My Ex Girlfriend Is Ignoring Me After Break Up: My Ex Girlfriend Is Ignoring Me and It Hurts

My Ex Girlfriend Is Ignoring Me After Break Up: My Ex Girlfriend Is Ignoring Me and It Hurts

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My ex girlfriend is ignoring me after break up ? My ex girlfriend is ignoring me and it hurts.

All your attempts to get near your ex girlfriend are stonewalled by her and you are now at your wits end and don?t know what to do next. Well, have you ever wondered that maybe your approach is wrong and you need to step back and assess the mistakes you are committing? Here is why she is ignoring you royally.

She still wants you backThe fact of the matter is that no matter how bad you treated her she still has feelings for you and wants to get back with you. However, this time around she is determined that she will do so on her terms and not on yours. This is one reason why she may be ignoring you. Give her some time to think and you will be surprised to see her on your arm again.

She is yet to forgive youJust introspect and you will realize that you did treat her badly and did not care for her feelings when she was with you. She is still hurting from the pain you caused her and is therefore avoiding you. A sincere apology is what is required and she will no longer ignore you if you do that.

You are over speedingAlthough you want to get back you are not realizing that you are doing so too fast. You are ignoring the protocol. If and when you do get back with your ex girlfriend it will be a new relationship and not a continuation of the old one. So, approach her as you would approach a new girl and woo her all over again. This will take time and you have to be patient.

She is weighing her optionsAfter going through a messy breakup your girl is probably weighing her options and will take some time to come to some sort of conclusion. If she is satisfied that you are changed person she will get back with you or at least begin to acknowledge your presence.

Paying you back in the same coinYour ex girlfriend is so furious and hurt that she has decided to pay you back in the same coin. After having gone through the humiliation of being dumped she wants her pound of flesh. Therefore submit yourself and let her exact her revenge. Once she has calmed down she will take note of you.

She is enjoying your miseryDo you realize that for the very first time the tables have turned and she is having an upper hand. She is obviously relishing the fact that you are miserable, stop chasing her and take away the advantage from her. She will come around in no time.

She?s moved onIt is quite possible that she has found a soul mate that adores and worships her. She does not want to disturb the applecart and is therefore ignoring you. Find out fast and then rethink your strategy.

Do You Truly Wish You Can Get Back Together with Your Ex?

Relationship is a fragile bond that when it?s broken, the process of mending can be much more difficult than creating it in the first place. Sometimes it?s an extremely difficult task to sort out all the problems and get back together with your ex. No matter how many times you come up with different reasons and approaches, your ex does not seem to change the decision to leave you.

Let me show you exactly what to do to salvage your relationship and rekindle the lost love one more time?even if you?re the only one trying?and even if the situation seems hopeless. Head over now to Get Your Ex Back Secrets

Did your girlfriend break up with you? Ouch! I?m really sorry to hear that ? ? I know it?s painful. I have been through it, and so have countless other guys, so you are not alone. It may surprise you to learn that women initiate 75% of all breakups. What does that tell you? It tells me that guys have to deal with break ups much more frequently than women do!

This becomes particularly troublesome, because men are supposed to be ?rocks.? Men don?t show emotions ? they are supposed to ?be a man and take it!? The same is not true of women. The fact remains though, when your girlfriend breaks up with you, it is painful!

Contrary to a popular myth, men do want stability in their relationships. It?s true that some men are sidetracked by a fling, but in truth men want to be with someone who?ll be there in good times and bad times. OK. Your wife or girlfriend has broken up with you. You know now, that as painful as it is, you don?t want to repair the relationship. Now how do you survive without her? How do you get back to a normal life?

Bottled up emotions are dangerous ? you need to find a way to express your feelings. Women usually do this by talking with their friends, but men often don?t feel comfortable doing that. Maybe music is your thing ? you could write a song about how you feel. After all, some of the greatest songs of all time involve heartache.

Others have written letters to their girlfriends, but then mailed them (without a return address) to some made up name and address in another state. Sounds silly, but if you really pour your heart into it, it will get the emotions out. Mailing it is a symbolic gesture ? and besides, someone may read it. Knowing that will cause you pour your heart out even more. Don?t worry ? it won?t be tracked back to you. But it?s a nice feeling knowing you actually communicated with someone.

Next, it?s time to remove her from your life. That means removing her things from your house or apartment ? anything that reminds you of her. If the things you are removing are hers, give them back to her. If they belong to you, but still remind you of her, then box them up and put them in storage. It is important to rid your environment of things that will trigger your emotions.

Don?t communicate with her. At least not at first. What would be the point of cleaning your house of her reminders if you are going to talk to her? Eliminate any obstacle or problem that might require you to talk to her.

If your ex calls you, tell her that you want your space ? and silence. You don?t want to talk to her, text her, e-mail her, or be in a chat room with her. Tell her this is necessary for your well being, and that it is best for her, as well.

These are the first steps in a proven strategy to get your ex back? It doesn?t stop here, though. What you do next is crucial to get your ex back. Don?t throw away your chances by not knowing what to do next. To read the shocking revelation that holds the final key to Get Your Ex Back visit: Ex Back Guide

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