How to Learn Calculus in 7 Steps

Calculus is a branch of mathematics containing limits, derivatives, integrals and functions. Calculus is a major part of mathematics. Calculus is used in mechanical, physics etc. For most of the students calculus is hardest part of mathematics. Are you struggling to understand the calculus? Calculus can can be easy if approached in a proper way. Follow the article to learn calculus in the right manner.

Step 1) Start with other part of basic mathematics

Calculus is the branch of mathematics which is related to other fields of math.? Arithmetic : Start with basic arithmetic, be a master of all the arithmetic operations.? Algebra : Know basic algebra properties. Understand the basics of sets and group. Learn about the word problems.? Trigonometry : Understand the properties of triangles, circle etc.? Geometry : Study all about shapes and their properties.

Step 2) Understand the part of calculus

Calculus mainly has two part differential calculus and integral calculus. Calculus is the study of change, rate of change and Accumulation. Rate of change means derivatives and accumulation is integral. Calculus is all about the rate. Learn the rate of change time vs distance, time vs velocity etc.

Step 3) Learn calculus formulas

Derivatives and integral have some basic formulas. Understand all the formula, every formula in calculus have a proper proof. Understand the formula with proof do not simply memorize.

Step 4) Learn about the limits

To find the a complex function limit is needed with the help of limits a complex function can be broken into small pieces. Solve all the small parts of the function and add it. It will make a complex function easy. Learn all about the limits.

Step 5) Learn Fundamental theorem of calculus

Fundamental theorem teaches you that the integration and differentiation are inverse to each other.

Step 6) Practice calculus problems

Start with the derivatives problem. Then go for the integral problems. Practice as many as problem you can solve. If you stuck in any problem then many online calculus tutor provide help.

Step 7) Double check your Concepts

After learning concepts again check your self whether you understand the concept or not. Go through your math tutor notes make sure you understand each step, if not then ask help from the teacher. Clear all the calculus concepts.

Important Tips:

1. Practice is the key of success, practice all example problem and worksheet.

2. Calculus is a subject which you can not understand with out instructor, so be attentive in the class room.

3. Always start with basics of derivatives.


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