My Husband Has A Female Friend Who Keeps Calling: My Husband’s Female Friend Is Ruining Our Marriage

My Husband Has A Female Friend Who Keeps Calling: My Husband’s Female Friend Is Ruining Our Marriage

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My husband has a female friend who keeps calling ? My husband?s female friend is ruining our marriage.

Many men and women believe that a person isn?t being unfaithful in their marriage unless they?ve been physically intimate with another. They think that if a husband or wife strikes up a close friendship with a member of the opposite sex that includes an emotional bond, that it isn?t breaking any of the vows they took when they married. For a wife, your husband?s emotional affair can alter the state of your relationship more than if he were to partake of a one night stand. Emotional affairs have a huge impact on marriages and so it?s important to understand how to recognize it is happening and what steps to take to stop it.

Your husband?s emotional affair may begin in one of several ways. Many men will strike up a friendship with a woman at work, or on the Internet. He may also rekindle a friendship he had when he was younger. The important thing for a wife to realize is that there is a distinct difference between an emotionally charged friendship and a platonic friendship. Men and women can be friends in a platonic way, but in some cases the feelings shift and that?s when your husband?s emotional affair begins.

There are a few things to keep a watch for if you suspect that your husband?s friendship has taken a more romantic turn. If he?s always been happy to talk about his female friend to you and then he suddenly stops mentioning her, that may be a clue that he?s feeling more for her than he did in the past. If your husband?s emotional affair is with someone unknown to you, it will be harder to detect but not impossible.

Take careful note of how your husband interacts with you. Many men who are feeling emotionally close to another woman will draw back from their wives. They do this out of guilt or simply because they find it challenging to be emotionally close to two women at once. The physical intimacy between you two may also shift, and he may share his feelings regarding you and your relationship less than he has in the past.

If you are aware of your husband?s emotional affair, you need to put a stop to it before it crosses any other lines. Some men want more than just an emotional affair and will seek out a physical relationship with the woman. If you are a wife who is not ready to give up on her marriage, you need to step in and derail his relationship.

One approach to this is to tell your husband that you aren?t comfortable with his continuing such a close friendship with another woman. If he?s determined to move the relationship with the other woman into a more serious one, he?ll likely refuse to break contact or pull back. He may also assure you that he will, but your husband?s emotional affair may continue behind your back.

If this is the case and you still suspect the relationship is continuing, it may be time to give him an ultimatum. Your husband?s emotional affair will have an impact on your marriage, but it doesn?t have to destroy it. If a husband and wife are committed to making a marriage stronger after an affair, it can be done with a lot of hard work, forgiveness and understanding.

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My husband has a female friend who keeps calling ? My husband?s female friend is ruining our marriage.

Do you suspect that your husband is cheating? Have you busted him talking to another woman or does he talk about this other woman a lot? Have you confronted him about this other woman or have you outright accused him of cheating yet he denies it? Right now there are only two people who know the truth; your husband and the other woman. Do you really want to know if your husband is cheating?

It really could be that your husband is completely innocent of any wrongdoing and that his friendship with his female friend is strictly plutonic but this is rarely so. Just be careful. Any demands that you might make upon your husband such as telling him that you want him to stop talking to his female friend will be seen as weak, needy and controlling and if he is toying with the idea of having an affair with this other woman you could push him into it.

While there are many guys who have female friends it is very unlikely that there aren?t any sexual feelings or emotions between your husband and his female friend. Whether either of them have acted upon their natural impulses and what constitutes cheating is another topic for discussion but you have to wonder how far things have gone. Generally though most women and men would agree that cheating includes flirting or innuendo and cheating doesn?t necessarily have to mean that there was any sort of physical contact.

Emotional cheating or wishing or expressing a desire to be with another person is often enough to hurt another human being and to be considered cheating in most people?s book. The toll that it takes on a relationship in the form of alienating the other spouse, namely you, can be profound since the other woman often becomes the emotional partner of your husband. You are left with a partner that is your husband in name only.

Generally, it would be considered wise to refrain from accusing your husband of cheating until you have some sort of solid proof. This proof could be in the form of text messages, emails or seeing your husband and the other woman being physically intimate. This could be pictures or eyewitness accounts by you or a third party of the two of them holding hands, kissing, etc. Accusing your husband of cheating before having solid proof could cause him to become more careful if he knows that you are on to his affair and thus will make it more difficult for you to catch him cheating.

Emails and Instant Messages ? If you have access to your husband?s email account this might be easier than you thought. In case he has deleted email messages from the other woman you should check his deleted items. He may be sloppy or lazy and forget to delete his deleted items.

If you used to have access to his email account and he has changed his password this should send up a red flag that he indeed may be cheating. Although it is not proof positive that your husband is cheating it is a good indicator. You also might want to check his internet history and see if he has set up any other email accounts that you don?t know about.

Most instant messenger programs also have an archiving feature and a detailed copy of all his chat transcripts will be available to you in the programs folder for that particular instant message program. Often a cheating husband has no idea that all of this information is being left behind but it is a very easy way to find out the truth and know for sure if your husband is cheating.

Cell Phone and Text Messages ? Try this trick sometime. Send your husband a few text messages throughout the day. Later that night check his phone and see if he deleted your text messages. If his text message history has been cleared there is a good chance that your husband is hiding something and very well might be cheating on you. Typically, the only reason someone would clear their chat history would be to hide incriminating evidence of an affair.

While it may be possible for your husband to try to hide the evidence of his affair and who he is cheating on you with it is also possible these days to recover deleted data off of computers, track internet usage including every website that he visits and every email he sends and also all calls and text messages sent or received from his cell phone.

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