Prophetic Dreams — What They Are and How You Can Interpret Them!

Prophetic Dreams — What They Are and How You Can Interpret Them!

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Prophetic dreams aren?t a new or recent phenomenon and even the earliest book of the Bible (Genesis) contains moments where prophetic dreams and visions play a role in presenting God?s message. To start with, we?ll answer the question: what is a prophetic dream?

Prophetic Dreams ? In simple terms, prophetic dreams involve seeing images, symbols or events surrounding the future. For example, if you were to dream that your church roof was leaking and then during service you feel a drop of water landing on your head through a small hole in the roof: that would be a prophetic dream.


In this article, we are going to explore the basic idea of a prophetic dream including the different types of dreams and a look at some prophetic dream interpretation. We?ll also touch one some prophecies dreams and visions that are well-known around the world. This will include looking at the difference between a vision and a dream.

Prophetic Dreams ? Are they important to us?

Some people dream prophetic voices or hear instructions that warn of future events. In short, prophetic dreams are glimpses of the future and serve the purpose of guiding us towards an objective or steering us clear of it.

You may be wondering if there is a difference between prophecy dreams and visions. The only real difference between the two is that dream takes place while you?re asleep while visions take place while you?re awake.

In the Bible, God says ?When there is a prophet among you, I, the LORD, reveal myself to them in visions, I speak to them in dreams.? This, of course, implies that visions and prophecy dreams are the work of God. Perhaps the most famous example of a vision would be Ezekiel who saw the wrath of God or the Pharaoh who dreamt of the approaching seven-year famine.

Types of Dreams

Now that we have a basic understanding of what prophetic dreams are, we can explore some of the different types in a little more detail. The different types of dreams are meant only as guidelines. It is completely possible for a prophetic dream to include two or more of these elements. This is where prophetic dream interpretation comes into play.


This sort of dream is perhaps the one most commonly ignored. When we have prophetic dreams, it is natural to wonder whether it was simply a dream or not. An apparition is the appearance of a deceased individual, usually with the sole function of delivering an important message.

Some people find these terrifying, especially if it is a close friend or family member. These apparitions mean you no harm and will vanish once the message has been received.

Clairaudient Dreams

Someone who possesses clairaudient ability can hear sounds from beyond the physical world. This can include hearing spirits or the presence of angels. This sort of dream focuses on the audible aspect of the dream and as such, the dreamer will hear voices or sounds more clearly than they typically would while dreaming.

The lack of a visual stimulus can create confusion and often causes the message to appear a little scrabbled so it can take a few occurrences to really sink in.

Clairvoyant Dreams

There is a common misconception that a clairvoyant dream involves dreaming of the future. In truth, these dreams usually focus entirely on the present.

To give you an example, a clairvoyant dreamer may see the eruption of a volcano in their dream at the exact same time that it?s happening somewhere on the other side of the world.

Empathetic Dreams

Empathy is the ability to emotionally relate to the feelings of another being. An empathetic dream will usually involve intense emotions and drastic changes in perception.

They will often provide insight into the behavior of another person by allowing the dreamer to walk in their shoes. This can lead to potential glimpses of how this person may act in the future if their emotions or their situation continue to go unchecked.

Shared Dreams

Shared dreams are incredibly rare but are also pretty self-explanatory. During a shared dream two or more people connect within the dream realm (which is a plane within the spiritual realm) and are able to interact as if they were together in person.

This sort of dreaming can happen from anywhere in the world. It is most commonly associated with the next dream type.

Telepathic Dreams

While shared dreams involve a shared experience, telepathic dreams involve a more direct function. This dream type occurs when a message needs to be urgently delivered between one dreamer and another.

The person sending the message can sometimes be completely unaware that they are appearing in another person?s dream.

Warning Dreams

When you think of prophetic dreams, warning dreams are probably the first type that comes to mind. These dreams are without a doubt the most difficult to interpret and also carry the heaviest consequences for failing to do so.

A warning dream does exactly what you would assume: warn of future events. The problem is that they can warn of negative things but also of positive things.

For example, perhaps one decision may lead to a positive or negative outcome but your warning dream shows the positive outcome to guide you towards that decision. Similarly, you may see the negative outcome and know to stay away from it.

Prophetic Dream Interpretation

Prophetic dreams aren?t always straightforward or easy to understand. It?s possible that a single message may spread itself out over several dreams which makes understanding a prophetic dream?s meaning all the more challenging.

The best approach to interpreting any dream is to make as many notes as possible. Draw any symbols you see, write down any words, describe events in as much detail as possible and repeat this until you begin to see a pattern.

Patience is key so don?t become frustrated if the message isn?t immediately clear: it?s possible that you haven?t received the entire message yet.

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