Persona 4 Golden Builds

Persona 4 Golden Builds

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With Persona 4 Golden being released on Steam/PC, I thought it?d make sense to make two posts similar to my previous ones for P5R, going over some of the best Personas available for the MC, Yu Narukami (/Souji Seta), as well as the skill sets of each party member. For Yu, the builds here are still a work in progress and I?ll def update this post as I?m able to make more that are worth posting.

Most of the moves on these Personas were added using Skill Cards. Skill Cards can either be gotten through Shuffle Time or by going to the cafe in Okina City with different Personas equipped. To raise stats, I used Growth 3 to get them to Level 99, then farmed Stat Up cards during Shuffle Time.

Persona 4 Golden Party Member Builds

Builds for each party member in P4G (besides Rise).

(footage for this vid is from the Vita so apologies for the low res)


  • Persona 5 Royal Builds
  • P5R Party Member Builds
  • P4G Fusion Calculator (with Skill Descriptions)


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Hassou Tobi is so strong that even if an opponent resists physical, it does more damage than a severe elemental skill like Ragnarok with Boost+Amp. So yeah, Yoshitsune is broken. Ali Dance and Enduring Soul are on here to dodge/survive the Megidolaons in the Super Boss fight.


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Trumpeter naturally learns Debilitate and Heat Riser, and Rank 10 of Margaret?s S. Link requires showing her a Trumpeter with Mind Charge. Given this, he?s basically the de facto Support Persona in P4G. It helps that you only need 3 skills to make him invincible to everything but Almighty.


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Morning Star is the best Almighty move and exclusive to Helel. Almighty magic isn?t as strong as other elements due to no Boost/Amp in P4G, but in exchange it can never be blocked/resisted.


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As with other Persona games, I like keeping the starter around to the end. For Izanagi, I went with Maziodyne and Primal Force as the skills. Maziodyne cause Electric is Izanagi?s thing, and Primal Force cause even though it?s weaker than Hassou Tobi, it has a much higher crit rate.

Other great Personas:

  • Alice and Daisoujou have the best Insta-Kill moves in Die for Me! and Samsara
  • Surt (Fire), Loki (Ice), Thor (Elec), Odin (Wind) have the best Elemental moves
  • Shiva has the 2nd best Phys move in Pralaya (Severe damage to all foes with a high chance of instant-kills)
  • Personas not on here that need only 3?4 skill slots to block everything but Almighty: Beelzebub, Black Frost, Byakko, Yatsufusa, Mahakala, Ongyo-Ki, Neko Shogun, White Rider, Arahabaki
  • Black Frost is likely one of the best Personas for a 1st playthrough, due to having no weaknesses and learning Agidyne/Fire Amp at a low level

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