Are you wondering what?s the best programming language to learn? We?ve put together a list that highlights the most in-demand programming languages based on multiple surveys.

Software engineering is one of the most in-demand job fields out there. It has seen a steady increase in demand over the years. The reason? Just look around you!

Everywhere you look, you see a piece of technology that has become capable of interacting with humans. We?re living in an era of technological innovation that doesn?t show any signs of slowing down.

It?s only understandable that ambitious developers would like to know what language to learn. They need to choose their education and job experience wisely to be able to impress their future employers and land their dream job.

So, whether you?re at the beginning of your programming career or looking to learn another language, this article is for you. Here?s a list of the 10 most in-demand programming languages of 2019 that can help you advance your career.

Released in 1991, Python is still one of the most sought-after programming languages. According to Stack Overflow, Python is the world?s fastest-growing programming language that doesn?t show signs of abating.

The popularity of Python is due to its flexibility. The language is used by web and desktop developers, sysadmin/DevOps, as well as data scientists and machine-learning engineers.

Another reason for its popularity is its versatility. Python is present in every domain, from system operations and web development to deployment and scientific modeling.

If you?re interested in learning Python, you?ll be relieved to know that many developers love it because it?s so easy to learn and it?s user-friendly. According to Indeed, the average Python programmer salary is $123,743 per year.

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Java has continuously been one of the most popular languages since its creation in the mid-90s.

According to Github?s Octoverse 2018, Java was the second most used language on Github followed by Python.

The language is used for millions of applications and many huge websites are built with the technology, including Amazon, Google, Twitter, and YouTube.

According to PayScale, the average salary for a Java developer is $69,722 per year.

If you?re planning on looking for a job as a Java developer, some common IT jobs requiring Java include software engineer, DevOps engineer, and software architect. Consider working with an IT recruitment agency to land a high-paying job at a reputable company.

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JavaScript has been recognized as the most popular programming language in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019. Primarily used in web apps, it?s known for being simple to use, versatile, and swift.

What?s more, JavaScript-based tools take the first three places as the most popular libraries and frameworks, including Node.js, Angular, and React.

The most common job titles that require JavaScript are web developer, front-end developer, and full-stack developer.

According to Indeed, the average salary for a Javascript Developer is $112,582 per year in the United States.

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PHP has been in the TIOBE index top 10 since the start of the index in 2001.

Some estimates say that PHP powers one-third of the web. Many big companies such as Facebook, WordPress, and Yahoo use the language. Although it has received criticism over the years, PHP is still widely used to websites and apps and is still highly in demand.

The most common PHP jobs include WordPress PHP developer, PHP developer, and web developer. Skilled developers can find a job through recruitment agencies that collaborate with tried and tested companies.

The average salary for a PHP developer is $82,727 per year in the United States.


C++ is another programming language that is becoming more and more popular. Many people believe that the growing interest in C++ is due to its 2011 version that is much simpler, safer and more expressive.

The technology is widely used in application software, game development, artificial intelligence, embedded firmware, and client-server applications.

The most popular C++ job titles include system software developer, game software engineer, and embedded engineer.

The average salary for a C++ Developer is $117,614 per year in the United States.


The Stack Overflow developer survey 2019 discovered that Ruby is the sixth most highly paid language globally.

The technology is highly popular, especially in Silicon Valley and other startup cities, but also throughout the entire U.S.

If you?re planning on starting a career in software development, Ruby is a great programming language to start with. According to a report by Hired, developers who have a few years of experience in working with Ruby are in high demand. And developers who have 6+ years of experience under their belt, they can expect to receive twice as many interview requests in the current hiring landscape.

The average salary for a Ruby On Rails developer is $121,281 per year in the United States.

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Developed in 2000 by Microsoft, C# (read: sea sharp) is one of the most popular programming languages in the world today.

The 2018 Stack Overflow Developer Survey found that when it comes to languages that developers love, C# came in at #8.

The technology is good at building desktop applications and games. You can also use it to create web applications and mobile apps, as well as large company applications.

If your wish is to become a game developer, C# is a great way to go. The average salary for a C# Developer is $67,525.


Go is the third most highly paid language according to the Stack Overflow developer survey of 2019. It?s also the fourth most active language on Github.

Moreover, Hired has found that candidates who have experience in Go are the most in-demand. One reason for Go?s popularity is the fact that Google developed the language. So, if your dream job is to work at Google, learning Go can significantly increase your chances of getting a job interview.

Similar to Python, Go is easier than most other languages to read and write. If you?re looking for a new language to learn in 2019, Go is a wise choice.

The average Golang developer salary in the U.S. is $136,500 per year.


There are a few good reasons why Swift has remained one of the most in-demand programming languages since its release in 2014. For one, it?s the default choice for Mac and iOS. Secondly, iOS app development is a big deal at the moment, and Swift is usually the best choice.

Developers also love Swift and the majority of them express an interest in continuing to develop with it. The technology ranked 6th on the 2018 StackOverflow developer survey.

The average salary for an iOS Developer is $83,671.

Whether you?re after an entry-level job or senior position, working with an IT recruitment agency can help you find a job that will be a good fit for you.

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Kotlin?s popularity has been soaring since Google declared it as the official language for android app development. The Stack Overflow survey placed it as the second most loved programming language among developers.

Kotlin is primarily used to write Android apps and is used by companies like Slack, Lyft, Square, Pinterest, and more.

If your dream job is to develop apps for Android, Kotlin is definitely worth learning. The average Android Kotlin developer’s salary in the USA is $125,000 per year.


Although the software development field is always changing, this list will give you an idea of the most popular programming languages of today. Use it to choose your next technology and land the job of your dreams.

If you happen to come across any difficulties on your road to finding a job, never hesitate to work with an IT recruitment agency. The agency will do your searching for you and offer you tips on how to do well in your interviews.

Good luck!


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