Little Gestures That Men Find Romantic AF

Little Gestures That Men Find Romantic AF

Because men love romance, too.

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I wrote a few articles about romantic gestures for women. While many comments were in agreeance, my curiosity piqued by ones from several men that exclaimed:

?Men want romance, too!?

In an age where dating is becoming rather bleak, and our attention is plastered to our phones, romance can be what keeps a relationship alive.

Some say romance is dead, others say it?s sexist. But really, it?s showing someone you care for them. Any person can be romanced, and I don?t think anyone would argue that they want to feel cared for.

While I wrote mainly about women, the fact is, men want to be romanced, too ? they literally told me so; and though romance for men can look the same as women?s, it?s also a bit different.

Seeing as I?m a woman, I turned to men to find out what they deem ?romantic.? I asked friends, polled my followers, and scoured the threads of Reddit.

And while I can?t ignore that sex definitely came up, so did a lot of other gestures that made my heart melt when I read them.

So if you?re looking to show the man in your life a bit of romance, give these a try:

Little love notes

?Sometimes, when I left our apartment, I?d come home to little sticky notes with cute messages on them,? a friend of mine told me.

He described the act as simple but unexpected. He enjoyed the love messages he left for her. And since it was sporadic, he never knew when to expect them.

Telling him you?re his favorite

I think any person in a relationship can relate to this one.

We all want to know we mean the world to our significant other. So while you want to hear it from your man, chances are, he wants to hear it, too.

Another friend of mine stated, ?when my girlfriend says I?m her favorite human in the world, it makes me so happy.?

Saying you understand him

All people want to feel understood; it aids their sense of belonging.

But your partner wants you, specifically, to understand them the most.

When your partner talks about their struggles or tries to explain something important, tell him you understand. Of course, don?t lie. If you don?t, ask questions until you can understand. That little acknowledgment will mean the world to him.

Giving space for him to open up

Let?s be frank: men aren?t told to be as emotional as women. So the fact is, it?s significantly harder for them.

If your partner wants to talk about their feelings, give them space to do so. This kind of thing probably isn?t easy for them. Simply be there to listen to everything they have to say and support them when needed.

Planning a date

The responsibility of planning a date usually falls on the guy?s shoulders.

So switch it up and plan one for him. Think of something he really enjoys doing. Pick up a bottle of his favorite wine. Go to his favorite restaurant.

Taking the pressure off his shoulders will feel nice, plus you?ll make him feel cared for in the same way he usually does for you.

Paying attention to the little things

This one I can speak to from personal experience.

My boyfriend is a very simple man; he doesn?t like flashy things or grand gestures. When we first started dating, I racked my brain, thinking of things I could do for him.

But getting to know him meant learning little things about him: his favorite candy bar, his love for movies.

Whenever he?d mention something small, I?d make a note of it in my phone. Then I?d surprise him when he least expected it.


If you think about it, men don?t recieve compliments often.

Women will praise their friends up and down about their new haircut or outfit. But dudes, it?s just not a thing for them.

So it?s no surprise that the Reddit thread is filled with men saying they love to be complimented. One user wrote, ?Doesn?t even have to be romantic. Compliments actually mean a lot. Us guys rarely get them, so when we do, it?s really nice.?

Public affection

PDA doesn?t mean making out up against a wall.

It?s also holding your partner?s hand or arm when you?re out in public.

?If I?m walking with a girl and she does the wrap her arm around my arm walk thing. It makes me feel so strong and amazing,? posted a guy on Reddit.

I?d like to think it?s merely the act of touching in public, but maybe it?s also a ?manliness? thing.

Either way, showing your adoration in public is a pretty romantic gesture.

Baked goods

The way to a man?s heart is through food, of course. But apparently the quickest route is via baked goods.

A surprising amount of Reddit users explained that receiving baked goods is their favorite romantic gesture. I guess there?s just something about the warm, fluffy goodness of sweets that melts a man?s heart.

Head Scratches

If baked goods don?t work, head scratches are your full-proof Plan B.

Human heads have many nerve endings in our heads. Plus, when your skin is scratched, your body releases serotonin (the feel-good chemical). That?s why head scratches feel beyond amazing.

So whether you?re cuddling or binging Netflix, give your man a gentle head scratch.

A butt grab

In public. At home. Wherever.

A butt grab is the best gesture of them all. It says, ?I want you? while being playful. Plus, it?s pretty fun for you, too.

So go ahead and give his butt a little squeeze; chances are, he?ll love it.

It?s easy to forget that men love romance, too, especially since it can look a bit different for them.

So give these a try. Everyone, no matter their gender, deserves a bit of romance.

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