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I?ve been horseback riding several times in my life and every time I got horny as my clit rubbed against the saddle. This is not something that happened only to me. After hearing many woman have had that experience, I sat on the animal and allowed myself to enjoy the sensation.

I?ve been riding in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, at the Grand Canyon and in Davie, Florida, where I was taught. It was never something I truly loved since I could never get control of the horse. He knew I was not comfortable being on him so he was the master, not I. He would stop to graze when I wanted him to trot along since I was part of a group. The guide always had to come to the end of the line for me. I was so far behind the rest.

Horseback riding always gave me orgasms. Even riding the bike at the gym, my clit would rub against the seat. Before I know it, I was having a secret orgasm. I held myself back from letting out a scream when I knew I would climax.

James was out of jail after a 2 year sentence for conspiring to commit a felony. I was due to pick him up at the airport. In the 2 years he was away, I wrote him erotica stories to keep him entertained and make the time go by quickly.

There were many a day when I would feel wetness between my legs from my reverie. Most of them had me horseback riding on Perimeter Road that surrounded the Fort Lauderdale Airport.

I had been celibate for over 2 years. My dreams always had me on the horse, getting me horny. There was friction on my clit as I rode towards the grassy area at the pinnacle of the road that surrounded the airport. I spread a blanket on the grass after I dismounted. I took off my jeans and panties and reclined on the blanket to play with my clit until James arrived. The more I played with the tip the more enlarged it became, but an orgasm was not forthcoming. I closed my eyes until I heard the roar of a jet above then looked up to see James gazing at me.

?Hello beautiful ? he said. Why did you start without me?? Without a word, he went right down and started to lick my labia. I started to sweat with desire.

?Take my clit in your mouth and suck it. I?ve waited so long for this. Don?t make me wait any longer.?

The jets flew very close to us as they landed. I could envision the people seeing us in the throes of fornication and I thought, ?Look at me and welcome to sunny Florida, have a fucking blast, I am!?

My fantasy is over,

on perimeter road.

The man of my dreams

full of schemes.

Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul,

Out of love I fall.

One step out the door was I.

As hard as he tried,

Disappointment in my eyes.

Lost of trust. Lost of respect.

I nurtured and loved, did all that I could.

Should have done this, should have done that.

13th commandment; Thou shall not Should on another,

Don?t want to be your ?mother.?

Goodbye lover. A new one to discover.


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