Kevin Ware, is he now? ‘The Story of the most Gruesome and Disgusting Injury in Basketball History’

Kevin Ware, is he now? ‘The Story of the most Gruesome and Disgusting Injury in Basketball History’

Image for postKevin Ware laying on the ground after his Tibia bone popped out of his skin

Kevin Ware isn?t the most household name but, he is known in the basketball community for his gruesome injury. I remember hearing my family scream when the injury happened but I was in the other room so I didn?t see it happen live. Although this did happen in the 2013 season we are still worried about you Kevin and still sending prayers. If anyone is a young sports player and is fighting a big injury then take a look at this story and this will give you hope! Now let?s get into this story, this tragic, tragic, tragic story.

Image for postKevin Ware in his full leg cast, Answering questions at the Final Four Game

March 31st, 2013 the 1 seeded Louisville Cardinals made it to the Elite Eight in the NCAA Tournament where they found themselves facing the 2 seeded Duke Blue Devils. The 1st half had started and there was 6 minutes left until halftime, Louisville had a 4 point lead and backup Point Guard Kevin Ware looked at Tyler Thornton who caught the ball and had a wide open 3 point shot, Kevin raced over to him and jumped in the air trying to block the ball out of Tyler?s hand. The moment he landed his tibia bone popped out of his leg and was out in the open for everyone to see. It was the most craziest basketball injury I had ever seen, The whole stadium was in total shock. When Ware was laying on the ground his teammates stated after the game that he was screaming ?I?m fine, Just win the game.? Players were on the ground in tears and it was horrible. You could just tell that messed up the flow for the rest of the game. Many NBA players showed their support for Ware and shared their sympathies through Twitter, including LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant. Former NFL quarterback Joe Theismann and the Louisville Cardinals former running back Michael Bush, who both have gone through the same kind of injury, called to give their support. Ware traveled with the team to the Final Four in Atlanta, where he sat alongside his teammates as they won the national championship game which was later forfeited due to the 2017 NCAA Scandal.

Image for postLouisville players laying on the ground crying and in shock of the injury

The next season, Kevin Ware came back and was cleared from his injury. His first game back in action was against Pikeville University. He entered the game midway through and immediately got a standing ovation and then an even bigger standing ovation when he scored his first point. He finished the game with 6 points and 4 rebounds, He participated in 9 games that season. He announced that he would redshirt the next season to continue his recovery. Then he announced another huge decision and he decided to transfer from Louisville and take his talents to Georgia State University. Picking them over Tennessee and Auburn. The NCAA granted Kevin permission to not sit out a season even though he redshirted. This starts the next chapter with Georgia State.

Image for postKevin Ware in his 1st game since the injury

He started for Georgia State in the 2014?2015 season at the Point Guard position. Kevin was named MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the 2015 Sun Belt Conference Men?s Basketball Tournament where he led Georgia State to the championship victory. That tournament win earned Georgia State the 14th seed in the NCAA Tournament. They had to go up against power house 3 seeded Baylor where they upset them and moved onto the 2nd round in the Tournament. In the 2nd round they matched up against Xavier, They ended up losing although it was a good tournament run for a 14 seed.

Image for postKevin Ware cutting off the net after his team won the National Championship

Kevin Ware decided to declare for the NBA draft in 2016 after such a good comeback season for him but unfortunately he went undrafted. On November 26th, 2016 he signed with a Czech team BC Brno. I have no clue how that season went at all, There is 0 records of any Czech stats. On July 30th, 2017 Ware joined Faros Larissas of the Greek Basketball League. That season he put up 12.4 points, 4.5 rebounds and 1.8 assists. In late august of 2018 he moved to Canada and joined the team London Lightning of the Canadian Basketball League. I hope and pray that Kevin can make it to the NBA and show everyone going through injuries that anything is possible. To answer your question, Where is Kevin Ware there is your answer. Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed it then clap up this article and share it with your friends!


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