Is lootbear legit? is lootbear a scam?

The age old question when it comes to any platform revolving around virtual items and in-game skins ? ?is this website legit?? And we totally understand your reservations when it comes to using and trusting websites such as us.

The world of CS:GO skins, and other virtual items has forever been surrounded and plagued by scam sites and untrustworthy people so it?s natural to take a step back and question things when they seem too good to be true.

LootBear is the only platform on the internet that allows you to RENT virtual items. The reason for this is probably because we are the only ones crazy enough to create a rental business model around items that can not be tracked, nor can we force a user to return the item. It?s been a long road and we have learnt, and developed our platform consistently ? improving the security and user experience consistently from the day of our launch.

So, the answer to the question ?Is LootBear Legit?? is simply ? Yes. Yes we are legit. We work hard to ensure the safety of our user base and we work with some of the largest influencers in our industry who would have zero interest in working with us, if something was not right. But as I stated earlier, we totally understand your scepticism when it comes to something like this so please allow me to ease your mind by addressing some of the factors that may lead you to be untrusting of our platform.

?How do I know that my skins are safe and will not be stolen by another user if i rent them out?

Every skin that a user deposits into our system for rentals is 100% insured by us. Meaning that in the rare case of a stolen item, you will be reimbursed the value of that item (at that particular time) so that you can then buy a new one. We take the risk upon ourselves and protect our users at all costs.

?Why do you need a photo ID and credit card?

We understand that this might not be something you expect to have to do within this industry, but it is actually not so rare in others. We do this to ensure the safety of both us, and our users to prevent fraud, and scams.

Absolutely every single user that comes through our site is manually checked and vetted to ensure they are a legit person, who is spending money they have permission to spend. Without this security measure, we would have no way to protect our users.

?I have encountered a bug and support are not getting back to me?

We will be the first to admit that on very rare occassions, things can go wrong. This is due to the complexity of working with platforms such as Steam. There are so many factors that contribute to a potential error and whilst we are doing our best to make our service as seamless as possible, sometimes we do experience bugs.

Please remember that when you deposit a skin onto LootBear, no matter what happens, we have a record of that skin coming from you, and being received by us. Your investment will always be safe.

Due to the nature of our business and the speed in which we are growing, sometimes it can be hard to keep on top of the support tickets ? especially when we investigate each ticket and each users experience so thoroughly. This is why you may experience a delayed response. But as I said, your skins and your money will always be safe and will be returned to you as soon as we possibly can.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Your trust in us is incredibly important and we do our best to earn and deserve that trust.

I hope that this has helped ease your mind about our service.


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