My Top 3 Favorite FREE JavaScript Courses for Beginners

My Top 3 Favorite FREE JavaScript Courses for Beginners

Image for postMy Top 3 Favorite FREE JavaScript Courses for Beginners

Ever since I posted my top 3 favorite ES6 course recommendation. I?ve been getting a lot of requests to do a top 3 recommendation list for JavaScript.

All of the resources are for free. Honestly, if you?re starting out, I suggest going for the free stuff first. Don?t need to be fancy. Figure out if you actually like programming first. If you do, then you can start investing and paying for the more premium courses ?


Great for Newbies with zero programming knowledge.

I recently discovered freeCodeCamp and I love it! I think they are the best free interactive learning platform. If you?re a super newbie, I highly recommend that you start with this one. Because you can actually get your hands dirty and write code. And since it?s interactive, it will immediately give you feedback before you move on to the next step. This will really help you solidify the core concepts.


Image for postfreeCodeCamp: Basic JavaScript

Practical JavaScript

Great for Novice with some programming knowledge

I just finished watching this lately and WHOA! Gordon Zhu takes learning by examples to a whole new level. You build a simple todo app in this course. It?s not a complicated app, but he breaks it down and uses it to teach you all the fundamentals. This course is very well thought out. By the end, you will understand how the basics of JavaScript comes into play in a very practical application. Very impressed!


Image for postPractical JavaScript by Gordon Zhu

Up & Going with JavaScript

Great for Rookies with more programming knowledge

I can?t get away without mentioning the ?You don?t know JS? series. Kyle Simpson is my favorite instructor in explaining the why and all the behind the scene of JavaScript. This is a fantastic starting point of his entire series. Once you drill down the fundamentals from the first 2 course I recommended, this is what will bring it home for you. This will help connect all the dots and let you see JavaScript as the entire forest vs the individual trees.


Image for postUp & Going JavaScript by Kyle Simpson

Which one should I start with?

I listed the courses based on skill levels. So depending on where you see yourself on the spectrum, start at the course the fits you. And if you?re not sure, start with the first one. Even if you?re passed that newbie level, freeCodeCamp would still be a good reviewer in your case.

Worthy Mentions

Codecademy (interactive learning)

This was my go to when I first started learning programming. But ultimately I decided to go with freeCodeCamp instead because of its super basic ease of use. So you can spend less time figuring out the tool and more time actually writing code. Link

JavaScript30 (video)

I always enjoy Wes Bos? teaching style. However, I think this can be considered a bit more challenging for a beginner. And it doesn?t really go into teaching the fundamentals. That?s why I ended up giving the video spot to Gordon Zhu?s Practical JavaScript course. Link

Eloquent JS (book)

This kept popping up when I was researching the best resources for learning JavaScript. Because I didn?t actually read it, so I didn?t think it would be fair to stick it on my top list. Link

Community Suggestions ?

  • The Modern JavaScript Tutorial ? Suggested by Vincent Moreta
  • How to Code in JavaScript (Free Tutorial Series) ? Suggested by its_beza
  • TeamTreehouse ($) ? Suggested by azamatmj
  • The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp ? Suggested by azamatmj
  • SoloLearn (Phone App) ? Suggested by imfeelingsheepy
  • Encode (Phone App) ? Suggested by imfeelingsheepy

What?s your favorite JavaScript course?

Hope that helps ? Good luck and happy programming!Thanks for reading ?

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