Laughing Orgasms Are Weird But Awesome

Laughing Orgasms Are Weird But Awesome

I shared mine online to help normalize it

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I count myself lucky. I?m able to have multiple orgasms, but I can also have multiple types of orgasms.

I drew up a list of them recently and came up with twelve. They include your standard stuff like G-spot orgasms and clitoral orgasms and some of the more unusual ones like climaxing from being squeezed.

But I think the weirdest ones I have ? and some of my favorites ? are the laughing orgasms.

The first time I had a laughing orgasm, it came as a complete shock.

I was 18 and even though I wasn?t new to orgasms, I was still new to receiving them from a partner.

I can remember it vividly. The room was dark, save for a bit of candle light. There was a Mars Volta album playing but I wasn?t paying any attention to it ? I was too busy paying attention to my boyfriend. He was between my legs, giving me some really good oral sex.

I don?t know how much time he spent down there, but I knew it was a while. He was lovingly lapping his tongue against my pussy and I was feeling my pleasure ebb and flow. I kept coming close to an orgasm but couldn?t actually reach a climax.

It didn?t matter. What he was doing to me felt so good, I wasn?t going to stop him.

It lasted so long, I wasn?t sure I was going too have an orgasm at all. But all that build up meant that when I came, I came hard.

So hard I burst into uncontrollable laughter.

It was one of those can?t-stop, can?t-talk, just-keeps-getting-louder, tears-fowing-down-the-cheeks kind of laughing fits.

I had no damn clue what was happening and neither did my boyfriend.

He smiled a little nervously. ?Did I do something wrong??

I shook my head forced out a ?No.?

?Did I tickle you?? That made me laugh even harder.

It was so confusing and the only explanation I could come up with is that I must have been in a hyper and giggly mood before sex and that mood came back out after my orgasm.

So, we just snuggled and laughed about it, assuming it?s just a weird fluke.

Then it kept happening.

Not every time. Not often. But every few months, I would come so hard I?d fall into a laughing fit. I still had no idea why it was happening. It just seemed random.

I?m Not the Only One Who Comes Weird

I love laughing, but I hated my laughing orgasms. They made me feel like such a weirdo. Every time I had one, I felt embarrassed.

Thankfully, most of my orgasms were laugh-free, so I didn?t have to worry about it too much. But I kept those negative feelings for years.

That only started changing when I read about other people having unusual orgasms. There are people who cry at the end of sex (I?ve done that, too). There are people who get panic attacks after they come. And it turns out there are others like me, who laugh at the peak of a really good climax.

Reading about those made me reconsider what a normal orgasm is. Even though we have a lot of access to porn, most of us only get to witness a handful of people having an orgasm. So, it?s easy not to realize that there?s no such thing as a normal orgasm and that your own weird reaction to intense peaks of pleasure is just as fine as anyone else?s.

Once I realized that it was the orgasms themselves causing me to laugh (not the mood I was in before fucking) and once I was ready to embrace those giggling fits, I started paying closer attention to them. Whenever I had one, I?d analyze what led up to it to see if I could crack the code of my hysterical climaxes.

Eventually, I noticed the pattern: they normally happen after a lot of steady buildup. That?s what happened the first time I had one, and the most reliable ways to achieve one is through edging or a pussy massage (which is basically the holy grail of sexual buildup).

I had already made peace with my laughing orgasms. But learning that I only laughed after some of my best and strongest climaxes made me love them.

Why I Decided to Share My Laughing Orgasm

As far as I can tell, there isn?t a lot of research on laughing orgasms, apart from a few case studies. So, there?s no clear answer about why they happen.

One theory is that laughing orgasms and other unusual orgasmic phenomena are a side effect of the hormones that flood into your bloodstream when you climax. That cocktail of endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine give you a really intense high ? so intense that it can lead to all sorts of uncontrollable behaviors. For some us, muscle spasms are just the beginning.

That makes a lot of sense to me. I have chronic hormonal deficiencies. My levels are low, so getting a huge dose of them doesn?t bring me from 50 to 100 ? it?s more like going from 0 to 100. That kind of hormonal whiplash could definitely send me into hysterics.

Because there isn?t much research on these types of orgasm, I have no idea how many people experience them. But I know they?re out there. That?s why I wanted to do something to normalize laughing orgasms, so other orgasmic weirdos like myself wouldn?t feel so bad about their predicament.

I wrote about them before and I knew I?d write about them again. But I wanted to do something more. I wanted to really show people what they?re like.

The first step would be to record one.

I enlisted my husband?s help. I set up my equipment ? mic above my head, headphones planted firmly on my ears, and my laptop next to me so I could run the whole thing through Audacity.

I settled in and hit record. My husband gave me a pussy massage and for more than 20 minutes, I heard myself breathing and moaning through the headphones as my arousal slowly became more and more intense.

It happened around the 27 minute mark. My breathing got shorter and faster, I uttered a few words, and then I went completely silent as I hit my peak.

Then, on the other side of that silence, a giggle. And then several minutes of full-blown hysterical laughter.

I cut the audio down to the essential and I had a recording my weirdest type of orgasm.

I recorded a podcast, stuck the audio clip in, and then came the hard part ? putting it online.

I felt extremely hesitant and only got more nervous as I got closer to the episode going live.

I got used to having laughing orgasms in front of my husband but I wasn?t so confident at the thought of someone else hearing it ? especially not a lot of someone elses.

I couldn?t even tell myself I was doing something sexy, because I wasn?t. I mean, it?s an orgasm yes, but I don?t consider it hot. I think of it as a real mood killer.

But two things kept me going.

The first is that I wished I had been exposed to this before. I wouldn?t have felt like such a freak if I had seen or heard ? or even heard of ? other people having laughing orgasms. If it was just a Google search away, I would?ve been able to embrace mine a lot sooner.

The other thing is that it just isn?t much different than what I do with my writing. I take a personal angle and include a lot of details that I would sometimes rather leave on the cutting room floor because I want to normalize sex in all its silly, strange, and messy glory.

This would just be an audio version of that.

Embrace Your Weirdness

So, I did it. I uploaded the second episode of my podcast, complete with a recording of my laughing orgasm.

Now it?s out there, and I hope the people who listen will think of unusual orgasms the way I think of them now. Not that they?re strange but that they?re cool. The human body is infinitely interesting and this is just another one of its fascinating quirks.

And if your partner has one, you shouldn?t feel insecure about it because it means you did a damn good job. (And if you gave yourself one, pat yourself on the back, because I only managed to give myself a laughing orgasm once and it was a pretty weak one.)

So, I come weird, but I?m owning it. An orgasm is a full body experience. It?s intense like nothing else is. We shouldn?t be shocked when we react in an unexpected way and we shouldn?t put pressure on ourselves to come in a way that we deem normal or cute or sexy. Because all you?re going to get from suppressing your natural reaction is a weaker orgasm.

Laughing, crying, going through awkward spasms, smiling goofily, and developing a temporary tic after an orgasm is just what real pleasure looks like sometimes. And there?s nothing sexier than real pleasure.

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