Human Design: How To Learn About Your BodyGraph Chart

Human Design: How To Learn About Your BodyGraph Chart

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If you?re in the know, you *know* about Human Design.

Astrology? That?s for newbs. (Not really, astrology is incredibly! complex! but you get it). Human Design is a sort of cosmic Myers-Briggs tool that organizes peoples into five different high-level ?Types.? From there, each person has a birth chart ? similar to a natal chart in astrology ? that reveals more about things like their authentic personality; what their strategies for success in relationships, work, and life look like; it can even indicate what your general life?s purpose or soul mission is.

what can you learn from a human design chart?

According to Human Design reader, Amanda Green, ?Even by just learning about their type, people can finally feel like they have permission to lean into their natural energy and experience life-changing shifts. Although learning about your type has a significant impact, many other things in your chart will blow your mind. Everyone should have a foundational understanding about how to look at a Human Design chart; not to solicit yourself as a professional reader, but to get a better idea of how your energy as well as the energy of the people in your life.?

It?s very cool that your Human Design chart can tell you so much juicy, helpful information about your life and success strategies. Unfortunately, these charts are very complicated to read.

human design charts are detailed, and there are few resources

Because the practice is relatively new, especially compared to things like Astrology or Myers-Briggs (Human Design was channeled by founder Ra Uru Hu in 1987), there are limited resources available to learn Human Design on your own.

A quick Amazon search for ?astrology? yields over 10,000 books ? but the same search for ?human design? gives us less than eight results. (!) Of course, thanks to the internet, there are far more resources available than there used to be.

But even so, a lot that?s out there that address Human Design is written is esoteric, confusing language. If you?re anything like me, you?re skimming pages on Jovian Archive and MyBodyGraph ? the two main Human Design Chart generators ? with a confused sort of ?WTF?? look on your face.

Like, be normal, guys!

With thousands of permutations per chart, armchair Human Design enthusiasts who want to understand the chart of their friends and family are left Googling away, things like ?Splenic Authority? and ?4/6 definition.?

To make matters worse, complex charts are meant to be read as a whole ? not a bunch of independent parts. Which means that looking up a few individual aspects of a friend?s chart could be a little helpful, but you?d be missing a lot of essential details about them. Human Design is a stir-fry dish, not a tapas bar!

If you can figure out how to read your friend?s charts, it will make your life so much easier.

?After I read my husband?s chart as well as my son?s, it was like everything made so much sense to me. Our little boy is an Emotional Manifestor, he needs to be encouraged to ask/tell people what he wants and not to be written off as ?bossy.? He also needs to be given enough time to make a decision as it takes for his emotions to level out. My husband is a Generator, and it?s so funny to see our son pretty much call the shots, and he goes right along with it. I can see why certain behaviors happen as they do because they can all go back to their unique Human Design.?

– Amanda Green

where do you start with human design?

There?s lots of info out there, but where do you start? Thankfully, Amanda Green will be teaching a virtual workshop with Holisticism to help you lean into using Human Design as a tool. Essentially, you?ll learn how to become your own chart reader. The lessons that we go over will help you look at the charts of others with a more discerning eye, so you can really use this method to your advantage in life. Here is what we will cover:

the types

The tip of the Human Design iceberg begins with the types. There are five different types that people are sorted into depending on their birth time and place. Each has a unique purpose and call to action on the planet.


Generators are here to ?do? from a place of joy. Generators & Manifesting Generators are the only two types designed to fit into the current work paradigm because they have that magical sustainable life-force energy always available to them. However, more than any other type, Generators need to be picky about what they respond to. Your energy is your most valuable resource & we see so many Generators today wasting it on passionless lives.

– Pilar Lesko

manifesting generator (mgs)

MGs are the world?s powerhouses. They have the sustainable life-force energy of the Generator + the initiating power of the Manifestor. MGs feel pressure to move very quickly because of all the energy they house. This is why it?s crucial for you to slow down before you respond. Like Generators, you need to become very intentional about where your energy goes as you run the risk of becoming very busy doing nothing.

