It’s Not Wrong to Have Sex with Dismembered Sex Dolls

It’s Not Wrong to Have Sex with Dismembered Sex Dolls

Fleshlights, torsos, and other lady pieces

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?Does that weird you out??

My husband asked me that question while we were browsing sex toys online.

Okay, we were specifically looking at sex dolls.

There were cute ones, realistic ones, and ones that looked a little too fake for my liking.

And then there were some that were just parts of a woman.

There were limbless torsos with silicone tits and fuckable pussies and asses. Some were just hips and pussy lips but stopped right where the rib cage would start.

Those are the ones he was asking about.

?No, it doesn?t. Why would it?? I replied. But I knew exactly why he was asking that because I?ve seen a lot of people wag their fingers at those kinds of toys.

A lot of people are perfectly okay with men using sex toys and sex dolls now, but there?s often a limit to what they?re comfortable with. When I read articles or forum posts where people bring up sex dolls, they usually have a couple of caveats.

They?re fine with men using full sex dolls ? the kinds you can name and whose hair you can brush. But they draw the line at using dolls that are just torsos (or less than that). They consider it weird or gross, or they think there must be something wrong with a guy who would want to fuck something that represents only part of a woman.

Like, how can these guys really respect women if they?re willing to reduce them to just the bits they can fuck?

I?ve seen the same argument about Fleshlights and other pocket pussies. Again, using a sleeve or stroker is fine, but if it?s designed to look like a free-floating pussy, it becomes creepy.

And I don?t get it. At all.

I?ve tried to make sense of those arguments, but in the end, I always come down hard in favor of sex dolls, even if they?re just a torso or a pussy in a can.

As far as I?m concerned, those are all fan-fucking-tastic.

First Off, Sex Dolls Are Expensive AF

I?m not just window shopping when I browse sex dolls. I want one ? real bad.

If they were affordable, I?d have one shipped tomorrow.

But they?re not cheap. Putting down a few thousand dollars on a full-sized sex doll is a huge investment, and even though I?ve been setting some money aside, I still can?t justify the cost.

On that level alone, I get the whole partial sex doll thing. It?s the only kind of doll most people can afford.

It?s a compromise, I?m sure. Everyone would prefer the full deal. But it beats having to take out a second mortgage or selling your wedding ring to a pawn shop so you can get a doll with hair and toes.

Torsos Are Convenient

The cost is the main reason I don?t have a full sex doll yet. Storing it is the other big obstacle.

Where the hell do you keep a sex doll?

I have a decent amount of storage space in my house and I?m honestly not sure where I?d put Stacey (yes, I already named her) if I did get my hands on her.

I?d need somewhere discreet, too. I could find a spot for her, but I really don?t want to explain to my mom why there?s a very quiet lady sitting in the recliner in the living room.

At least a torso can just be tucked somewhere out of sight, and you don?t have to throw out your boxes of holiday decorations to make room for it.

No One Is Fantasizing About a Partial Woman

I seriously doubt any of the guys who are using sex doll torsos or pocket pussies are actually fantasizing about fucking a dismembered woman.

The whole point is to help you fantasize about a whole, entire, real deal woman. The doll just makes the fantasy more vivid. You get to grab it by the hips or squeeze its tits while you fuck it, which helps you imagine that you?re getting handsy with your cute neighbor.

Or the people using it just fuck them without having any specific fantasy going through their minds. It?s just a toy that feels good to play with.

And that?s fine. When they look down at what they?re doing, it?s probably nice to see a pair of silicone pussy lips wrapped around their dicks, and I don?t think there?s anything wrong with that.

Sex engages so many of the senses, and one of them is sight. When you can add a visual component to sex or masturbation, it becomes that much better. That?s why I prefer strokers that actually look like pussies.

When I finger them (it?s fun ? try it if you haven?t), it?s more satisfying when it looks realistic. And when I watch my husband use a stroker, I find it more arousing when it looks like he?s fucking some lady bits and not some alien?s asshole.

Toys Don?t Corrupt Respectful Dudes

I?m sure there are men out there who look down on women, use women, or downright hate women and fuck realistic strokers or partial sex dolls to get off.

But I don?t think it?s the sex dolls that made them that way.

It?s not like guys who respect women forget how to act right just because they start using a sex doll torso.

Those toys are really fucking cool, but they don?t have the power to reprogram you or turn someone into a misogynist. They?re just toys.

If a guy fucks a Fleshlight and disrespects women, it?s because he was already an asshole when he got his pocket pussy.

I Don?t Hear Any Dildo Hate

I?ve seen a lot of people get weird over realistic pocket pussies or partial sex dolls. But I haven?t seen the same kind of reaction to realistic dildos.

I can get all sorts of dildos that look like real dongs and actually feel pretty fleshy. I can get some molded after porn stars. I can even get some that simulate ejaculation so I can get the full experience of a guy forgetting to pull out in the backseat of his mom?s car if I want to.

And everyone?s fine with that. Every woman out there can sit on a dismembered dick if she wants to and no one calls it creepy or worries that it?s going to corrupt her morals.

Why should it be any different when guys want to fuck a partial sex doll?

Maybe I?m missing some complexities here, but all I can see is a double standard.

Women can pursue their pleasure all they want and no one worries that it?ll make her objectify men. But somehow, a lot of people assume that torso dolls are going to groom men into becoming creeps.

I don?t buy it.

It?s Just Fun

In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I actually own a partial sex doll.

I bought it for my husband as a Christmas present.

It?s not really a torso per se ? it?s less anatomically correct than that. My husband and I call it Pussy Tits, because that?s what she is. A pair of silicone tits with a pussy. Nothing else.

If partial sex dolls are cause for worry, Pussy Tits would be a flashing red alert.

And yeah, she?s an abomination. But she?s a good abomination. Pussy and tits together is a great combo, even if you fit those two pieces one on top of the other.

I love playing with it. Fingering it is fun. Squeezing the tits is even better.

We keep putting it off for a hundred reasons, but I honestly can?t wait to watch my husband fuck Pussy Tits. And it?s because of how realistic it is (as much as tits with a pussy in the middle can be anyway).

Seeing his cock sliding in and out of a toy that looks like a pussy is going to give me a little voyeuristic thrill. Not quite like actually watching him fuck a woman, no, but at least I won?t ever get jealous or worried that he and Pussy Tits will elope and leave me to raise four kids on my own (she wouldn?t do that to me ? I can tell she?s loyal).

Him grabbing the silicone tits, tugging back on them to help him thrust in, gripping them firm to keep his balance ? it just completes the picture.

I?m not going to let anyone spoil my fun just because they think toys like this are weird. And neither should you.

The more pleasure you can have, the better. Whatever helps you feel good or makes your fantasies feel real is great. So go ahead and get yourself a piece of ass ? even if that?s all she is.

If you want to get yourself a literal piece of ass, you can get one here. That?s an affiliate link, by the way. If you click on it and purchase anything on the site, I earn a small commission and you will be supporting my work ?

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