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The coward today isn?t somebody who backed down from a fight, refused to walk into a haunted house or said no to facing the dragon.

Those times are long gone. We don?t live in a Game of Throne-esque world where going to a bar means getting into a fight.

The coward today can be dressed in a suit, speaks a little too well, shows the world that he can fit in and above all else, makes sure that he doesn?t do anything different for fear of upsetting people with who he really is.

I think we?re all victim to this and we?ve met such people. We call them friends or family even. It?s a gloomy fact of life, but a fact nonetheless.

It?s best you always rise up to face your challenges and dump the other cowards from your circle.


1) He fears honesty

He isn?t just dishonest, he fears honesty completely. The Modern Coward knows his true character isn?t worth a damn to others, so he lies and creates a false image for others. And this is to elevate himself on an illusionary pedestal to tower over others.

The Modern Coward is basically deluded as he revels in his own fake world. He lives in it and will die for it.

2) He avoids strong people

Because he knows he has an inferiority complex towards good, honest folks and fears that they?d call him out on his bullshit. He?d not be able to hide and fight back that way.

The irony is that he secretly admires and looks up to strong people, but he ends up trying so hard in the wrong direction.

3) He hangs out with weak-minded people he thinks he can take advantage of

And so, the Modern Coward preys on weak people instead. He acts super nice towards them at first and bares his fangs later on as he starts to extract favours like borrowing money and then never returning.

Have you ever had friends who loves to hang out with kids who are like ten years younger than them? That?s the Modern Coward doing his work. I?ve encountered such people. It?s both weird and disturbing.

4) He manipulates words to manipulate people

In other words, he uses all kinds of flowery bullshit to get his way. He knows there?s nothing much to show for in his character, so he banks on the fact that talk is cheap and uses empty words to get his way.

A coward needs words to show off. A brave person just takes action and make shit happen. His achievements would speak for itself.

5) He never apologizes

Mostly because he doesn?t dare to right the people he has wronged.

It works two ways: Firstly, the Modern Coward fears punishment. Secondly, he does not dare to look himself in the mirror for he thinks he has become a monster for screwing up so many times.

Alas, assholes do not apologize.

6) He lay blames on everyone and everything else

He does not dare to face the truth that he?s a fuck up. It has to be someone else?s fault, so he thinks.

I?ve fallen out with friends who have blamed me for the most ridiculous bullshit ever. It?s disgusting to know that people you considered friends would stoop so low. It?s pitiful to know that some people around you are brought up that way. It?s the folly of us honest folks who give too many second-chances.

7) He makes up excuses and confuses excuses for reasons

As tough and unforgiving the world is, I think most of us honest people can accept a reason or two, especially when it?s out of anyone?s control. But excuses have to go right out the door.

The Modern Coward is always ready to cook up some excuse and then swear by them. They can?t ever shut up and accept the fact that they fucked up.

8) He buys into mainstream excuses and thinks it?s ok because everyone else believes the same

Take for example, the lame idea that the Friendzone exists. It fucking does not. The coward wouldn?t dare to ask the girl out, but then comforts himself and pats himself on the back because all his friends believe the same. That?s a circle of cowards and the coward vibe won?t die off soon because no one dares to do a damn thing.

A brave person wouldn?t give a damn about what the whole world believes in. He reads, hears and takes in all kinds of knowledge. Then he rejects what he doesn?t want and takes the reins. He makes shit happen.

9) He?s a crybaby and creates drama to hide the fact that he fucked up badly

And then he hopes that the drama would distract others from the fact that he needs to man up, apologize and right the wrong. Sympathy points are the currency here and he wants to make you pay.

I once broke up with a girl who made a grand mistake. Before I found out, she broke down and cried uncontrollably like out of nowhere. When I asked her what was wrong, she literally said, ?Oh you know, there?s just so much drama in my life.? That?s it.

It was only a bit later when she confessed that she fucked up. The crying and giving an excuse for the crying was totally unnecessary and cowardly.

10) He likes to put on a show. And it has no ending

Picture this: I used to have a friend who was a first-class Modern Coward.

At a party once, he got pissed with some dude and wanted to start a fight. All he did was kick his chair aside, stood up and stayed put. No fight ensued because everyone else helped to quell the situation, not that it really needed any quelling. I knew he wouldn?t dare to do anything.

A few months later, we had another party. Said dude and his friends were invited. The coward of a friend found out and started asking the rest of us, ?Hey. Oh my God. I heard they?re coming. If anything happens you?ll back me up right??

Honestly, if you can?t face the consequences and end what you finish, then don?t act like a fucking moron in the first place. Don?t be a coward.

11) He?s a bully

The Modern Coward is a bully. Straight up. That?s the equation. Cowards have a void in them and instead of facing their problems to better themselves, they take it out on others.

On a serious note, for people who feel that they?re being bullied, don?t be afraid. Stand up for yourself. Bullies don?t ever win over you. Don?t be afraid of both bullies and cowards, whatever form they may take.

They?re only suffering. Seek help. People are willing to help.

12) He seeks validation online only

I may be a little biased here, but the reliance on social media for social validation has gotten out of hand lately. People think that likes, shares and comments are what makes a person.

That said, the Modern Coward takes the easy route online and tries to build their persona or avatar that way. He doesn?t dare to face the world and do real, tangible, hold-in-your-hand shit.

Online is easy to get your message out there, but if you think that?s where your entire life is, then you?re a coward.

13) He doesn?t dare to take on a challenge alone

Because to a lot of people, alone is bad. Being alone is apparently too scary. You shouldn?t try something on your own. You ought to always seek help or get the green light by someone who proved he?s successful.

Just like seeking social validation, the Modern Coward lacks confidence entirely in what he?s capable of.

But it?s all bullshit. There?s nothing wrong with doing something and fucking it up at that alone. You shouldn?t need someone to hold your hand all the time. You can?t spread your wings and fly that way.

14) He?s a passive aggressive little bitch

That?s when he thinks he can get away with sarcasm or subtle nonsense. This is when the coward is constantly updating his Facebook status in annoying ways that make no sense.

In other words, he doesn?t dare to come clean. He thinks he?s always gaining the upper hand with his childish antics. He doesn?t.

See how the Modern Coward is also attention-seeking? Instead of approaching the matter at hand like a man, he decides to sulk about it. Bitch.

15) He fights back not because he?s right, but to cover up his flaws

I?ve had arguments with friends who?d start insulting me and bringing up my shortcomings as a way to divert from the main point, which is their fucking up in the first place.

Imagine trying to get them to see your point of view only to get a retort that goes like, ?SO WHAT? How about that time you [brings up the past and everything unrelated to the main topic]?. And the Modern Coward is extremely defensive here.

16) He feels he can?t go back

I know it can be tough to face reality especially after you mess up so bad that you think nobody is going to forgive you or believe that you can change for the better.

I can bet it?s also tough to forgive yourself.

And the Modern Coward doesn?t want any of that. He just continues the self-destructive path.

But you know what? Here?s some tough love: Stop being a coward.

Everybody fucks up, and it?s entirely up to you to make the positive choice to become a better person. You might as well do something right, for once.

I certainly hope you aren?t a coward.

You?re a winner, yes?

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