I Asked to Be Spanked 1,000 Times

I Asked to Be Spanked 1,000 Times

I don?t know what I was expecting

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I like being spanked. A lot.

Not violently or aggressively ? I?m not interested in breaking the skin or being brought to tears. I just like a firm, open-handed slap against my backside as foreplay or during sex.

Unfortunately, I don?t get a round of birthday spanks anymore. (Why did those stop just when I was starting to really enjoy them?) But I still think spanking is a great way to celebrate.

So, when I hit a milestone recently, I decided to ask my husband to spank me 1,000 times.

I didn?t know what to expect. Was it going to start hurting too much? Would I quit after 500? Would it make me come? Would it just feel like 200 spanks times five or would it be something entirely new?

There was only one way to find out. I?d have to lie down and take them.

The Pleasures of Getting Spanked

I?ve always struggled to explain what?s so thrilling about getting spanked.

Growing up, you know two things about spanking. First, that it hurts to be put over your mother?s knee and you want to avoid it at all costs. Second, that, according to movies and the jokes you overhear grownups telling, at some point it?s supposed to become kind of sexy.

How is a kid supposed to process that kind of dissonance?

Well, you don?t. At least, I didn?t. Not consciously, anyway. At some point my hormones just took over, made me look at guys and girls a lot differently than I had before and transformed my attitude toward spanking.

I started biting my lip when I read about someone getting spanked. I stopped being worried that someone would put me over their knee (I was too old to be disciplined that way at home) and I started worrying that I?d look too desperate if I begged for it.

I also started noticing guys with big, strong hands. I don?t think that?s a coincidence.

And then I finally got slapped on the ass. It lived up to the expectation and then some. It wasn?t just some vaguely erotic activity, it wasn?t just playful. It also felt damn good.

It?s hard not to fall back on fuzzy terms to describe the way getting spanked makes me feel. I want to use words like ?electrifying,? but I know that doesn?t really explain anything.

The best I can do is say that the slap might hit my ass, but I feel it throughout my body. I tense up, I lose my breath for just a moment, and it gives me this strange sensation of feeling horny and satisfied all that the same time.

An open-handed spank is basically a jolt to one of my erogenous zones. It?s like pinching my nipples, only sharper and more concentrated.

It?s a lot like art, really. I don?t know what makes it good; I just know I (really, really) like it.

What Getting Spanked 1,000 Times Was Like

Even though I?ve been spanked for years now, I had no idea what to expect from 1,000 open-handed slaps on my behind.

Most of the people I?ve been with have spanked me a little during sex, or a few times in the lead-up to it. At most, they?d spank me a handful of times. (Pun intended.)

Then I married someone who wasn?t a natural spanker. He?d deliver a gentle blow or two to my behind when he?d fuck me doggy style, but that was about it. He was far more interested in grabbing, caressing, kissing, and licking my ass to slap it. I think he loved my ass too much to hurt it.

Talk about severely misunderstanding what my backside wanted.

Through the magic of communication, he learned how I really felt about spanking. He worked up to it slowly at first, but soon learned to enjoy it. Now, turning me over and smacking my behind is a typical prelude to fucking (or a little mid-fuck interlude).

I don?t really keep count, but I?d say that we probably average somewhere between 10 to 20 spanks each time he lays his hands on me (in a good way!)

Our record was 200. I guess I?ve never been good (or bad?) enough to earn more.

My Husband Spanked Me 200 Times for Reaching 200 Followers

I can?t wait to get to 1,000!


So, when I told Mr. Austin I wanted him to yank my pants down and smack my ass a thousand times, I really had no idea what I was getting into.

Here?s what I learned for the experience.

Sitting through so many spanks in a row helped me really appreciate the different ways your partner can slap your ass. There?s the full-hand clap against the cheek. There?s the sharp hit with just the fingers. There?s the slap that comes in at an angle. All of them are different ? some hurt more than others, some make you tingle more ? but all are welcome.

I also realized how that fleshy part of my body isn?t uniform but has different zones. With so many spanks landing on me in quick succession, I got to learn what it feels like to have the blow land on the middle of the cheek versus the side of it. I also felt the unique sensation of a palm clapping against the bottom of your ass. And none of it prepares you for how it feel to have the spank land between the cheeks.

Once again, I recommend it all, and I wish I had asked Mr. Austin to explore my ass more thoroughly before.

Spanking is always a mixture of pleasure and pain. There?s a bit of sharp pain, a mild burning sensation, and some soreness, but it always delivers a higher dose of pleasure in return.

Being spanked 1,000 times, though, really blurs the line between pain and pleasure. When I get spanked 20 or even 40 times, I have a clear and distinct impression that the pleasure is much stronger than the pain. But around the 700 spank mark, it became much more of a toss-up. The pleasure intensified, but so did the pain ? a lot. At times, I wasn?t sure whether the pleasure was greater than the pain. Other times, the pain had clearly won over and the pleasure was at the sidelines, trying to push its way back in.

It was still pleasurable overall, but the amount of pain involved made it feel like I had signed up for something out of my league. This had entered into whip and ball gag territory. I live more in the housewife looking for a thrill zone.

I?ll Probably Never Do It Again ? But I Have No Regrets

I?m still fond of spanking, and doing this might have pushed the envelope a little bit. Who knows, maybe next time I ask Mr. Austin to slap me, we?ll go for 50 instead of 20.

I don?t see myself doing 1,000 again. Reaching that high number involved going through a lot of blows that were just sort of enjoyable, and getting so sore that I might need more than one day to fully recover from it.

But I have absolutely no regrets, because it was still a whole lot of fun. The fun wasn?t all in the sensation ? the fun was in trying.

Being spanked 1,000 times was sort of like taking part in a gang bang, fucking your best friend?s older brother, or getting double penetrated: you have no idea whether it would really be fun, but you?d sure like to find out. If anything, you can cross it off the list of fantasies you?d like to explore.

Half the fun is solving the mystery of what it would be like. It?s like being the Nancy Drew of fucking.

Exploration and discovery are a big part of the thrill. Opening myself to a new sexual experience, even if it?s just once, makes me feel bigger, makes me feel like I?m really living.

I don?t think I?ll ever asked to be spanked that many times again. But I really hope it?s not the last time I try something wild.

I?m very grateful to Donna Barker ? for keeping me and Mr. Austin accountable to this promise. Your support is part of what keeps me sharing and writing!

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