John Wick Economy and Virtual Currency

John Wick Economy and Virtual Currency

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In the ?John Wick? movies there was this fascinating Economy. The only currency used in the movies was these gold coins or Continental coins. The value of a coin is a mystery and it was never fully explained in the movies how this worked. I will try and dig into this, but first of all. I?m not trying to promote anything illegal. I?m just facinated by the movie and this John Wick economy.

Continental coin

APMEX are currently selling the John Wick 1 oz Gold Continental Coin. And the price is $1.600. So we can assume a value of at least $1.600 in today?s gold market.

But part of the mystery is why everything in the Continental Hotel appears to cost one gold coin. It is ?one coin for a drink, a coin for a gun, a coin for a favor, etc.? Why would all of these things be priced equally? This is a puzzle. But if you have seen the movies you know security and protection is a big part of it. The Continental coin is a complementary currency in this association or members club if you will. It is the only accepted currency and it is in a way their ticket to this mystique underworld. Using these coins give the assassins protection, secrecy and discretion. When John Wick pay one gold coin for a drink in the Continental bar, surrounded by other assassins wanting to hurt him, we can presume he is paying for his protection. There are laws to be followed in this members club. When he pay one gold coin for each body bag, he also pay for discretion. Checking in on the Continental costs one gold coin for secrecy and discretion. Paying a gold coin to a doctor, makes sure he?s not going to the cops. These gold coins are their wealth.

These gold coins would have no value except the 1 oz of gold in the outside world.

Virtual Currency in an association

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As we are approaching a cashless society, there are some privacy concerns out there. I?m of course talking about ordinary citizens with no illegal intentions. I?m talking about people who don?t like the idea of a 1984. A cashless society is the first step towards a society based or social credit score where metadata is used to determine your rights. You will be categorized and profiled based on your lifestyle, age, gender, resident, family, hobbies and so on. They will use a ton of data and metadata to predict your future. If you use a smart watch they might even predict health issues before they occur or NOT. But it doesn?t matter what you think or believe. If the computer says NO, no it is.

This is why I think we will se a lot of complementary currencies being used. Decentralized cryptocurrencies, privacy coins, decentralized infrastructure.

Under the Radar

The Enigma machine is an encryption device developed and used in the early- to mid-20th century to protect commercial, diplomatic and military communication. It was employed extensively by Nazi Germany during World War II, in all branches of the German military. This was the forfather of modern encryption. And cryptocurrency is based on the same ideas. To go under the radar.

Back to John Wick, why didn?t the High Table use cryptocurrency as their foundation for their Economy ? Why gold ?

And why are the High Table ?logistics department? using:

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  • Switchboard operators
  • Chalkboards to keep track of bounties
  • Typewriters
  • Extremely outdated computers
  • Old fashion intercom systems for records requests

Older tech is harder to track/copy/leak. And as we know, cryptocurrency uses (mostly) wallets on smartphones or modern computers and communicate over the internet.

There are multiple examples of hardware and software being compromized by state departments around the world.

52blocksNET framework says :

Community currency is a type of complementary currency that is used by groups with a common bond, like members of a locality, or association, and designed to meet their needs. As an alternative to the forthcoming cashless society, 52blocksNET has designed a new virtual currency made for off grid transactions and made to be stored off grid. Our goal has been to make a secure and counterfeit resilient currency. Just like paper money, you can do hand to hand transactions. And like physical money, 52blocksNET don?t need to know your identity.

The virtual currency is called a ?ticket?. Each ticket gives a unique set of codes. It?s up to you how you want to present a ticket. Use your imagination.

52blocksNET is in a way a low-tech solution. Depending on how you present a ticket, you may not need to contact the server on each transaction. It is as low-tech as it gets. Compaired to Bitcoin, there is a central authority, but not in the understanding of a bank . It is more like a quorum. Like the John Wick economy, the value of a coin is what you decide and not the value of the gold.


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