– Pilar Lesko


Unlike the other energy types, Manifestors don?t have sustainable energy! They have the initiating power of a lightning bolt. Your energy works in erratic & powerful bursts. When you?re initiating, you have all the energy in the Universe available to you. Manifestors can truly move mountains when they?re ?on.? However, because your energy is not sustainable, you will come down & need your sacred alone time to recharge. Manifestors don?t fit into the collective models of today?s world. They?re here to stay true to themselves & forge their own paths.

– Pilar Lesko


Projectors are the world?s receptive, wisdom-filled guides. You are here to see very profoundly & intimately into others & (if invited) to guide them. Based on your charts, you have varying levels of available energy. However, none of you have access to sustainable, life-force energy. We live in a world where most projectors are pretending to be Energy types & physically destroying themselves in the process. The more you decondition (shed everything that?s not truly you) & start to integrate your design, the more magnetic your aura will become.

– Pilar Lesko


Reflectors are living mirrors. As wide-open, receptive, sensitive beings, you?re designed to take everything in ? and let everything go. Your energy is garnered from your environment, community & the lunar cycle. The right climate & community are SO essential for you to as you energetically become wherever you are or whoever you?re with. You are eternally sampling other people?s designs & reflecting back to them. More than any other type, you must understand how impressionable your design is.

– Pilar Lesko


In Human Design, each type has a strategy that they should follow in order to truly decondition from outside influences and live by their own design. These strategies are like little mantras that you can repeat all day long. At first, they can be very daunting ? even annoying. But once you learn how to work your mantra, life becomes a whole lot more simple.


strategy ? respond


strategy ? wait for a lunar cycle (28 days; before making decisions)


strategy ? wait for the invitation


strategy ? initiate & inform

manifesting generator (mgs)

strategy ? respond


According to Human Design resources, Jovian Archive, ?The Inner intelligence that enables us to know whether a decision is correct for us or not is called Inner Authority.?

Our Inner Authority is a body-based inner compass that helps us know what parts of our intuition to lean into as we make decisions on a day-to-day basis. For some, it might be better to listen solely to the mind ? and for others, quite the opposite!

Inner Authority is linked to the nine centers, and can be determined by which centers are open or closed.

the nine centers

There are nine body centers in Human Design. Each has a unique geometric shape and represents a different chakra or body system. These are hubs in the body that recieve and transform energy.

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From Goop

Each center has it?s own unique meaning and biological association ? for example, the Root Center is connected to the adrenal system. Centers can be defined (solid) or open (white). The pattern of which centers are defined is individual to each person, and has a specific meaning.


As humans living in 2019, we are conditioned to believe that there is one correct path to success, happiness, and purpose.

However, Human Design teaches us not only that there many pathways to success, but that there is almost no way to be successful unless you decondition yourself from what you believe the world ?wants? you to be and start living by your true design.


OK, here?s when math and numbers roll into Human Design. Don?t freak out ? we?re all gonna be fine.

Profiles are components of Human Design that add even more detail to your chart. Your profile is a number that is derived from the positions of the Sun and Earth in both columns of the chart. On the Personality side (the black part of the chart), this number will tell you about your emotions, habits, or thought systems. You?ll resonate with this number and kind of think, ?Wow, that?s so spot on!?

On the Design side, (red on the left side of your BodyGraph) the line values of the Sun and Earth account for the second number in your Profile. This represents your unconscious behaviors.


Between all of the centers, you?ll see double lines that are either colored in or blank. These are channels, and yep, they play an important role in understanding your purpose, call to action, and personality.


Human Design is complex ? but so are you!

Just because it?s complicated doesn?t mean you can?t learn it. We?re excited to offer this workshop with Amanda Green to help you understand the flow of your chart and channels, learn more about your type, centers, authority, and strategy!

Best of all, at the end of this workshop you?ll be able to look at the charts of people who matter to you and understand them more authentically. Having a basic ability to read Human Design charts will help you connect more deeply to the people you love.


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