Interview with Jenn Geoghan (Real World Bad Blood)

Interview with Jenn Geoghan (Real World Bad Blood)

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Today we have something a bit different. I was able to get an interview with Jenn Geoghan from Real World Seattle 2: Bad Blood. Jenn was more or less known for being in a dysfunctional relationship with a guy named Peter who had a bit of a temper. Here is some of Jenn with Peter on Bad Blood:

Most of Jenn?s character on the show was tied directly to Peter. On Bad Blood, due to them having a staggering record of 14 cast members, people were complete wallpaper on Real World. It is one thing to be wallpaper in a Challenge house, in the Real World house where it?s all character development and exposition, that?s tough. Luckily for Jenn, she was one of the few characters to leave a lasting impact. Unfortunately it was tied a decent amount to Peter, the most explosive member and dramatic member in the cast. Peter was eventually evicted from the house for his actions, and needs to mature as a person.

If you take Peter out of the equation, Jenn was a great person on her Real World season. She was at times a motherly character, incredibly caring, and one who could easily have fun with the ladies and the guys. Now that she is separated and working on herself, we could be getting more of Jenn in our lives, possibly in Challenge 31.

This was a great interview, Jenn is super authentic and candid when discussing how she is doing. She is someone you can completely empathize with, as she may not have made the best decisions in the moment, she made ?human? decisions that many of us would have made with same emotional factors in play.

Q & A

Q: First off Jenn, thank you for taking the time to do this, I truly appreciate it. Now, how are you doing? And what have you been up to recently?

Jenn: Thank you for reaching out to me! I?m doing great?just working, moving into a new apartment this week, and I even signed up for a kickball team in my city to keep me active and meeting new friends! Safe to say I?m staying busy.

Q: The one thing that I want to get out of the way, is there anything you want to say about Peter?

Jenn: There?s not much to say. Regardless of how people feel about Peter, I?ll always love him with all of my heart. Sometimes people just meet at the wrong time, and right now we are both at different stages in our lives and need to focus on ourselves separately.

Q: What was the casting process for Real World Bad Blood? How did it go down for the ?Bad Bloods? or the ?Move In Group?. Was it as thorough as it was for the original 7? Was anyone originally supposed to be part of the original 7, and instead made part of the move in group.

Jenn: The casting process was a huge waiting game?all my initial interviews happened in the same week then I didn?t hear back for two months! They initially contacted me to talk to me about Rob saying they were interested in him?then at the end of the skype interview said they really liked me and asked if I wanted to audition for ?Road Rules? and they needed to start my own casting process ASAP. I had no idea I was going to be on Real World until we started filming and I was the one that was lucky enough to break the news to everyone else! So much pressure! Haha. We all met then they broke the news to us 10 minutes after?.Talk about a plot twist!

I did find out later on that Peter was supposed to be apart of the original 7 and Mike was supposed to be with us. A producer thought Rob and Peter looked too much alike and they switched Peter and Mike.

Q: How close are you still with people from your Real World Season, and who do you not know at all? It seemed from your season that there were people who literally did not communicate throughout the entire process.

Jenn: I?m still extremely close to Lana?I went to visit her in Michigan a few weeks ago! I?m so glad we stayed friends, she?s an amazing person that I?m so happy I get to call a forever friend. I still keep in contact with Anika, Tya, and Jordan here and there as well!

Q: What is your biggest regret from you RW season, and what are you proud of?

Jenn: I honestly don?t regret anything, it all happened the way it did and I came out of the experience a stronger person. I definitely am proud of standing up for myself in the end even though people thought I overreacted. It didn?t need to get physical but I finally let my voice be heard.

Q: So you looked good already, but on Instagram it looks like you?ve lost weight, and are looking even more incredible. What was the inspiration besides just looking good?

Jenn: You?re so sweet! I did lose weight, mainly because I gained weight while filming. I?m a hairdresser and sometimes I don?t have time to eat?I call it the ?hairdresser diet??but in Seattle, sometimes there was literally nothing to do except sit around and eat or go out to eat when you wanted to get out of the house. And of course the drinking didn?t help either. Besides getting back to my normal weight, I wanted to show others that I?m normal and I can gain weight and lose weight too if I put my mind to it. I love to inspire others and help others through things, I even just joined Camila?s ?Camilanator Challenge? to push myself and hopefully push other?s to motivate themselves! 🙂

Q: What is your all time favorite show and snack? What you?re grabbing to eat and watch after a hard day.

Jenn: Oh man so many to choose from but right now I?m hooked on Riverdale. I can thank a fan for suggesting it, I?m addicted! I love grabbing ice cream and milk and cuddling up on the couch!

Q: Of course, the question comes up, will you do a Challenge? And were you contacted for either Invasion or Dirty 30?

Jenn: I?d absolutely love to do a challenge, I mean?I did think I was going to be on Road Rules.. haha I think I?d be great on the cast. I?m competitive, athletic, and I honestly wouldn?t mind winning money! I was contacted for Dirty 30, but I believe it was a different theme at first, then it was changed last minute! We?ll see what the future holds!

Q: Crazy to think they cast you all saying it was ?Road Rules?. Were you a fan of reality tv or MTV before coming on Real World?

Jenn: I?ve sadly always been addicted to MTV reality shows. And for some reason it?s only the MTV shows. I loved Real World for years! I only just started getting into The Challenge though. It?s still crazy to me that I always watched Real World then I ended up being cast for it.

Q: You looked a bit athletic when you were playing softball with the guys on Bad Blood. What is your athletic history? Also, how tall are you? The girls on your RW seemed really tall.

Jenn: I love sports! Growing up I played softball and was a competitive cheerleader. Recently I?ve just been on kickball teams in my city because I miss the competitive adrenaline rush! (and the beer after too, haha). I?ve always been taller, I?m 5’7!

Q: Would you do a Challenge with Anna or Katrina as your rival? Would you do a Challenge with Robbie for battle of the exes 3?

Jenn: I would do a challenge with Anna or Katrina. I think we would be able to be civil if it meant working together to win money, but I wouldn?t want to be friends with them. And as for Robbie, that wouldn?t be fun?Peter and I would bring more to the show as exes?we are both athletic and as we all know we are both drama.

Q: Who is on your MTV hotlist? Who are the 3 guys in the MTV world that you?d want to hook up with if they were available? And who are the 3 hottest girls ?

Jenn: I?m going to be super boring and say I honestly would never want to hookup with anyone on reality TV ever again. For the girls, I have girl crushes on Taylor from season 5 AYTO, Cara Maria, and Tori Deal. I wish they could rub some of their confidence onto me, they?re always killinnnnn? ittttt!

Q: If there?s a few things you?d want the fans to know about you that has never been show, what is it? Or is there just a bigger message in general that you want people to know?

Jenn: I think all I really ever want anyone to know is people need to remember I?m human. I?m normal?I wake up, get dressed, go to work, go to sleep?just like everyone else. Obviously life is different now, and my life is in the spotlight more than ever before, but I?m genuinely just a normal girl trying to get through life one day at a time. I don?t think I?m better than everyone else, I?m not perfect, I make mistakes and dumb decisions just like the rest of the world. I know there is always going to be people that hate me but at the end of the day everyone needs to remember I?m human.


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