and liberalism.


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