Opinions are like assholes — Everyone’s got one

Opinions are like assholes — Everyone’s got one

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A lot of us are worried about what other people think of us. But here?s the thing: most people are too busy worrying about themselves, that worrying about you becomes a secondary concern. Yeah, other people might judge you. But so what? Who gives a fuck what other people think of you?

Honestly ? what does it matter? Are you really going to let your idea of what other people think of you dictate what you do and how you feel?

Fuck that?

Unless the person in question has direct influence over your life, like your boss, then that person?s opinion is of zero relevance to your life. What?s more ? even if they do have direct influence on your life, they?re probably too busy worrying about their own shit, and their own bosses to be worried about you. Ironic isn?t it?

Then there?s the whole story of how people voice their opinions about everything from the weather to how they feel you should live your life? Do I honestly look like I give a fuck about your opinion of me? I?m sorry (I?m not) but I don?t. You?re entitled to your opinion to be sure, but I?m also entitled to mine, and my opinion is that I literally don?t give a shit about what you think.

If there ever was a key to happiness, it is this:

Value your own opinion of yourself above anyone else?s, and then do everything in your power to increase that opinion.

What I mean by this, is that in order to gain self-esteem, you need to do things that make you gain self-esteem. Self-respect. Maybe that means that you need to stop jerking off every free moment you get. Maybe it means you need to get your ass to the gym and lift some weights. Or maybe it means that you need to start that business you?ve talked about for the past five years but still haven?t done, because ?the time isn?t right? or ?I don?t think I?m ready yet?.

Get ready motherfucker.

Life doesn?t wait.

You want to be a writer? Start fucking writing. You want to lose weight? Then put that bag of chips down and get your fat ass into the seat of the rowing machine.

You can?t dream your way into results. Realism is a motherfucker. It?s all about the math. There is no free lunch. If you put in the work you get the results. If you don?t, you don?t. That?s the hard truth. And all of us can do with a bit of hard truth from time to time.

At the end of the day though, this is just my opinion, and you don?t have to give a fuck if you don?t want to. That?s your choice. But if this resonates ? good. Remember ? everyone is entitled to your opinion. And your entitled to be of the opinion not to give a fuck about anyone else?s opinion. And my opinion is that that?s the best opinion.

But remember this.

Opinion?s are like assholes.

Everyone has one.


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