Lilith in the Zodiac Signs — The Black Moon & What It Means In Astrology

Lilith in the Zodiac Signs — The Black Moon & What It Means In Astrology

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Astrology?s dark angel, the Black Moon Lilith brings out the sex goddess in you! She?s your sexual instinct, your inner temptress, that irresistible something you cannot put your finger on. Pushed too far she is your self-destruct button! Marilyn Monroe had Lilith very closely conjunct her show-business Leo Ascendant and she beautifully illustrates all of the above.

There is a strong element of karma where you find Lilith in your birth-chart, drawing to you people and experiences that have great magnetic force in your life. Lilith breaks taboos. She reveals your sexual fantasies and your dark shadow, your inner ?bi-atch?. Ditto for your special someone so look to their Lilith for what turns them on and how they would react if you pushed their button!

Lilith is also where others find you dangerous, demonic, terrifying? She is pure instinct, alluring, unfettered, a force that can mesmerise, create, destroy?

Who was Lilith

Mythologically, Lilith is the devil?s companion, an evil seductress and destroyer of men, an enemy of children.

Lilith is envisioned as a seductive woman, who transforms into a blue, butterfly-like demon.

But legend actually has it that Lilith was Adam?s first wife, before Eve. She was way too independent and sexually liberated so she was cast out of Eden and demonised by Jewish lore for her wild ways. In that sense, Lilith represents the untamed female (hence taboo) sexuality and power, unfettered by marriage, motherhood or childbirth. Lilith is also the natural ruler of magick and witchcraft.

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Lilith in Astrology

Astronomically, Black Moon Lilith is a mathematical point in space. Think of it as an invisible centre of gravity pulling at the moon as it goes around the earth, and which the moon aligns with once a month when it is furthest away (at its ?apogee?). The astrological glyph used for Lilith is an inverted black crescent underpinned by a cross.

Lilith astrological symbol express emancipation, freedom, independence, karma, darkness, evil, temptation, conscience, soul and allurement.

It takes just under 9 years for Dark/Black Moon Lilith to complete one full revolution around the zodiac.

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Lilith in the Zodiac Signs: Find Your Black Moon Lilith Sign & What It Means

So what does it mean to have Black Moon Lilith in a particular star sign? What does it reveal about your sexuality?

Lilith is one heck of a sexy chick, so check out your Dark Moon is below!

Lilith in Aries

Your Black Moon Lilith is in Aries if you were born between these dates:07?08?1931?01?05?193211?06?1940?07?03?194117?04?1949?10?01?195020?02?1958?15?11?195827?12?1966?21?09?196701?11?1975?26?07?197606?09?1984?01?06?198512?07?1993?06?04?199418?05?2002?10?02?200324?03?2011?17?12?201126?01?2020?20?10?2020

You?re one hot chick, a sex-pioneer and a demon warrior with Lilith in the sign of the ram! You ooze confidence and sex appeal and you?re fearless. You dream of going on a hunt and clubbing your object of desire over the head before you drag them to your cave. Others love your killer instinct but fear your anger.

Your shadow is that of an amazon, a conqueror, a competitive and blood-thirsty sex-fiend! You instantly go on the offensive if your button is pressed and become a tactless, selfish cad.

Lilith in Taurus

Your Black Moon Lilith is in Taurus if you were born between these dates:02?05?1932?25?01?193308?03?1941?01?12?194111?01?1950?06?10?195016?11?1958?12?08?195922?09?1967?16?06?196827?07?1976?22?04?197702?06?1985?25?02?198607?04?1994?01?01?199511?02?2003?06?11?200317?12?2011?12?09?2012

Lilith in the sign of the bull makes for one lusty chick! You want what you want and everyone else can go fish. You dream of endless self-indulgence in guilty pleasures where you fulfil your every whim. Your lust for love, luxury and money is an aphrodisiac for others, although they fear your jealous streak.

Your shadow is that of a bully, greedy, gluttonous and possessive, a slave to your carnal urges. Should you see red, you will bully, coerce and tyrannise others into submission. Don?t press that button!

