Intel Delayed Launcher in Windows

The Intel Delayed Launcher is the start up application and is a part of Intel Rapid Recovery Technology.It is the system recovery measure.You will find the delayed launcher or ? iastoriconlaunch.exe? in the Rapid Recovery Technology which is present in the Rapid Storage Technology. ?iastoriconlaunch.exe? is nothing but a short form of Intel Array Storage Tech Icon Delayed Launch. Iastoriconlaunch is an executable file which is meant to provide the user a fast and easy method in recovering data and bring back the system to it?s operational state.

Many people thinks that iastoriconlaunch is a type of malware or virus file.However, it is a system recovery measure that, to simplify a bit allows you, into your computer?s operating system before any system files can be accessed by virus/malware.Within a nutshell, if the system is attacked by a virus that loads during boot, than this executable file is going to be very helpful, if enabled.

However iastoriconlaunch leaves a major impact on the boot time, so as many times you use it you end up in wasting 30-40 seconds more every time you boot the system.

Slow booting is the common problem among most of the PC users. To be more specific it is enough slow and takes up much time to get all the program and applications in the order. Now in order to speed up the booting time ?Should the start up apps like iastoriconlaunch be disabled ??.The answer is no, it is simply just because iastoriconlaunch will help you if a some sort of virus or malware attacks your boot processes,then this proves to be a fail safe. Though user do not need to keep it, but it is recommended, since one always has to be prepared for viruses. No matter how smart or confident the one is, he will get a virus on his computer once in you life my minimum, So keep this up. It makes booting longer, But protects the system up to a great extent!


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