Launching Public API for the Largest Video Game Database in the World

Launching Public API for the Largest Video Game Database in the World

RAWG is the largest video game database in the world with 300,000+ titles, 2M screenshots, 425,000 user ratings. It?s the IMDb for games. We also have a recommendations system analyzing actual video game content with machine learning.

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What is unique in our database is that RAWG has links to all digital stores where you can buy games. This is practically the only place on the web where you can find this info aggregated cross-platform.

We got plenty of requests for API access to our database. We shared our API on an ad hoc basis and some of our community members even created language-specific wrappers for it.

Today, we are opening our public API to the world.

Three endpoints to get you started

  1. search for a game by name:
  2. get detailed information about the game:
  3. find more games like X ? our machine learning algorithm analyzes in-game content to find similar games:

Python (by Laundmo) and Node (by orels1) bindings might come in handy to speed up the process.

Please provide your app name and some contact info in the User-Agent header with each API request. Don?t forget to backlink to RAWG and mention it as your data source. Other API rules are listed here.

Apps using our API, some with source code available

  1. The Reddit games recommendations bot by Laundmo (Python, Gitlab)
  2. The games search in the PikaGirl bot on Discord. Over 30,000 connected Discord servers
  3. The Telegram bot by Roman, our frontend developer (PHP, Github)
  4. The DTF bot by Samat, our CTO (Python, Github). DTF is one of the largest Russian gaming news website with an active gamers community


If you have any questions about our API ? we?d love to help. Reach out to us on our Discord, tweet at @rawgtheworld or email us at [email protected].


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