Insanity Workout Program Reviews And Results For Women Before And After.

Insanity Workout Program Reviews And Results For Women Before And After.

The Insanity workout program is globally revered by men and women but is this workout routine overrated or just plain out exaggerated? Today we will look at results and reviews from average women!

Does Shaun T?s Insanity Workout Program Work For Average People?

First we will look at what is really behind this program the length of time it recommends and what in the biscuits is being required of you. You?ve probably seen the ad on tv you know that ad with all those models in their early 20’s showing you their before and after pictures before they looked good now they look just wow, it makes you wonder yes but is the average joe doing that can I do that?

Now will not kid you and tell you it?s a 5 minute jog up and down then your done. Insanity Workout will test you like no other training has it will ask of you to turn up with your best self ready to get tested. The fee for insanity workout is over a $100 (3 Monthly Payments of $39.95 or 33.00 UK). Now these fees hold some people back and this what I am about to go into.

Who Insanity training is not for:

  1. Those who want it to be easy, even the slightest sense of thinking this will be easy let it go.If you want to get results easily with as little effort this is not for you try a pill or something else.
  2. If walking up the stairs makes you lose breath, you got a muscle problems, health problems(injuries,healing from operation anything like that) that stop you from taking part in most sports. If that is the case this is not for you.
  3. If you are alright staying in your current body shape if you think its acceptable if your comfortable and think its fine to carry on as you are now.If that is the case this is not for you.

If you are in that boat I just mentioned they are definitely ways to get the results you want this isn?t the only option but It may not be the best thing for you right now possibly in future.

Now to answer the question I brought up earlier ?does the Insanity workout work? is certainly this is a high intense training designed to get you ripped, if you jogged for 20 minutes a day for a month you would lose weight.Now if you did some intense exercise see how many push-ups you can do in a minute then jumped up to see how many star jumps you could do in another minute doing some insane workout and following the given diet plan.You do that for two months you would be in the best shape of your life no doubt about that you will be in better shape then the majority of people anywhere.If you do the insanity training and complete it follow it thoroughly including the diet plan do you honestly think it wouldn?t work? seriously?

I will upload a video to show you the nature of the exercises you?d be doing incase you don?t think the exercises would make a big difference to where you are now.

Here are some results from females who?ve completed the program.

Image for postKathryns Results after 60 Days

Here are some more insanity workout before and after pictures.

Image for post

It does depend on where you are at now but you can see that they are dramatic differences here are some videos.

A video I really like is watch till end.

Pro?s Of Insanity Workout :

Insanity workout is effective largely because you are doing a lot of compound exercises which means you working more than one part of your body a time for example push-ups work your triceps and shoulders,forearm and chest.The exercise go for 30?45 minutes for the first month then they really ramp it up on the second month with 50?60 minutes just pure insane workouts the second month is the hardest very intense.Second month is where people usually quit.

The great thing about the insanity workout is that it test to see your personal fitness levels by measuring heart rate and how many press ups you can do in a short period of time so you can keep testing and improving yourself.

The best thing about insanity workout is knowing you are not alone doing this, they have been literal millions who have taken on this course and they will be millions more to do so. According to Google ?insanity workout? search term gets 368,000 searches per month alone.It has a great community of people who want to achieve same goals.

They are literal thousands of before and after pics or just videos of other women who have done the training and got great results these can inspire you and make you want to make a change make you believe its possible.

The exercises tone and rip your body to give you a more athletic look its more for weight loss body toning.People compare insanity to P90x but they is a large difference p90x and insanity. In P90X you are using weights and its more for bulking(muscle building) as they is alot of resistance training but in insanity you are more doing cardio which shreds your body.


This is an intense workout program it will test you some people throw up whilst doing it. I once was advised ?you should open your windows to make sure you have the right ventilation so you don?t pass out?.

You will have to follow a set diet plan to see the best results. You can see results without it but for those results you see up in those pictures and videos that is because they followed a diet plan had only one cheat day in the week.

Conclusion on Insanity workout Results and reviews.

Insanity workout simply is very effective it has gained hype around it for that good reason. Diet plans and doing 45 minutes a day worth of exercise take commitment and understanding that it?s not just weight loss you are gaining its your confidence,feeling good about being yourself and improving your health. You?ve got to be serious about starting and finishing the workout .Its about deciding if you are going to continue as you are or if you are going to make that change because you can stay awed by other women?s results and watching videos as they is a countless number of testimonials.Its evident it works you could go through proof all day, you know it works but the question is ? what will you do from now on ? will you keep watching and being wowed or are you gonna wow? Will you keep being inspired or are you gonna start inspiring? its one thing to watch and another thing to do. Stop watching and take action so many people play the side line part in their own lives just watching others marvel everyone else stop that you gotta be that no excuses.There three types of people in life those who watch whats happening, those who talk about whats happening and those who make it happen take action NOW or just go to the next website and keep watching more videos and stay being wowed wondering. If you are based in the U.S or Canada Join insanity workout here if you are based in the United Kingdom Join here.


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