Implementing Long Term Male Chastity Enforcement

Moving From Play To The Real Thing

If male chastity is new to you and your partner or never went beyond 48 hours be advised; it?s a process. It?s unlikely that you?ll start male chastity and it will be a done deal. You know buy a device you think is the right size and fit, put it on, have your wife decide when (more like if) to unlock you. The first step is to start a routine EVERY DAY for four hours. Not here and there, not a day a week but every single day, even if nobody is in the mood for it. How long should you continue this routine? Let?s say at the very least a few days but a week is fine. There are two goals here. The first is o stop the presence of the chastity device from arousing the male CONSTANTLY. The other part is actually finding the right device and more importantly the right size which will be far smaller than the one you think is ?too tight?. It?s best to choose a male chastity device that you think is the right size and then also get two sizes smaller in the various parts available. The reality is that there?s really not a ton of choice here for steel devices that actually work. The main option is length (short is good actually buy one way shorter than you think you should as well) the other critical size is the ?base ring? buy that in the size you think is right and also the next two smaller sizes. Sure go ahead start with the one that?s easy to get on. There?s a good chance it will eventually fall off even without trying. Go smaller, go a lot smaller, then go even smaller.

The problem here is going to be erections and stimulation. Even the slightest hint of a chubby or hours after a partial erection the a male penis is about 50 times larger than zero erection. In fact there?s a good chance it?s larger than the smallest it?s ever been. That?s the size you need? quite literally something that?s as small as your husband/partner?s smallest penis size ever. The coldest day, the longest it?s gone without an erection, the phase of the moon. Oh and you need it to be a hair smaller than that. If your partner just cannot help but getting a partial erection, figure out a way to wear him out so it?s absolutely flaccid. I won?t be explicit here do whatever works.

After a period of every day for four hours jump it up to 8 hours or a bit longer. This is a big deal at this point. It should also be every day. The reason this is a big jump is typically this absolutely will cover a work day. A real routine day where the device is on in public during normal work and out and about routines. Remember this building up is EVERY DAY with no breaks. Again the goal is reducing constant that chastity device awareness. After a week or so of this routine it?s not only dulling that awareness but also conditioning the body to not constantly fight the chastity device. During this period there?s a good chance that you?ll need to use a smaller device, smaller ring, smaller. Not sure? Go smaller. Go as small as can possibly be MADE to fit as long as nothing is turning colors.

The next big step is overnight. Every moment of a whole day. What about that next day? If the overnight didn?t go well keep him locked but go back to the 8 hour routine but extend it until he actually goes to bed. The next morning make it a whole 24 hour day again. If this goes more than three or four ?bad nights? while it?s on jump it up to 48 hours. In my case the sleep thing solved itself. Okay so you made it two days, now what? Keep going for a week. After the week is over try a smaller device. I am serious. Also have him try to get out of it. Not in some lame halfhearted way but really try in every way you can imagine to pull out.

Don?t take any of the above as absolutes. They are certainly not but take them as guideline to what to expect. The important take away is that you cannot get the sizing right without some sort of conditioning and it will take a bit to make the chastity device not be the center of your male partner?s thoughts. Also do not kid yourself with these 4, 5, and 6 inch devices. Bullshit. Even ?average? sized penises are very compressible and really not that big when at their very smallest (think absolutely flaccid, no erection for a long long long period, and the coldest day of winter in it?s smallest mood). Yes that small and then compressed quite a bit. You want zero room for any growth at all from the smallest it can get and no way to squeeze out. Think 2 inches or 1.5 inches. Maybe 3 for a male that has a fairly giant penis. Yes that small.

Now for the bad news/good news. I?ve been through just about all of the widely available male chastity devices on my ?mission? to resolve this hubby fantasy. There?s only two kinds that will actually work and both of them are going to seem extreme. The first kind will involve a penis piercing of one type or another. I don?t recommend this to start unless it?s already a done deal. I personally am just thinking about possibly getting hubby?s junk pierced a certain way so that I can install a very specific custom made chastity device that looks like it will be easy or zero maintenance. I?ve still not decided and probably won?t for quite a while as the device is expensive and the piercing is specific. Okay so what?s the other kind. Well get ready for it, sit down. The only other male chastity device that actually works ? as in enforces chastity and will not come off is one with a stiff steel/metal urethral tube that extends at least inside (preferably behind) the ring when everything is assembled and in place. Yes it sounds and looks extreme. Turns out it?s really not. There?s a couple of days getting used to the feeling on your males partner?s part. He will have to really get used to taking a pee a couple of times but pretty much smooth sailing after that. As an added bonus it actually seems to reduce hubby?s willingness and ability to push against the chastity device when installed. I noticed this the very first day I finally went that direction. This was the answer and the first device I chose lasted almost a year once I got the ring size right. Hubby?s now in a a chastity device that?s shorter (about an inch maybe a little tiny bit more from the tip of it to the ring when assembled, it also has a strait steel urethral tube that?s about 2 inches, maybe a little more.)

Remember this process is still under whatever conditions you setup. If one of those conditions was no talking about penises, sex, or chastity then stick to it. Tell him you?ll inspect the situation and decide what to do. No whining about it, no complaining. The only time he can discuss it is if you ask specific questions about fit/feel/comfort? forget comfort, you?ll know. If he can pee and nothing is looking bad colors it?s fine. Check for abrasions, ask him. Obviously you don?t want any wearing thru the skin and blistering. Try some lube on the rings after installation and periodically thru the week.

Remember I said extend it for a week. You?re at the point where you?re still making adjustments, going smaller (or not), making hubby try to pull out, etc. When you?ve got it right there?s no need for a week or two or a month. Just extend it as long as you?d like. Yes you may need to deal with cleaning and maintenance but that?s not a day off. That?s 15 minutes. It?s also not an excuse for sex or masterbation.


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