I Seduced My Massage Therapist

I Seduced My Massage Therapist

Turning a fantasy into reality? and free sports massage

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I have had graphic sexual fantasies about getting wild with a massage therapist since the first time I got a massage. It doesn?t matter what gender the therapist is?I swing both ways.

There?s something about lying there completely vulnerable, naked, and covered in oil that gets my mind spinning. I also have a tendency to orgasm really easily, so there have been times when I?ve had to stifle an orgasm mid-massage.

After our marriage had been open for a while, I started seeing a new massage therapist. Their name didn?t indicate gender, but they specialized in sports massage. As a nearly-compulsive weightlifter, that?s exactly what I need.

I?m sitting in the waiting room, not knowing what to expect and out walks this giant man who clearly spends more time in the gym than I do. Then he greets me with a British accent?

I knew I was in trouble.

I could?ve helped it, but I didn?t want to. I flirted with him through the entire massage. He was so good at remaining professional, and I enjoyed watching him squirm a bit.

At home, I told Hubby that I really enjoyed my massage.

?Was the therapist some giant muscle guy with huge hands?? he smirked over his coffee.

?Yup,? I smiled back, ?I kind of want to seduce him.?

?Go for it. Have fun,? Hubby kissed my forehead and swatted my behind.

After a few sessions at the salon, I slipped my number into his tip envelope.

He texted me before I pulled out of the parking lot.

We chatted a bit, and he mentioned that he often did massages outside the salon and had a travel table. He was still remaining professional and even sent me his price list.

We set up a session a few weeks out.

He pulled into the driveway, unloaded his massage table, and set up in my living room. He lit candles, put on meditation music, and then stepped out to give me privacy.

This time I turned the flirting up a notch.

He asked about the family photos, and I filled him in on our open marriage dynamic. The poor man froze mid-stroke.

After a lot of followup questions, he finally broke the professional demeanor and let me know that he found it very hard to massage me given how attracted he was.

That time I let him walk out the door with a quick kiss on the cheek and a Venmo transaction for the cost of the massage.

See, I may be non-monogamous and somewhat slutty, but I?m not an idiot. Before I sleep with someone I make sure we exchange updated STD screening results, and discuss very specific rules about condoms, and what is and is not allowed.

I know what I like sexually and am not afraid to communicate that. There are certain things, such as BDSM, that I will only engage in with my husband. I also have a sensitivity to people holding my neck and have unintentionally punched a man in the nose when he unknowingly wrapped his hand around my neck during foreplay. (Sorry Jeff!)

I?ve also found it best to warn potential partners in advance about my super-gasm power. Some people are REALLY not into it. I like to figure that out upfront.

Basically, I don?t just jump into bed with people?ensuring both compatibility and safety are a priority.

Eventually, I let him in on my massage therapist fantasy. He was more than happy to help me fulfill it.

By the time we set up another time to get together, another month had passed. This time, he showed up with his massage table, and set it up as before. When he turned to leave the room so I could undress, I asked him to stay.

The next few hours were spent acting out every bit of my little fantasy. He started as if it was a regular massage, paying extra attention to my shoulders since they are always a problem.

When he moved to my legs things got really interesting, and very, very hot.

I?ve always wished I could be more confident and upfront about my sexuality. I?d never been able to until I met Hubby. He?s always encouraged me to be very clear about what I like, what I need, and what I want.

Opening up our marriage has taken that to a whole new level. I can tell him when I?m sexually attracted to another man without our marriage and family being threatened. Sexual attraction to other people is just human nature.

Whether or not you choose to act on it depends on your own personal value system.

Oh, and I don?t pay for massages anymore.

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