Lilith in Gemini

Your Black Moon Lilith is in Gemini if you were born between these dates:26?01?1933?22?10?193302?12?1941?27?08?194207?10?1950?03?07?195113?08?1959?07?05?196017?06?1968?13?03?196923?04?1977?16?01?197826?02?1986?22?11?198602?01?1995?27?09?199507?11?2003?02?08?200411?09?2012?08?06?2013

Lilith in the sign of the twins makes for one tricksy chick! Do you fantasise of threesomes? Or maybe you like talking dirty in bed? Curiosity killed the cat and you might run through your nine lives pretty fast if you?re not careful! Others are drawn to your catch-me-if-you-can, play-thing attitude fearing you?ll be off with their heart.

Your shadow is that of a trickster, a swindler and a thief and if someone presses your button you?ll unleash a rain of words, gossip and evil spells till they learn their lesson!

Lilith in Cancer

Your Black Moon Lilith is in Cancer if you were born between these dates:23?10?1933?18?07?193428?08?1942?23?05?194304?07?1951?28?03?195208?05?1960?31?01?196114?03?1969?07?12?196917?01?1978?12?10?197823?11?1986?18?08?198728?09?1995?22?06?199603?08?2004?29?04?200510?06?2013?04?03?2014

Sex goddess Lilith in the moon?s sign makes for one hot mama chick! Are you a MILF? Or maybe you dream of being a dominatrix, changing your lover?s nappy before you chuck them into bed? Others see you as a matriarch, wanting to submit to you and curl up in your bosom, yet also fearing your all-consuming power.

Your shadow is that of the devourer, man-eater and blasphemer. God forbid someone should press your button for you?ll unleash primordial hell and fury on them, like a monster rising from the deep.

Lilith in Leo

Your Black Moon Lilith is in Leo if you were born between these dates:19?07?1934?13?04?193524?05?1943?17?02?194429?03?1952?22?12?195201?02?1961?28?10?196108?12?1969?02?09?197013?10?1978?09?07?197919?08?1987?13?05?198823?06?1996?19?03?199730?04?2005?22?01?200605?03?2014?28?11?2014

With Lilith riding the king of the jungle, you?re a flashy chick, a queen bee, royal, majestic, glamorous. You dream of being worshipped and adored ? preferably by a large court. Mere mortals are drawn to you like moths to a flame, knowing full well they?re gonna burn.

Your shadow is your incredible vanity, narcissism and megalomania. Should someone press your button, you?ll roar, act dictatorial and throw a big fat tantrum till you get your way.

Lilith in Virgo

Your Black Moon Lilith is in Virgo if you were born between these dates:14?04?1935?07?01?193618?02?1944?12?11?194423?12?1952?17?09?195329?10?1961?24?07?196203?09?1970?29?05?197110?07?1979?03?04?198014?05?1988?06?02?198920?03?1997?13?12?199723?01?2006?20?10?200629?11?2014?25?08?2015

Sex-angel Lilith in the sign of the virgin creates some strong contradictions! You?re the out-of-bounds chick, self-sufficient and pure. You have an eye for detail and so your image of sex is almost clinical. Do you own a nurse costume? Still, you probably dream of alternately playing the virgin and the whore. Others want to mess you up and conquer your virginity but they fear your cold, heartless demeanour.

Your shadow is that of a virgin priestess or a nun and a man-hater. If your button is pressed you go frigid and critical, refusing to listen, open up or offer any assistance.

Lilith in Libra

Your Black Moon Lilith is in Libra if you were born between these dates:08?01?1936?03?10?193613?11?1944?08?08?194518?09?1953?14?06?195425?07?1962?19?04?196330?05?1971?23?02?197204?04?1980?28?12?198007?02?1989?03?11?198914?12?1997?08?09?199819?10?2006?15?07?200724?08?2015?20?05?2016

Lilith in the relationship sign is one charming chick! You can entice the birds from the trees and you?re turned on by beauty, fashion, art and love of luxury. You?re the quintessential artist?s muse and others can?t resist your wily ways, only to find themselves inescapably entangled in your designs.

Your shadow self is schemer and seducer, a courtesan or gigolo. There is karma to be worked out in your relationships and, when your button is pressed, you come up with all sorts of schemes to have your cake and eat it too!

