“Maneki Neko” the Lucky Cat

“Maneki Neko” the Lucky Cat

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Maneki Neko or Beckoning Catis beautiful and cute waving cat. Maneki Neko is actually a Japanese Figurine, but it has been lovingly accepted in Chinese Feng Shui.

Maneki Neko means ?Beckoning Cat? in Japanese. It is believed to beckon/summon good health, happiness, wealth and money. It?s one of the best Feng Shui money cure. It is known by various names like Beckoning Cat, Lucky Cat, Neko Kitty, Money Cat, Good Fortune Cat, Waving Kitty, Feng Shui Cat and Japanese waving cat


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Colors play a very important role in Feng Shui and Maneki Neko isn?t an exception. Maneki Neku comes in various colors and each one has its own meaning and significance

Tri-Colored Maneki Neku: Modeled on Japanese bob-tail breed, this is a popular & traditional color for lucky cats, believed, generally, to attract good luck, wealth, prosperity.

White Maneki Neku: As White is believed to be the color of purity, they attract purity (of thought and actions) and happiness.

Black Maneki Neku: They are like guards. They?re used to protect against negative energies and evil. They also help ward off stalkers and provide safety, comfort and peace.

Golden Maneki Neku: Golden color is associated with wealth and money. A golden Lucky Cat is believed to attract materialistic & monetary benefits. They are very popular with shops, stores, restaurants and other business places.

Red Maneki Neku: Red, similar to black, is a protector and is used to guard against evil and illnesses. It?s good to keep one in the Kids? room.

Pink Maneki Neku: Pink is the color of love; a pink Maneki Neko helps attract love and romance.

Green Maneki Neku: The green Lucky Cat helps students in increasing concentration towards studies. They also ward off illness as green color helps healing.

Blue Maneki Neko: It is believed to attract peace, harmony, and happiness for the family members.

The Paw: Which Paw Should Be Raised

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Raised Left Paw: The left paw is generally associated with bringing in more business and good customers which leads to more sales and money. So the Lucky Cat with left paw up is best suited for sales based businesses. It is also believed that left paw up cat is more suitable for businesses that run mostly during night such as night clubs, bars and discos etc. Another belief with raised left paw lucky cat is that it attracts women. Hence it is beneficial for women centric businesses like salons, beauty parlors, women gyms etc

Raised Right Paw: Raised right paw Lucky Cat is, in general, associated with money and good fortune. It is believed to attract men, so male-centric businesses such as all men gym or men?s salon benefit by keeping right paw raised Lucky Cat.

Both Paws Up: With both the paws up, it becomes both attracting and protecting cat. This Lucky Cat attracts abundance and also keeps negative energies and evil away. While selecting both paw up cat make sure that both the paws are at different heights, same height paws suggests ?surrendered? position.

The Lucky Cat with Coin, Bib & Bell and Banner

The coin, obviously, represents prosperity, wealth and money. The coin enhances the money attraction capability of the Lucky Cat.

The bib and bell are generally associated with protection and materialistic abundance.

Some cats have a banner (with Chinese inscription) with them, these are also very auspicious and the banner usually represents auspicious opportunities & money.

The Best Placement for Maneki Neko

The best placement for Maneki Neko depends on the kind of business it?s supposed to prosper. Nonetheless, here are some general rules to follow:

Maneki Neku For Home: The South-East part of the house is called the wealth/money area and placing the Lucky Cat there is good Feng Shui.

Maneki Neku For Businesses: The Beckoning cat is usually kept near the entrances such that people entering the office/store can actually see it. However, in case that?s not possible then it can alternatively kept in the North-East of the business premises.

Maneki Neku For Home Offices: Place the Lucky Cat as close as possible to the office for good Feng Shui. Preferably South-East corner.

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