I Miss My Ex So Much It’s Killing Me: Why Do I Miss My Ex So Much

I Miss My Ex So Much It’s Killing Me: Why Do I Miss My Ex So Much

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I miss my ex so much it?s killing me ? Why do I miss my ex so much.

How can I let go of this pain? How will I be able to move on when I miss my ex badly? What do I have to do to get over this feeling and move on with my life? If these questions are always popping in your head then you are experiencing post breakup ordeal.

Ending a relationship can be difficult if you have been too attached with the man and if you feel that you have done everything you can to make the relationship survive the different ordeals. However if you can already see that the relationship is heading nowhere and you are just hurting each other the more you force to stick to the relationship then you have to let go. It might feel as if the longing and the pain of not having your man beside you are unbearable but there will be healing and acceptance in the end. If you are still asking yourself, ?how can I move on and not miss my ex anymore?? the following different ways of coping with breakup will answer your question.

Step # 1: Learn to Accept the Reality: If you just keep telling yourself, ?I miss my ex and I will never get over him? then you will be stuck in your past forever. You must know when to accept defeat and when to start moving on. Only then will you be able to detach yourself from the burden and feeling for someone who has completely moved on to another phase of his life. When both of you have already decided to end the relationship, you should focus on letting your heart heal and then facing your new journey.

Step # 2: Get Rid of Things that Will Remind You of Him: Are you wondering why the thought, ?I miss my ex so much and I can?t seem to let go? keep hounding you? Try to look around your room. His photographs and memorabilia might still be lingering all over your room. Keeping things that will remind you about your relationship with your ex will not help in forgetting him and the relationship. It will only keep you trapped in the past and hinder you from taking necessary steps that will allow you to begin a new phase of your life and enjoy things around you.

Step # 3: Get Into Outdoor Activities: ?I miss my ex, what should I do?? You should try to divert your mind to other meaningful things. Instead of locking yourself up in your room and reminiscing your sweet moments together, you should engage in fun outdoor activities with your friends. This will let your mind forget about him and focus on the present activities that you are involved with.

Step # 4: Mingle with People: When the relationship has already ended and he has completely moved on, saying ?I miss my ex and I can?t forget him? has no point. Even if you spend your whole day regretting and thinking of him, you can no longer have him back. You should go out, meet different people, and have fun. This will make you realize that your life does not depend on him. There is still a happy and exciting life waiting for you.

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Breaking up with a guy you have deep feelings for can be devastating and leave you scrambling for ways to try to win him back. There is very little pain that compares to a broken heart and there are a couple of ways you get through this difficult period in your life. You either find someone else to fill the void in your life, decide not to get involved with anyone else for fear of being hurt again or figure out the steps you need to take to win him back.

This article will focus on the last option ?figuring out how to win him back?. There are some breakups where it?s pretty clear why the relationship ended i.e. cheating, or physical or emotional abuse. There are also other times when a relationship ends and one person is confused about the breakup. In their mind there was no problem in the relationship that couldn?t be solved. Sure it wasn?t perfect but breakup was the furthest thing from their mind. In some cases guys aren?t truthful about the reason for the breakup. Here are some signs of a guy possibly hiding the truth.

  • I just need some time by myself
  • I?m not good enough for you and don?t deserve you
  • I can?t give you all of life?s treasures you should have
  • There?s nothing wrong with you it?s me
  • I?m not ready for the next step in our relationship

The key to winning him back is to examine your relationship and figure out the real reason for the breakup. Find out what really drove him away and decide if there was anything you could have done differently to make the relationship better. This will require taking a closer look at yourself and possibly asking some of your closest friends (who you can trust) to give you their view of your relationship. You may find some objective useful advice from a close friend.

Jamie, 23, had been dating her boyfriend David for 3 years when the relationship abruptly ended and Jamie was left trying to figure out how to win him back. In her eyes she was the perfect person for David and she was sure she had done everything she could to make him happy. She was not only confused and hurt but also convinced that he would come back and ask her to forgive him for leaving. When discussing the breakup with her best friend, she made the mistake of asking what she should have done differently to avoid the breakup. To her surprise, her friend viewed her as controlling or almost smothering her ex boyfriend and from outside appearances it looked like she took him for granted. This was an eye opening experience for Jamie. For some women, figuring out how to win him back starts with an honest look at yourself and making some adjustments to ensure that once you get him back it?s for good.

Here are the 7 Steps To Win Him Back

1. Change the things you have the power to change in your life that can make you a happier and healthier person. Invest some time in yourself and you will make yourself irresistible to him or in case things don?t work out someone else. 2. Take the negative experiences or lessons learned from your relationship with him and commit to avoid such experiences if and when you get him back. 3. Build on the great and positive experiences you had in your relationship with him. You were able to win his love back when you first started dating. Bring back those loving experiences and get prepared to win him back.

4. Contact him and let him know all of the wonderful things you have learned since the breakup. Give him some specific things you think could have been handled differently and how much you are sorry for how things turned out. 5. Let him know that understand why he left and how much you would appreciate knowing if there are any reasons you have overlooked you would like to know what they are. This should be asked in a non confrontational manner. You aren?t looking for a fight but just the truth. 6. If you feel like you understand the real reason for him leaving and you still believe you want to win him back, then let him know that you intend to win back his love by becoming the person he once fell in love with. 7. Maintain the happy and healthy life that you deserve and things will work out for the best. It may take a little while but your ex will see in you the wonderful person he once fell in love with and misses.

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