My first experience of sucking breasts.

My first experience of sucking breasts.

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When I was in the ninth standard, we stayed in a house built for two families. There was a wall separating the two homes. Our neighbors were a husband and wife with a kid. We live together as we belong to the same family and most of the days we used to dine together in any one of the homes. In that family, uncle was an employee who had to work on night shift wee once or twice in a week. Before the kid was born, aunt used to live alone in their home during such night shift days. During the end of her pregnancy, they shifted to aunt?s home and returned after the birth of a baby girl. When my uncle had to work at night, my mother asked me to sleep in their home for giving a company. Mother suggests that if any emergency occurs someone must be there to inform others. Uncle and aunt accepted my mother?s suggestion and it becomes my duty to accompany them during my uncle?s night shift.

I had nothing to do there and used to sleep all night. Some days the kid made some problems by crying for a long time. Aunt told me to sleep and if necessary she will call me. There was a night lamp inside the room which disturbed my sleep in the beginning. I used to sleep in the same bed as the aunt and kid. One day I woke up at midnight and found that the aunt is feeding the child sitting on a chair near to the bed. Her nightdress was open and both the breasts were clearly visible. I could see the large breasts with dark areas in the middle with the nipple. One of them was in the mouth of the child. I went to the toilet for urination and come back as normal. But I could not resist my eyes and looked at her breasts, pretending that I already slept. For the first time, when I woke up, my aunt tries to hide her breasts. After a few minutes, she changes the kids’ position to the other one.

I was eager to see the breasts of a woman since the breasts of my girlfriends began to increase. They also began to keep a distance from boys and the only view was the pointed nipples through their dress. This time I got a chance to see the breasts of a mature woman and that produce some kind of emotion in my mind. I felt that my penis began to erect. I tried to hide it by placing my hands in between my legs and changed my position.

After a few minutes, the kid fell asleep and the aunt comes back to bed. I could not sleep and I changed my position frequently. ?What happened? Is there any pain in your stomach?? the aunt asked me. ? Nothing? I replied. She came close to me and hugged me. My face was close to her breasts and I could smell the scent of milk. Her nighty was open and milk began to drip to my face. I felt the softness of a breast first time.? Do you need some milk? she asked me in a soft tone and without waiting for my reply, she put one of her nipples in my mouth. She asked me to suck her nipples gently. I began to suck slowly and felt the taste of breast milk. After a few moments, she holds my head tightly pressing to her breast and placed my one hand on the other breast. She asked me to suck it harder. I increased the speed and she began to produce some sounds like crying with pain. I thought that it began to hurt her and pulled out her nipples from my mouth.

She suddenly put the other nipple in my mouth and I began to suck as she directed. My face covered with milk and I suck her for some time. She holds my hand on the other one and began to squeeze. In between, she hugged me, ran her hands through my hair, my back, on my hips, inside my thighs, and slowly reached in my pubic area. My penis was already erect and she grabbed it through the shorts. Her body began to move up and down along with a kind of mourning, which I could not understand. She tried to enter her hands inside my shorts, which forced me to push her back.

After a few minutes we slept as usual and in the morning I woke up, the aunt was there with a cute smile. I could not face her and left the room. After this incident, I didn?t assist her during such nights when she was alone. When my mother told her about my decision, she laughed and told to my mother that ?he is a grown-up child, he may have his own reason?. Till we left that place, we were able to keep a good relation. That was my first experience of touching and sucking breasts. This incident becomes a catalyst for a number of wet dreams !.


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