Lilith in Scorpio

Your Black Moon Lilith is in Scorpio if you were born between these dates:04?10?1936?29?06?193709?08?1945?05?05?194615?06?1954?10?03?195520?04?1963?14?01?196424?02?1972?18?11?197229?12?1980?24?09?198104?11?1989?30?07?199009?09?1998?04?06?199907?07?2007?09?04?200801?05?2016?13?02?2017

Lilith riding the Scorpion is a real hell-raiser and a devil-may-care sex chick! You?re a taboo breaker, fearless! You fantasise about delving into mysteries, experiencing life raw, encountering the naked truth and being transformed. You ooze a dangerous aura of mystery and sex appeal, hooking others with a single look.

Your shadow is that of a black magician, a sadist and a sex addict. Should your button be pressed, you become a dark avenger, raising the hounds of hell until your enemies are writhing in excruciating pain.

Lilith in Sagittarius

Your Black Moon Lilith is in Sagittarius if you were born between these dates:30?06?1937?25?03?193806?05?1946?29?01?194711?03?1955?04?12?195515?01?1964?09?10?196419?11?1972?14?08?197325?09?1981?20?06?198231?07?1990?25?04?199105?06?1999?29?02?200011?04?2008?04?01?200915?02?2017?09?11?2017

Lilith in the sign of the archer is the quintessential rock chick! You probably fantasise about being a rockstar or at least having sex with one ? or preferably many ? whilst on a drunken tour around the world. Others can sense that you?re wild and game for anything if you let yourself go.

Your shadow is that of an insatiable party animal, an adventurer, a braggart and saboteur. Should your button be pressed, you take reckless risks, preach propaganda and get pretty liberal with the truth.

Lilith in Capricorn

Your Black Moon Lilith is in Capricorn if you were born between these dates:21?05?1929?13?02?193026?03?1938?20?12?193830?01?1947?25?10?194705?12?1955?30?08?195610?10?1964?05?07?196515?08?1973?11?05?197421?06?1982?16?03?198326?04?1991?20?01?199228?02?2000?24?11?200004?01?2009?30?09?200910?11?2017?06?08?2018

Lilith riding the horned goatfish is one horny and power-hungry chick! Power turns you on big time, as does a big fat bank account with rising numbers. You dream of sex in a boardroom, on the 70th floor on top of the world, and it?s the power and self-control you ooze that others both love and fear in you, knowing you?ll use them and abuse them.

Your shadow side is that of a tyrant and despot and you?re prepared to step on a few corpses to get to the top. Should your button be pressed you turn calculatingly machiavellian, outmanoeuvring your opponent at every turn.

Lilith in Aquarius

Your Black Moon Lilith is in Aquarius if you were born between these dates:14?02?1930 -09?11?193021?12?1939?15?09?193926?10?1947?20?07?194831?08?1956?26?05?195706?07?1965?31?03?196612?05?1974?04?02?197517?03?1983?10?12?198321?01?1992?15?10?199220?11?2000?20?08?200101?10?2009?27?06?201007?05?2018?03?05?2019

Lilith in the cool waterbearer becomes an alien chick from outer space! Are you dreaming of the year 3050 when we won?t need any of this dirty business because we?ll have sex-bots to fulfil our needs? Cool and aloof, others are drawn to your weirdness. You like to experiment and can be pretty detached sexually.

Your shadow is that of a rebel, a fanatic and an anarchist. You can be maddeningly reckless if you feel that your freedom is threatened and once your button is pressed, you rain down chaos and disruption to your oppressors.

Lilith in Pisces

Your Black Moon Lilith is in Pisces if you were born between these dates:10?11?1930?06?08?193116?09?1939?10?06?194021?07?1948?16?04?194927?05?1957?19?02?195801?04?1966?26?12?196605?02?1975?31?10?197511?12?1983?05?09?198416?10?1992?11?07?199321?08?2001?17?05?200227?06?2010?22?03?201104?05?2019?27?01?2020

When Lilith goes swimming with the fishes she turns into a hopelessly romantic chic? You?re a dreamer, living in La La Land. It?s that otherworldly allure that others find irresistible about you and your sheer irrationality ? is it madness? ? that they fear.

Your shadow is that of a master illusionist and deceiver, a madman, escapist and drug-addict. God forbid someone should press your button because you?ll slip down the habit hole and never come back, indulging in some pretty seedy, immoral and slippery behaviour.



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