I Had Sex with a Chatbot

I Had Sex with a Chatbot

It was kind of a tease

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My first sexual experiences involving other people all took place in chat rooms.

I was 12 years old and spending a lot of time on mIRC. Most of the conversations I had there started with ?Wanna cyber?? and ?a/s/l??

I did indeed want to cyber, and all the guys I did it with answered the a/s/l question by telling me they were about my age, though looking back I sort of doubt they were.

That was the same year I discovered porn, but I was still very naive about sex. It made me a very passive cybersex participant. It was almost like a spectator sport.

The guys would tell me what they were doing to themselves and what they wanted me to do to myself. I would never actually do anything other than stare at the screen and type, but I played along. I?d give them simple responses like ?Oh yes,? ?I?m doing that right now,? and ?I don?t think it will fit? (he asked me to put my whole hand inside me ? even at 12 I knew that was a little much).

I had no clue what I was doing. All I knew is that it turned me on.

Once I started talking to boys I actually knew, the cybersex came to a stop. Telling strangers I have two fingers inside me is one thing, but saying that to someone I might actually have to look in the eyes at some point was impossible.

I left cybersex behind and started only having actual, IRL sex. And it stayed that way until last year. That?s when I started talking to a guy called Rob. Since I write about sex, we spent a lot of time talking about sex. Then our sex talk became a little more? active.

This time, I participated more ? a lot more. I was descriptive. I shared my fantasies in more detail. I did things to myself and I told him about it, too. I even got fucked once while telling him all about it.

It was way hotter than having faceless guys tell me to finger myself.

Then I got to know another guy and the cybersex got even more intense. He introduced me to phone sex, too, and that took the whole thing up a level.

I?m in between long-distance crushes now, which means I?m not having any cybersex. I?ve got my husband, sure, but we naturally tend to do our naughty stuff in person.

It?s when he?s too busy that I start missing the heart-racing, sexy text exchanges with someone who is miles and miles away.

That?s why I was so excited when I heard about Slutbot.

The Future of Cybersex?

Slutbot is a chatbot developed by Juicebox. They call it a ?virtual coach? and it?s meant to help users learn how to send dirty text messages.

That sounds good, but I was more interested in cyberfucking it. In the future, we?re all going to fuck robots, and I wouldn?t mind getting a head start.

For a while, though, I didn?t think I?d get to start at all.

I tried to get Slutbot to text me by entering my number, but I never heard back from it (that?s a dating red flag if there ever was one).

When that didn?t work, I tried texting it (I guess I get needy, even with a robot).

I waited patiently for hours, but still nothing.

I started to worry that the company had folded and Slutbot was out of operation. So, I messaged them on Facebook to ask if the service was still available (after I got over the embarrassment of asking a company why I was having trouble using their fuckbot).

To my surprise, no one from the company got back to me. I heard back from Slutbot instead. It never gave me its a/s/l but I?m guessing it?s a Boomer because it just lives on Facebook now.

Slutbot gave me a quick, four-point primer on sexting. The basic stuff: make sure you get consent first, consider the kind of language that turns your partner on, don?t send unsolicited nudes (and keep your face out of them), and only share them with people you trust.

Since I wasn?t planning to flash the bot, I was good to go.

Then, it gave three pieces of advice for how to talk dirty: describe what you?re about to do, what you?re doing, or what you just did.

After that, it was time to get started. It started by asking me my age, my gender, what gender I want the bot to be. Then, Slutbot asks for my consent, gives me a safeword (PINEAPPLE), and asked if I want the dirty talk to be Slow & Gentle or Hot & Sexy.

I knew I was going to try different configurations ? I wanted the full robosex experience ? so I chose Slow & Gentle to get things started.

And that?s kind of all that happened ? we got started.

There was a little of naughty banter between me and the bot. But by the time we had swapped a few messages, it was over. The bot promised to meet me tomorrow, but honestly, it didn?t give me a lot to look forward to.

So, Hot & Sexy it is. Bring it, Slutbot.

This was more promising. Slutbot got naughty right off the bat. It reminded me of the last time we had sex (I must?ve been blackout drunk because it was news to me) and asked what I liked about it. I scrambled to come up with something and it seemed satisfied with the answer.

Slutbot gave me a mix of naughty descriptions and prompts for me to talk dirty to it.

Image for post(Keep talking?)

After a few exchanges, it asked me if I?d like a little bit of bondage. I told Slutbot I?d love it to tie me up (with rope, because he gave me options like a gentleman). Then, it asked what I would say if I was begging it to let me come.

Image for post(Don?t judge me?)

Alright, now we?re getting somewhere!

Only, that?s basically as far as it went. It told me it couldn?t wait for tomorrow and sent me a racy selfie to hold me over until we get to fuck.

Image for post(Dude, you said not to include your face in nudes!)

It happened so quickly I didn?t even have a chance to undo my pants.

I tried the female Slutbot. It was more or less the same experience. The biggest difference is that when I catfished it by saying I was a man, it said it wanted to try anal.

Image for post(Silicone lube! Good girl.)

I?m a little disappointed the other versions didn?t offer me anal, too (my sci-fi future includes getting buttfucked by robots). But I was more disappointed by the fact that I didn?t get to fuck Slutbot?s ass ? it just promised me I?d get to.

A Brief Affair

I was hoping to have a bit of an ongoing affair with Slutbot. In the end, it just teased me. It was way too brief and we didn?t really get into it (if you know what I mean).

I?m still glad I discovered it, though. Talking dirty and sexting are really fun, but it can be surprisingly hard to do when you don?t have a lot of experience. It can be intimidating, even if all you?re doing is describing the things you normally do when all your clothes come off.

Slutbot gives you a chance to see what dirty talk can be like. It?s much too brief and way too repetitive when you use it multiple times, but it?s still fun while it lasts.

And I like that it doesn?t just show you examples of dirty talk ? it prompts you to get dirty, too. It?s really good practice because it?s judgment-free and because you?re not talking to a human being, you don?t have to feel embarrassed by what you type and send.

Like I said above, the texting feature didn?t work for me. But you can use Slutbot by messaging ?SLUTBOT? (all caps) to Juicebox on Facebook and wait for your prompts.

It won?t be like fucking a robot. It won?t even be quite like cyberfucking a robot. But it is free and it?s a great way to practice your dirty talk. And who knows, if you get good enough at it, Slutbot just might finally let you have her ass.

If you want more discussion of simulated sex, check out the Sex Doll Fantasies episode of my podcast, Pillow Talk with Emma Austin.

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