Most intelligent personality type to least intelligent personality type.

Okay here?s why I listed them in that order.

1. INTJ- They are extremely skilled when it comes to information, storing it and knowing how to use it in the big picture. They waste no time getting things done and no-one else knows ?the world? better than them. They can completely cut out time wasting emotional reactions and see logic, not only that they keep to themselves, storing even more information.

2. ENTP- They are ?big idea? people, they can do what the INTJ?s do pretty well, they can store alot of information, the only difference being they outlet it and try and change things by using their information. The only reason I put them lower than the INTJ?s is becuase they spend alot of time with people, having fun and influencing people, which wastes time.

3. INTP- INTP?s can store SO much information. And they have so many ideas too. They just aren?t as pro-active or as consise as ENTP?s and INTJ?s. The reason I put them higher than INFP?s is because they can completely cancel out emotion which can quite often be time wasting, debilitating and can even cloud judgement.

4. INFP- They are like INFP?s, they can store a tremendous amount of information and not forget it. I feel like while they have Fi which can make them sensitive, their analytical mind paired up with their ability to see the posiblities means they know answers to things instantly. I put them higher than the INFJ because I feel like their mind is more open to new things. I think they are kind of a blank slate because they can almost become anything if someone tells them to.

5. INFJ- Incredibly ?big picture? people I think they are the smartest when it comes to philosphy in life. I said that the INTJ?s were best at ?knowing the world? but by that I mean the logical, factual world. INFJ?s are best at knowing the emotional and spiritual world. However if asked to solve a problem their emotion may cloud their speed.

6. ENTJ- They are incredibly smart people and incredibly business minded, they know the world on a business level the best out of all types it seems. I put them lower than the INFJ because they are prone to anger, which can seriously cloud ones judgement. Also they mostly only care about themselves, meaning they are unlikely to store any information which doesn?t relate to them.

7. ENFJ- I think they are like INFP?s in alot of ways in that they ?know people? so well. But they are so clouded by emotion they cannot help but act on that, sometimes not focusing on the right thing. Although they have the Ni as their secondary function which means they are constantly thinking.

8. ENFP- I put them lower than the ENFJ?s because a combination like ENF would entail someone running riot unless they had a J to give it some structure and sense. The ENFP?s are fun and smart and know ALOT about people, they are great with new ideas and are quick minded. Only problem being they spend so much time having fun.

9. ESTJ- This type I would say, is the smartest of all the sensors. I think they can seem smarter than alot of the types above. The only difference being they don?t know what to do with things. They have no emotional intelligence or intuition to give them an insight into the world. They are good at being in charge and understanding institutions, they are also brainboxes, storing so much factual evidence.

10. ISTP- I think they are so smart because they know the solution to so many things, they are good with their hands and quick on their feet. They could solve any physical thing very quickly. They are not very good with analytical matters but they have a good idea on what to do in most circumstances. I put them higher than the ESFJ because they are more quick on their feet.

11. ESFJ- ESFJ?s are intelligent when it comes to people and knowing the right thing to say to make people happy. They are not thick in anyway and are actually smart and sensible people academically. However I feel they have to strong a need to be adored almost always to really be analytical in anything.

12. ESTP- I would put them lower, but I put them here because they are very ?real world? people, they have alot of common sense and do not put up with crap. Although they have little emotional intelligence I put them higher than ISFP because they can get things done much, much quicker than they can. They put logic first, although they are inclined to party alot.

13. ISFP- I put them higher than the others because like many others they have a certain emotional intelligence for visual design. That doesn?t help towards storing information but they normally know what to say in all situations, they are lovely people and they can use their charm and innocence to get them forward, despite not have anything at-all that resembles an analytical mind.

14. ISTJ- I put them higher than the ISFJ because they don?t just blindly follow things like them. They do follow things alot but they also do know when there is no value or sense in something that?s happening. They are pretty sensible people when it comes to how people should live their lives and have a good grasp on right and wrong concepts. They are just not very good when it comes to storing long-term factual data or working things out.

15. ISFJ- The second to bottom, I put them higher than the ESFP because they know what to do in certain situations, they are sensible like the ISTJ?s but they know how to heal a person to health, in everyway. They are protective over others who look out for them. They have no time for analysing and often don?t know what to say, but they understand human beings and humility which puts them higher than the ESFP.

16. ESFP- The least intelligent type in my opinion. They have no time for analysing whatsoever, they are fashionable and fun and like to party but cannot for the life of them work anything out. They are good at making people feel happy and are natural performers in art, drama or dance. They are the most carefree of all times therefore the least intelligent.

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