My Top 10 All-Time Favorite Running Podcasts

My Top 10 All-Time Favorite Running Podcasts

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I?m a fan of podcasts. But there are so many good ones out there on just about every topic that it?s hard to figure out what to listen to. This is true when it comes to one of my favorite subjects which is, of course, running. So I?ve narrowed down my top 10 favorite running podcasts.

All of these running podcasts have recent episodes and they all have 5-star reviews:

Diz Runs Radio ? From Denny Krahe, this podcast is about conversations the host has had while running with others. Per the description, ? over the course of several miles, the conversations are allowed to flow freely and cover a variety of topics. ?

Science of Ultra ? For fans of ultramarathons, this podcast from Dr. Shawn Bearden brings you ultramarathon physiology from the world?s leading scientists, coaches, and athletes. Topics include nutrition, training, psychology, gear, and more.

We Run the Desert ? A fairly new podcast, it is already one of my favorites. Hosted by two friends from Arizona, Jeremy and Chris, they bring you ? interviews with inspiring everyday runners, fitness experts, and community leaders from across the valley.?

Ali on the Run Show ? Brought to you by Ali Feller, she ? talks to everyday runners, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders?to figure out how their decisions, successes, failures, and missteps can help guide my own.?

Marathon Training Academy ? From wife and husband team Angie and Trevor Spencer, it is for those who want to train for a marathon and also for new runners alike. This podcast ? helps you unlock your potential to master marathon training and life.?

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The Running for Real Podcast ? Hosted by professional runner and 2:36 marathoner Tina Muir, she shares her experiences from running and life while also interviewing some of the best in the industry. With over a million downloads, it is one of the more popular running podcasts.

C Tolle Run ? From 2004 Olympian middle-distance runner Carrie Tollefson, this weekly podcast has different celebrity guests who ? discuss running, fitness, and how to live a healthy, balanced life as a runner.?

Billy Yang Podcast ? Known for his films on YouTube, Billy Yang also hosts an incredible podcast where he interviews well-known athletes in the running industry. He also speaks with entrepreneurs and others on what inspires them.

The Rich Roll Podcast ? Rich Roll is a plant-powered wellness advocate, a best-selling author, and ultra-athlete. He talks about running but also discusses a variety of topics related to personal and professional development. ? From Eric Schranz and for fans of ultrarunning, this podcast is one of the oldest and largest running dedicated to ultra trail running. Published weekly, there are over 500 episodes with new and elite runners, dieticians, coaches and many more.

While there are lots of other running podcasts I enjoy, these are my top 10 favorite ones I listen to.

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