Post Office Box (PO Box) vs Private Mailbox (PMB) Rental — which is better?

Post Office Box (PO Box) vs Private Mailbox (PMB) Rental — which is better?

Even in these days of email and world wide connectivity, there are times when you need to receive physical important documents, packages or other deliveries. There are two major choices when you need a postal address, these are to set up post office box (PO Box) or private mailbox (PMB) rental ? which is better?

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Reasons Why you may Need a Mailing AddressYou work from homeIf you want to maintain privacy, and a clear separation between your work and personal life, it?s best not to advertise your home address to the world.

Renting a officeUsing your office address for mail may work, but sometimes it doesn?t. For one thing, the way that mail enters the building and is stored might not be as secure as you?d like. Then there?s the issue of ?signed for? deliveries, unless there?s someone at your office all the time, you could miss an important parcel because there?s no one available to receive it.

Finding the Best Solution for YouBefore deciding what sort of mail box you need to rent, you need to understand the difference between po box and pmb services. While both will give you an address where mail can be received, a PMB is generally more flexible and could also confer more credibility to your business.

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PO Box ? Pros and ConsWhat you get with a post office mailboxOn the plus side? 😕 Any letters that arrive will be stored securely until you arrive to collect them.? A ? PO box? ? is a secure address for standard mail, delivered through the postal service.On the down side? that?s more or less where where the service ends.? PO box providers won?t accept anything that has to be signed for, won?t contact you to tell you that mail has arrived, won?t offer additional services such as mail forwarding and their working hours can be limited.? Another disadvantage is that the address your customers will send to will be clearly identified as ?PO?. Some people put off by this, believing that the lack of a physical address reduces the credibility of a business.

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PMB ? Pros and ConsWhat you get with a PMB1. Personal mailbox services, also provide a ? secure address? for your mail, and quite a lot more besides.2. Providers of private mailbox rentals? ? will ? sign for deliveries for you? , something that?s essential if you receive packages from DHL, UPS, Australian Air Express or any other carrier.3. PMB service providers also offer ? additional service? . Typically these include text or email messaging to tell you when a parcel or letter has arrived, or mail forwarding to another address, which can be very useful if you?re travelling.4. PMB service providers usually keep ? longer opening hours? than PO box offices too.5. The address? of a personal mailbox includes? a street name,? this immediately gives potential customers more confidence in you. You?re a ?real business? set at an actual physical location.

In ConclusionIf all you need is a safe place to store mail until you can pick it up, a PO box might be OK for you. If your needs are more complex, than on the issue of ? Private Mailbox vs. PO Box , there?s? ? really no question about it. The private mailbox is the hands down winner when it comes to secure mailboxes for rent.

You may be wonder if PMB and PO box can be used for all your logistic needs. First it depends on the size and the type of your delivery. Terms and conditions may vary depending on every different services supplier. You can read more about the ? difference between courier, freight or shipping? and then to decide if the post office mailbox or the private mailbox can be the right choice.

Finally, you might expect that all these extra options come with a high price tag. Check it out and you might be surprised. Private mailbox services are very competitively priced and the longer you rent them for the better value they offer.


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