How to disable McAfee WebAdvisor?

McAfee WebAdvisor is a specialized program that ensures that the website you are visiting is safe and malicious-free. Comes up as a part of McAfee Total Protection, McAfee WebAdvisor crawls up the entire website and verifies that there is no spam or malware. You can also install it as a standalone application; in other words, even if you don?t have a McAfee antivirus installed on your PC, you can get McAfee WebAdvisor on it.

Like any other McAfee program, you can choose to turn off or disable WebAdvisor temporarily or permanently. Here, in this article, we have provided steps for both:

Temporary disable McAfee WebAdvisor

If you think you might need WebAdvisor (earlier known as SiteAdvisor), then it is good to disable it temporarily by following these instructions:

Google Chrome

If you are using WebAdvisor extension on Google Chrome, then do the following:

1. At the end of the Address bar (the bar where you type a web URL or website name), click three the vertical dots symbol

2. Click More Tools and choose Extensions from the menu displayed

3. Deselect the McAfee WebAdvisor

Mozilla Firefox

1. Go to the menu icon

2. Click Add-ons

3. Hit the disable button available in front of the McAfee WebAdvisor

In case, if you have separately installed WebAdvisor, the follow these steps to remove it from your Windows and Mac.


1. Quit all the ongoing programs and open the Start menu

2. Find Control Panel

a. You can directly search for this program by typing its name in the Control Panel

3. Go to Programs and choose Add or Remove programs

4. Hit the uninstall button and wait until the process finishes

5. Restart your computer, if prompted


Please note that the McAfee WebAdvisor is not available for Mac users. The below-mentioned steps are for those who want to uninstall SiteAdvisor.

1. Hit the Go and then choose Applications

2. Explore the folder to find the SiteAdvisor

3. Unzip uninstall.tgz file by double-clicking the same

4. Follow the onscreen instructions to uninstall ?

If you find any difficulty while uninstalling the McAfee WebAdvisor, contact the customer support professionals for immediate assistance. You can get the resolution of your problems in few seconds.

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