Quantum Machine Learning Algorithms with Ewin Tang

Quantum Machine Learning Algorithms with Ewin Tang

TWiML Talk 246

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In this special bonus episode of the podcast, we?re joined by Ewin Tang, a PhD student in the Theoretical Computer Science group at the University of Washington.

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In our conversation, Ewin and I dig into her paper ?A quantum-inspired classical algorithm for recommendation systems,? which took the quantum computing community by storm last summer. We haven?t called out a Nerd-Alert interview in a long time, but this interview inspired us to dust off that designation, so get your notepad ready!

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About Ewin

  • Ewin?s Personal Page
  • Ewin on Twitter

Mentioned in the Interview

  • Paper: A quantum-inspired classical algorithm for recommendation systems
  • Paper: Fast Monte-Carlo Algorithms for finding Low-Rank Approximations
  • Paper: Competitive Recommendation Systems
  • Paper: Quantum Recommendation Systems
  • Paper: Quantum Machine Learning Algorithms: Read the Fine Print
  • Blog Post: An overview of quantum-inspired classical sampling
  • Paper: Quantum-inspired classical sublinear-time algorithm for solving low-rank semidefinite programming via sampling approaches
  • Paper: Forrelation: A Problem that Optimally Separates Quantum from Classical Computing
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Originally published at twimlai.com on April 1, 2019.


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