PAYED vs PAID: When to Use Paid vs Payed with Useful Examples

Payed vs Paid! Isn?t it annoying that one word can have different meanings and, depending on which meaning you?re using, it can also have different forms in different tenses ? This is the case with the verb ?to pay?. You can pay fees, pay attention, pay a visit, but also pay out a rope. And, depending on what you do with this verb, the past tense will either be Paid or Payed. How to know the difference?


When to Use Payed vs Paid

PAYED only refers to the nautical meanings of the verb ?to pay?. PAID, on the other hand, is used when you?re talking about anything else that requires the verb ?to pay? in the past tense.

One nautical meaning of ?to pay? is ?to cover with tar?. So, if someone covered the deck with tar, you can say that they payed the deck.

Almost in every other sentence, you need to use paid . For example, you can say that you liked your new professor because she always paid attention and listened to every single student in the room. Or, you can say that you?ve paid for the hotel room online. Finally, if you?ve attended someone?s funeral, you can say that you?ve paid your last respects to this person.

The good news is, you probably don?t use the nautical meanings of to pay too often. Even if you do, the spelling paid is also acceptable in these cases. So, in order to avoid confusion and misunderstanding, it?s best if you use paid all the time.

Payed vs Paid Examples

He never paid attention in class and seemed to be in a permanent daydream.

He still hasn?t paid me the money he owes me.

I paid the cheque into my savings account.

Her parents paid for her to go to Canada.

She paid the repair bill as a salve to her conscience.

He was paid for the overtime he worked.

Can you imagine how much he paid for that car?

Small amounts will be paid in cash.

I will agree to go provided my expenses are paid .

She gave a coy smile when he paid her a compliment.

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How to Use Paid vs Payed in English?

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