Problem with Instant Ink Account? Call @ +1–806–553–6550.

Problem with Instant Ink Account? Call @ +1–806–553–6550.

Do you want to change the instant ink plan or completely cancel the services, or there is a problem with your Instant Ink account? In this article, we will discuss ink cartridges issues and solutions.

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HP Instant Ink is a subscription-based service that is widely used by Hewlett Packard to keep track of the ink usage pattern of HP customers.

This service is basically served to analyze the amount of ink that a customer uses from time to time, and based on this amount of usage, they will send more ink on an informational basis when the current ink is automatically reported by the printer as ?almost extinguished?.

This is a paid subscription that removes the hassle of constantly buying ink at the end of the current refill cycle and leaves the responsibility to HP who will send out more ink as soon as the printer reports the same to them.

Let us elaborate on how this exactly works. To buy a cartridge, you will generally go to a shop and purchase it.

Instead of doing this outright, HP offers the Instant Ink plan where you may select the assumed page load or the predicted number of pages you may use up in printing on a monthly basis.

This comes under a subscription where you have the option of choosing the number of pages from different subscription plans that will be completely based on your usage.

Based on your chosen subscription, as soon as the current cartridge in your printer gets empty, the replacement cartridges will get shipped to your address.

The report is sent by the printer to the Instant Ink plan server and HP uses this report to dispatch the new replacement cartridge.

An HP Instant Ink enabled printer will have a bigger cartridge than a standard printer that does not support the HP Instant Ink program.

The Instant Ink plan subscription is a monthly commitment and you may cancel your subscription or upgrade/downgrade it anytime.

Since this service is based on your usage patterns, it is almost always necessary to switch your paid subscription plan to a higher or lower tier.

Sometimes, you may require more ink while at other times you may require lesser ink. This change in subscription to Instant Ink plan is swift and easy.

How to change the Instant Ink:

To change your HP Instant Ink plan, please follow the steps below:

1. Sign in to

2. First, visit the My Account page. Then go to the Change Plan page.

3. The My Plan page opens. This will display your current plan, and from here you may upgrade or downgrade your HP Insta Ink plan based on your usage.

4. To upgrade your plan, choose to upgrade and select the higher package which you want to use along with the date.

The upgrade will take place immediately or at the onset of the next billing cycle. On upgrading, the maximum rollover amount also increases.

5. When you downgrade your plan, the plan gets demoted on the first day of the next billing cycle, and the maximum rollover amount for the month also decreases.

Please note that some plans require you to be qualified for receiving them.

If you are eligible for a plan, then it should display on the My Plan page of your HP Instant Ink account page.


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