“After all… tomorrow is another day” — Scarlett O’Hara

“After all… tomorrow is another day” — Scarlett O’Hara

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Scarlett: Tara! Home. I?ll go home. And I?ll think of some way to get him back. After all? tomorrow is another day.

Ahhh, aren?t those words beautiful? So refreshing and encouraging to see every day as an opportunity. This is Scarlett O?Hara, this is Gone with the Wind! A movie or a book that is helpful when I need strength, when I do not know in which direction to go. During those days when I think that only the bad things happen to me. Similar to the ?reds? mentioned by Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany?s (here). But, this movie helps me to dry my tears and move forward not only put me in a relaxing/happy mood like the Breakfast at Tiffany?s does.

The book presents a very strong woman who has to fight through many obstacles during the Civil War and after it. She has to fight to protect herself and her loved ones. Her methods may not be likeable to everybody but she does her best to be happy. The book is a classic, written in a beautiful language. From the very first page you start living the lives of the characters and you cannot put the book down until the last page. Absolute must, when you are a book reader like me 🙂

?I can?t think about that right now. If I do I go crazy. I think about that tomorrow?

However, you can skip the book if you are not keen on it and watch the movie in two parts with the same title. I can promise you that from the very first minutes you will love the main character Scarlett played by the amazing and beautiful Vivien Leigh. The actress presents Scarlett?s character perfectly. She can be sweet, sad or furious, and she is very persuasive doing that. Everytime I hear the epic: Fiddle-dee-dee I cannot stop smiling. When after a tragedy she says: ?I can?t think about that right now. If I do I go crazy. I think about that tomorrow?, I feel so powerful. Then I realise that we don?t have to dwell on the things that happen. When you sleep things through, they look different in the morning. I believe you will agree with me there.

So, I encourage you to read or watch Gone with the Wind to find your inner strength to fight whatever shows up on your way 🙂


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