Is RocketReach Legit?

Is RocketReach Legit?

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If you?ve ever Googled, ?Is RocketReach? you?d see a whole slew of autocomplete search terms like:

  • Is RocketReach legit?
  • Is RocketReach safe?
  • Is RocketReach legal?
  • Is RocketReach free?
  • Is RocketReach reliable?

I wonder if anyone?s googled ?is RocketReach awesome??- which BTW it is! It absolutely is ?, but more on that later. Let?s address these points first.

Is RocketReach legit?

RocketReach now has over 1 Million registered users, and as we speak, RocketReach is trusted by sales people and recruiters in some of the largest companies on the planet ? Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon to name a few. Google and Amazon have over 400 employees each who trust and use RocketReach everyday. That?s about as legit as it gets. And users are switching over from more expensive alternatives like, zoominfo and hoover by the droves. Unlike our entrenched competitors, our data is generated and checked in real time, and costs as little as $49/month. Whereas, the moment you sign up for those other services you?ll be out $40,000 even before you know whether the data is worth anything. And many times ? it isn?t.

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Is RocketReach safe?

We take privacy seriously. When you create an account on our site, your information is never shared with anyone else ? period. We encrypt all sensitive data. We only serve pages over HTTPS. We never collect or save your credit card information, and all of your personally identifiable information is housed inside external payment processors (Braintree, Stripe, and Paypal) so we NEVER have access to them.

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Is RocketReach legal?

RocketReach upholds strict ethical standards and is legally compliant. We mine profile information using a combination of a web crawler (similar to Google) and data mining algorithms such as entity recognition, email prediction etc. In essence, the information provided by our site is already publicly accessible on the internet. If our crawlers can find it, so can Google, Bing etc. Email addresses listed on our site are either found via entity search or predicted. For more information on how we mine information, check out our help center article.

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Is RocketReach free?

A vast majority of our users use RocketReach for free. If you are a casual user, who only needs to reach out to a few people a month, you can essentially use RocketReach for free forever. It?s only if your usage exceeds certain thresholds that you?ll need to upgrade. RocketReach also doesn?t restrict certain features to paid plans only, so even as a free user you can still take advantage of our Chrome Extension, Bulk Lookups, Advanced Search, API and CRM integrations free. You are only limited by the number of lookup credits you have available in your account.

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Is RocketReach reliable?

Our site is up 99% of the time, and Accuracy is 87% on average. Though there will always be some emails that are not available due to reasons beyond our control, you will never use a lookup credit for lookups that come back ?email not found? or only partially verified.

In short, RocketReach works hard to bring industry best practices under one roof making prospecting quick and easy.

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But don?t just take our word for it, give it a try today and see for yourself why over 1 Million users trust RocketReach.

Our team is always happy to answer any questions that you have, or address your concerns anytime. Just email us at [email protected].


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