My Wife Wants To Leave Me But I Love Her: What To Do When Your Wife Wants To Leave You

My Wife Wants To Leave Me But I Love Her: What To Do When Your Wife Wants To Leave You

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My wife wants to leave me but i love her ? What to do when your wife wants to leave you.

Your wife wants out of the marriage. She?s unhappy. Any spark that she felt has long since gone out and she?s feeling lonely and emotionally abandoned within the marriage. It breaks your heart to hear this because you still deeply love her and all you want is to grow old with her and share all your life experiences with her. You have two very different choices when it comes to how you?ll handle this situation. You can give in and give her what she wants which means an eventual divorce. Or you can fight for what you want. Your wife loved you enough to devote herself through marriage to you at one point, you owe it to your relationship to try and make that happen again. Learning how to convince your wife not to leave you is the only way you can save your marriage.

The first step when you want to convince your wife not to leave you is to acknowledge her unhappiness. You can?t rebuild the relationship if you don?t address the problems. Something is causing her to want to distance herself from you. You have to identify what that issue is before you can even begin to consider how you?ll rebuild the love. Talk to your wife. This is going to be an uncomfortable discussion but it?s necessary. Explain to her how you feel about the marriage and your desire to save it. Let her know that you are open to hearing what is troubling her and you?re ready to absorb it, regardless of how difficult it will be. Then listen to her without interruption. Allow her the opportunity to speak her mind and to get it all out.

If your wife is insistent on leaving, set a time limit for that. Tell her that although you are not even close to considering the idea of a divorce you will agree to a trial, temporary separation. This will be hard for you to do but it will help you in several ways. First, it shows your wife that you are respecting her needs. Secondly, it gives you both a chance to regroup as individuals and cool down. Lastly, it also helps you both to understand what life without the other will be like.

While this is going on you have to become the perfect husband for her. You must show her that you love her every opportunity you get. If you two do indeed separate, offer to help her with whatever you can. Call her regularly to talk. Bring her flowers. This may seem ill placed but it will show her that you are thinking of her. Also, continue to encourage her to talk to you about what she needs and wants from the marriage. She?ll start to see the best in you again and it will help her to realize that leaving the marriage may not be really what she wants after all.

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Relationship advice for men: Does that sound like the type of TV show your man would really be interested in? Or, if you are a husband reading this, does that just really grab your attention. Probably not; however, smart men are interested in improving their marriages.

Men are complex creatures. They like to be successful at what they do. That is why they will find a hobby and stick with it, continually improving their skills in it. So, when it comes to something new, the man in your life may be reluctant to try it. He may rather go on continuing with things that are successful in his life instead of trying something new.

The men who read this article to the end will be the type of man whose wife will brag on him, and you will soon see why.

The idea of relationship advice for men is not appealing to them because it implies that something is broken. However, those men who approach their marriage with the same fervor as they do their hobbies do very well. They realize that their marriages are not terrible, but they also realize that their marriages can be improved.

When conducting marriage seminars, it is easy to gaze over the audience and to spot some men who look like they were brought in kicking and screaming. Other men look quite forlorn because they are there after having realized that it is almost too late in their marriage. Then there are those who listen with anticipation. They are the ones who seem to be looking for new ideas to perfect their craft. The last group is made up of men who have very successful marriages.

If men have come to a seminar about marriage, they need to be commended. They need to feel good about having come to such an event. How can you help them do that?

One way is to draw an analogy to sports. For example, I have heard that whenever Phil Jackson came to coach the team upon which Michael Jordan played, he was actually a little intimidated before his first meeting with the players. Then, Michael Jordan stood up and said, ?Coach. I just want to welcome you to the team, and I want you to know that I am coachable.? Once, when Mr. Jordan was giving a speech, he made this statement, ?I always needed a Coach. A coach could see things that I could not see, and he could tell me where I could improve.?

So, if you hear about relationship advice for men, and you as a husband are interested in it, don?t be embarrassed. Go for it! You are either one of the husbands that many wives feel fortunate to have, or you soon will be! You can tackle the improvement of your marriage that you would do the same fervor you would in improving your favorite hobby or sport. Getting that good relationship advice for men will make you a better and better husband, and your wife will love you for it!

You CAN save your marriage ? even if your spouse says that they want a divorce.

You CAN rebuild that passion you felt for one another when you first kissed. And you can bring back that love and devotion you felt for one another when both of you said, ?I love you? for the first time.

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