“Molegul Reviews”: Fantastic Frontier

“Molegul Reviews”: Fantastic Frontier

To start off my new review series I will be taking a look at one of the most creative, and original games on Roblox, created by @SpectraboxRBLX and @gorbachelli.

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What is Fantastic Frontier?

Fantastic Frontier is an action adventure game with a myriad of possible things to do from combating dangerous monsters to taking a relaxing fishing trip, maybe hunting for some collectibles, or perhaps you are more into farming? Fantastic Frontier has it all. To answer the question of what truly is Fantastic Frontier you need to go and play it yourself, because simply said it is an experience a dream-like experience that you wont forget anytime soon.

Creativity & Originality

In a time where most of Roblox games revolve around trends, Fantastic Frontier is like a fresh summer breeze, filled with creative design accompanied by unique NPC characters, and most importantly the unique monsters. Fantastic Frontier is also very much fair in the manner of there being no levels, yes there is no leveling system in the game, everything revolves around the weapons, items, and armor you have in your possession, and your own skill.

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Whereas gameplay is concerned Fantastic Frontier is one of the first if not the first game to have a hack and slash-esque combat system in Roblox. Fantastic Frontier offers the player a wide variety of choices when gameplay is involved, you as the player can choose between Long Range in the manner of assault rifles or pistols, or perhaps you are more of the sorcerer type and wish to shoot lightning out of your hands? Can do, perhaps you want to get close and personal like gladiators of old with some creatively designed close range weapons, don?t sweat it you can do that. What if you are not into combat that much? Well you have an impressively huge map to explore with secrets and puzzles hidden all around, accompanied by a myriad of miscellaneous activities. Moreover you have the option of playing in third person or first person just to add more variety to the gameplay.


When discussing this game?s building it is truly a difficult task, because explaining what makes the building in Fantastic Frontier amazing is going to be near impossible, however let?s see what we can explain. The building in Fantastic Frontier is almost like Low Poly met abstract art, the building inside of Fantastic Frontier is one of the most unique styles of building you will encounter on Roblox. If anything the art style of Fantastic Frontier is very Alice In Wonderland-esque, this very psychedelic, nonsensical, impossible style has truly made it stand out.

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No creation is ever flawless and as thus flaws exist even within this game. For newcomers it might be fairly challenging to get started as the game does not really ever hold your hand, you are expected to learn yourself and explore yourself without a tutorial telling you where to go and what to do, which gives the game a fair learning curve which might turn some players away from the game. There is also a fair bit of issues with the combat, namely the combat oftentimes feels a bit clunky, unrefined in a way. In essence majority of the problems and issues in the game can be attributed to the prior two points, learning curve and clunky combat.


The game is truly a breath of fresh air, a magnificent creation with a lot of insanity and comedy. Even with all of its flaws and issues the game is still one of the best and most creative games on Roblox, and I strongly urge everyone to at least give the game a try, and if you get stuck or don?t know what to do most of the time the fanbase is willing to help, you also have the Fantastic Frontiers Wiki that you can utilize, so why not give it a try?

Also huge thanks to @ArcticCitadel for both providing me with the screenshots, and being a fantastic friend.(P.s he really loves Fantastic Frontier)Link to the the game: https://www.roblox.com/games/510411669/Fantastic-Frontier-v1-21


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