Install Go on Mac (with homebrew)

Install Brew (skip if you already did)

ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL”

Update & Install Go

brew update&& brew install golang

Setup Workspace

It?s considered best practice to use $HOME/go location for your workspace, so let?s do that!

mkdir -p $HOME/go/{bin,src,pkg}

We created two important folders bin and src that?ll be used for GO

Setup Environment

We?ll need to add to .bashrc or .zshrc (if you?re using zsh) with the following info. (Ex: nano ~/.bashrc )

export GOPATH=$HOME/goexport GOROOT=”$(brew –prefix golang)/libexec”export PATH=”$PATH:${GOPATH}/bin:${GOROOT}/bin”

reload the settings with source $HOME/.bashrc (or .zshrc )

Feel free to start any project (make new folder) under ~/go/src and go from there.


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